CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology, Volumes 1 & 2  book cover
2nd Edition

CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology, Volumes 1 & 2

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ISBN 9780429209642
Published September 29, 2003 by CRC Press
2904 Pages

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Book Description

The second edition of this best-selling handbook is bigger, more comprehensive, and now completely current. In addition to thorough updates to the discussions featured in the first edition, this edition includes 66 new chapters that reflect recent developments, new applications, and emerging areas of interest. Within the handbook's 145 critically reviewed chapters, leading experts from around the world present fundamental concepts, cutting-edge research, and up-to-date tables of physical data. The CRC Handbook of Organic Photochemistry and Photobiology, Second Edition is simply the most authoritative and complete resource available for these fields.

New or updated topics in the Second Edition include:

  • Photosensory Biology
  • Phochemotherapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Photoecology
  • Photosynthesis
  • Photomovements
  • Phototropism
  • Photomorphogenesis
  • Optobioelectronics
  • Biomolecular Photonics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Table of Contents

    Organic Photochemistry
    Photobehavior of Alkyl Halides, P.J. Kropp
    Photochemical Generation of Glycosyl Radicals and Its Applications in Carbohydrate Synthesis, S. Yamago and J.-I Yoshida
    Comparison between Reactions Induced by UV/Vis Photons and Ionizing Radiation in Hydrocarbon-Like Media, G.O. Brown and R.G. Weiss
    Oxidative SET Induced Fragmentation Reactions, A. Albini and M. Fagnoni
    New! Photochemistry in Ionic Liquids, R.M. Pagni and C.M. Gordon
    Photochemically Induced Alkylation Reactions, N. Huther and A.F. Parsons
    SET Addition of Amines to Alkenes, F.D. Lewis and E.M. Crompton
    Ene-Reactions with Singlet Oxygen, A.G. Griesbeck, T.T. El-Idreesy, W. Adam, and O. Krebs
    Photoreactions of Alkenes in Protic Media, P.J. Kropp
    Silyl Enol Ether Radical Cations: Generation and Recent Synthetic Applications, J.O. Bunte and J. Mattay
    C-X Bond Fission in Alkene Systems, T. Kitamura
    New! Low Temperature Matrix Photochemistry of Alkenes, I.R. Dunkin
    Photorearrangement and Fragmentation of Alkenes, Paul J. Kropp
    New! Matrix Photochemistry, I.R. Dunkin
    Matrix Photochemistry of Small Ring Compounds, I.R. Dunkin
    Photochemical Isomerization of Cycloalkenes, T. Mori and Y. Inoue
    The Photochemical Reactivity of the Norbornadiene-Quadricyclane System, A.D. Dubonosov, V.A. Bren, and V.I. Minkin
    Copper(I)-Catalyzed Inter- and Intramolecular (2+2)-Photocycloaddition Reactions of Alkenes, S. Ghosh
    Photochemical Synthesis of Cyclophanes, J. Nishimura, Y. Nakamura, T. Yamazaki, and S. Inokuma
    The Dimerization of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives, D.M. Bassani
    Photochemical Dimerization of Acenaphthylene and Related Compounds, N. Haga and K. Tokumaru
    Photochemical Synthesis of Cage Compounds, T. Shinmyozu, R. Nogita, M. Akita, and C. Lim
    Photochemical Approaches to the Synthesis of (n)Prismanes, T. Shinmyozu, R. Nogita, M. Akita, and C. Lim
    New! Photochemistry of Alkenes, T. Shimizu
    Photooxygenation of 1,3-Dienes, W. Adam, S. Bosio, A. Bartoschek, and A.G. Griesbeck
    New! Hula-Twist, a Photochemical Reaction Mechanism Involving Simultaneous Configurational and Conformational Isomerisation, R.S.H. Liu and G.S. Hammond
    Conformer Specific Photochemistry in the Vitamin D Field, J. Saltiel, L. Cires, and A.M. Turek
    New! Photochemical Reaction of Fullerenes and Fullerene Derivatives, A. Sotzmann and J. Mattay
    The Photo-Bergman Cycloaromatization of Enediynes, G.B. Jones and K.C. Russell
