CRC Handbook of Mariculture, Volume I : Crustacean Aquaculture, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

CRC Handbook of Mariculture, Volume I
Crustacean Aquaculture, Second Edition

ISBN 9780849302558
Published April 26, 1993 by CRC Press
544 Pages

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Book Description

The Second Edition of the CRC Handbook of Mariculture provides an extensive comparison of marine shrimp culture techniques from around the world. This extensively revised and updated Second Edition focuses on growout systems that have contributed to the production success of shrimp farms and systems worldwide.
Topics covered include methods for the culture and preparation of algae, rotifers, Artemia, and other foodstuffs for use in crustacean farms; recent developments on enriching larval food organisms to improve crustacean diets; conditioning and spawning penaeid shrimp; obtaining and manipulating shrimp eggs and sperm for controlled reproduction and use of intensive nursery raceways for juvenile shrimp production; and discussions of many types of marine shrimp growout systems. In addition, culture systems used in Hawaii, Ecuador, Taiwan, and Japan are described in detail. Significant new information from Japan on hormonal control of penaeid shrimp maturation and spawning is discussed. Marine shrimp and Macrobrachium shrimp diseases by the foremost authorities in the area are presented with detailed photographs and illustrations to help identify diseases. The book also includes an update on American lobster larval and juvenile culture.

Table of Contents

Crustacean Larval Food Production
Intensive Algae Culture Techniques, L.L. Smith, J.M. Fox, and G.D. Treece
Live Larval Food Production at the Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, C.-S. Lee and C.S. Tamaru
Larval Foods for Penaeid Prawns, I-C.Liao, H.-M. Su, and J.-H. Lin
Preparation and Use of Artemia as Food Artemia for Shrimp and Prawn Larvae, J. Dhont, P. Lavens, and P. Sorgeloos
Prawn Nutrition Studies in Taiwan, I-C. Liao and S.-S. Sheen
Marine Shrimp Maturation, Hatchery Production, And Juvenile Maintenance
Reproduction of Penaeid Shrimp: An Operations Guide, L. Robertson, B. Bray, T. Samocha, and A. Lawrence
Acquisition and Manipulation of Penaeoidean Gametes, W.H. Clark, Jr. and F.J. Griffin
Intensive Larviculture Techniques, L.L. Smith, J.M. Fox, G.D. Treece, and J.P. McVey
Design and Operation of an Intensive Nursery Raceway System for Penaeid Shrimp, T.M. Samocha, A.L. Lawrence, and W.A. Bray
Enhancement of Postlarval Shrimp Survival from Capture to Pond in Ecuador and Panama, P.D. Maugle
Marine Shrimp Grow-Out Systems
Commercial Semi-Intensive Penaeid Growout Techniques in Ecuador, J.R. Villalon
Intensive Shrimp Production in Round Ponds, J. Wyban and J. Sweeney
Ultra-Intensive Culture and Maturation in Captivity in Penaeid Shrimp, I. Yano
The Cuture of Marine Shrimp in Controlled Environment Super-Intensive Systems, D.W. Moore and C.W. Brand
Hatchery and Growout: Penaeid Prawns, I-C. Liao and N.-H. Chao
Crustacean Diseases
A Synopsis of Pathology, Diseases, and Production Problems of Cultured Macrobrachium with an Emphasis on Experiences in Hawaiian Prawn Farming, J.A. Brock
Diseases of Cultured Penaeid Shrimp, D.V. Lightner
Lobster Culture
Larval Culture of the American Lobster (Homarus americanus), E.S. Chang and D.E. Conklin
Culture of Juvenile Lobsters (Homarus americanus), D.E. Conklin and E.S. Chang

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