    The Photochemical Reactivity of the Allenyl-Vinyl Methane System, T. Tsuno and K. Sugiyama
    New! Photochemistry of Vinylidenecyclopropanes, K. Mizuno and H. Maeda
    Photochemistry of Heteroarene-Fused Barrelenes, C.-C. Liao and R.K. Peddinti
    Cyclization of Stilbene and its Derivatives, A. Gilbert
    Synthesis of Heterocycles by Photocyclization of Arenes, N. Hoffmann
    Photochromism of Diarylethene Derivatives, K. Uchido and M. Irie
    New! Photoprocesses in Polymethine Dyes: Cyanines and Spiropyrane-Derived Merocyanines, H. Goerner and A.K. Chibisov
    Photochemical Aromatic Substitution, C. Karapire and S. Icli
    Photodehalogenation of Aryl Halides, L. Schutt and N.J. Bunce
    Photochemistry of Hydroxyarenes, M. Lukeman and P. Wan
    The Photochemical Nucleophile-Olefin Combination, Aromatic Substitution (Photo-NOCAS) Reaction, D. Mangion and D.R. Arnold
    Intra- and Inter-Molecular Cycloadditions of Benzene Derivatives, A. Gilbert
    Photo-Fries Reaction and Related Processes, M.A. Miranda and F. Galindo
    Photochemistry of Aryl Diazonium Slats, Triazoles and Tetrazoles, J. Grimshaw
    Photochemical Reactivity of Azides, G. Bucher
    Oxidation of Aromatics, A. Albini and M. Fagnoni
    New! The Photochemistry of Substituted Benzenes: Phototranspositions and the Photoadditions of Alcohols, J. A. Pincock
    The Photostimulated Srn1 Process. Reaction of Haloarenes with Carbanions, R.A. Rossi and A.B. Penenory
    Photochemical Decarbonylation of Ketones: Recent Advances and Reactions in Crystalline Solids, M.A. Garcia-Garibay and L.M. Campos
    Carbene Formation in the Photochemistry of Cyclic Ketones, S.M. Roberts
    Photochemistry of Vicinal Polycarbonyl Compounds, M.B. Rubin
    Photochemical Routes to Cyclophanes Involving Decarbonylation Reactions and Related Process, T. Shinmyozu, R. Nogita, M. Akita, and C. Lim
    Norrish Type II Photoelimination of Ketones: Cleavage of 1,4-Biradicals Formed by y-Hydrogen Abstraction, P.J. Wagner and P. Klan
    Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions of Oxiranes and Epoxy Ketones, E. Hasegawa and M. Kamata
    Crystal Structure-Solid State Reactivity Relationships: Toward a Greater Understanding of Norrish-Yang Type II Photochemistry, J.R. Scheffer and C. Scott
    Norrish Type II Processes of Ketones: Influence of Environment, T. Hasegawa
    Photochemical Reactions of []-Halocyclic Ketones and Related Systems, C.A. Horiuchi and S.-J. Ji
    Regioselective Photochemical Synthesis of Carbo-and Heterocyclic Compounds: The Norrish-Yang Reaction, P. Wessig
    Yang Photocyclisation: Coupling of Biradicals Formed by Intramolecular Hydrogen Abstraction of Ketones, P.J. Wagner
    Oxetane Formation: Stereocontrol, A.G. Griesbeck and S. Bondock
    Oxetane Formation: Intermolecular Addition, A.G. Griesbeck and S. Bondock
    Enantioselective Photocycloaddition Reactions in Solution, B. Grosch and T. Bach
    Photochemical Oxetane Formation: Addition to Heterocycles, M. Abe
    New! Mechanistic Studies on the Photochemistry and the Phototoxicity of Diuretic Drugs, F. Vargas and C. Rivas
    Photodecarboxylation of Acids and Lactones. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, F. Bosca, M.L. Marin, and M.A. Miranda
    Induced Diastereoselectivity in Photodecarboxylation Reactions, K. Pitchumani and D. Madhavan
    The Photochemistry of Esters of Carboxylic Acids, J.A. Pincock
    The Photochemistry of Barton Esters, P.I. Dalko
    Photochemically Induced Tautomerism of Salicylic Acid and its Related Derivatives, M. Yoon
    Photoremovable Protecting Groups, R.S. Givens, P.G. Conrad, A.L. Yousef, and J.-I. Lee
    Photodeconjugation of Enones and Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, O. Piva
    (2+2)-Photocycloaddition Reactions of Cyclopentenones with Alkenes, J.-P. Pete
    Mechanistic Issues in [2+2]-Photocycloaddtions of Cyclic Enones to Alkenes, D.I. Schuster
    (2+2)-Photocycloadditions in the Solid State, Y. Sonoda
    Photochemistry of Homoquinones, K. Kokubo and T. Oshima
    New! The Quantitative Cavity Concept in Crystal Lattice Organic Photochemistry; Mechanistic and Exploratory Organic Photochemistry, H.E. Zimmerman
    Photorearrangement Reactions of Cyclohex-2-Enones, P. Margaretha
    New Results on the Triplet Reactivity of b, g-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds, Diego Armesto, Maria J. Ortiz, and Antonia R. Agarrabeitia
    Photochemical Rearrangements in b, g-Unsaturated Enones: The Oxa-Di-p-Methane Rearrangement, V. Singh
    1,3-Acyl Migrations in b, g-Unsaturated Ketones, V. Singh
    Photochemical Rearrangements of 6/6- and 6/5-Fused Cross-Conjugated Cyclohexadienones, G. Blay
    Photocycloaddition/Trapping Reactions of Cross-Conjugated Cyclic Dienones: Capture of Oxyallyl Intermediates, A.R. Matlin
    Photocycloaddition Reactions of 2-Pyrones, T. Shimo and K. Somekawa
    Photochemical Rearrangement and Trapping Reaction of 4-Pyrones, F.G. West
    Photoinduced Electron Transfer Processes of Phthalimides, M. Oelgemoeller and A.G. Griesbeck
    The Photochemistry of Silicon Substituted Phthalimides, U.C. Yoon and P.S. Mariano
    Fulgides and Related Systems, Y. Yokoyama and M. Koese
    1,4-Quinone Cycloaddition Reactions with Alkenes, Alkynes and Related Compounds, A. Gilbert
    New! The "Photochemical Friedel-Crafts Acylation" of Quinines-from the Beginnings of Organic Photochemistry to Modern Solar Chemical Applications, M. Oelgemoeller and J. Mattay
    Photoisomerism of Azobenzenes, H. Knoll
    Photochemical Reactivity of a- Diazocarbonyl Compounds, T.C. Celius, Y. Wang, and J.P. Toscano
    Carbene Formation by Extrusion of Nitrogen, A.-M.A. Abdel-Wahab, S.A. Ahmed, and H. Duerr
    The Photochemistry of Diazirines, T.C. Celius and J.P. Toscano
    New! Photomechanistic Aspects of Bicyclic Azoalkanes: Triplet States, Photoreduction and Double Inversion, W. Adam and A.V. Trofimov
    E,Z-Isomerisation and Accompanying Photoreactions of Oximes, Oxime Ethers, Nitrones, Hydrazones, Imines, as well as Azo- and Azoxy-Compounds and Various Applications, H. Suginome
    Novel Di-~~-Methane Rearrangements Promoted by Photoelectron Transfer and Triplet Sensitization, Diego Armesto, Maria J. Ortiz, and Antonia R. Agarrabeitia
    Photochromic Nitrogen-Containing Compounds, S.A. Ahmed, A.-M.A. Abdel-Wahab, and H. Durr
    Photoisomerization of some Nitrogen-Containing Hetero-Aromatic Compounds, J.W. Pavlik
    New! Photochemistry of Thiazoles, Isothiazoles and 1,2,4-Thiadiazoles, J.W. Pavlik
    Photochemistry of N-Oxides, A. Albini and M. Fagnoni
    A New Look at Pyridinium Salt Photochemistry, P.S. Mariano
    The Dynamics and Photochemical Consequences of Aminium Radical Reactions, U.C. Yoon, Z. Su, and P.S. Mariano
    Remote Functionalisation by Alkoxyl Radicals Generated by the Photolysis of Nitrite Esters-the Barton Reaction and Related Reactions of Nitrite Esters, H. Suginome
    Photochemical Reactivity of Pyridones, S.McN. Sieburth
    Reversible Photodimerisation of Pyrimidine Bases, Y. Inaki
    Photocycloaddition of Halogenated Pyrimidines to Benzene and its Related Compounds: Cycloaddition and the Electrocyclic Rearrangement of the Adducts, K.-I. Seki and K. Ohkura
    Photochemistry of Thioamides and Thioimides, M. Sakamoto and T. Nishio
    New! Manipulating Photochemical Reactions, Arunkumar Natarajan, L.S. Kaanumalle and V. Ramamurthy
    EndoPeroxides: Thermal and Photochemcial Reactions and Spectroscopy, A.G. Griesbeck and M.S. Gudipati
    Reaction and Synthetic Application of Oxygen-Centered Radicals Photochemically Generated from Alkyl Hypohalites, H. Suginome
    Photochemistry of Hypervalent Iodine Compounds, T. Kitamura
    Photolysis of Short-Lived Transient Species in Solutions: Product AnalysisStudies, A. Ouchi

    Action Spectroscopy: General Problems, E.D. Lipson
    Action Spectroscopy: Ultraviolet Radiation, T.P. Coohill
    New! Environmental UV Action Spectroscopy, F. Ghetti and C. Bagnoli
    Action Spectroscopy for Photosensory Processes, M. Watanabe
    Photoecology and Environmental Photobiology, D.-P. Häder
    Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Chlorophylls, H. Scheer
    Photosynthetic Reaction Centers, P. Mathis
    Biological Incorporation of Alternative Quinones into Photosystem I, T.W. Johnson and J.H. Goldbeck
    Photomovements of Microorganisms: An Introduction, G. Checcucci, A. Sgarbossa, and F. Lenci
    New! Photoreception in Microalgae, L. Barsanti, V. Evangelista, P. Gualtieri, and V. Passarelli
    New! Photomovements in Ciliates, R. Marangoni, S. Lucia, and G. Colombetti
    New! Photoactive Yellow Protein, The Prototype Xanthopsin, J. Hendricks and K.J. Hellingwerf
    New! Microbial Rhodopsins: Transport and Sensory Proteins Throughout the Three Domains of Life, K.-H. Jung and J.L. Spudich
    Photochemical Aspect of Rhodopsin, Y. Shichida and T. Yoshizawa
    The Bleaching of Visual Pigments, T.G. Ebrey
    Studies of the Phosphorylation of Visual Pigments, Z. Ablonczy, D. Knapp, and R.K. Crouch
    The Early Receptor Potential and its Analog in Bacteriorhodopsin Membranes, F. T. Hong
    Phytochrome: Molecular Properties, S.H. Bhoo and P.-S. Song
    Phytochrome Genealogy, M. Furuya and N. Kuno
    New! Photomorphogenic Mutants of Tomato, B. Lercari and L. Bertram
    Phototropism, P.A. Galland
    Building Photonic Proteins, K.J. Rothschild, S. Gite, S. Mamaev, and J. Olejnik
    Molecular Electronic Switches in Photobiology, F.T. Hong
    Biomolecular Photonics Based on Bacteriorhodopsin, K.J. Wise and R.R. Birge
    Bacterial Bioluminescence: Biochemistry, S.-C. Tu
    Photobiology of Circadian Rhythms, D. E. Somers
    New! Cryptochrome: Discovery of a Circadian Photopigment, C.L. Thompson and A. Sancar
    New! Green Fluorescent Proteins and Their Applications to Cell Biology and Bioelectronics, V. Tozzini, V. Pellegrini, and F. Beltram
    DNA Damage and Repair, D.L. Mitchell
    DNA-Damage and Repair: Photochemistry, M.G. Friedel, M.K. Cichon, and T. Carell
    Molecular Basis of Psoralen Photochemotherapy, F. Dall'Acqua, G. Viola, and D. Vedaldi
    New! Photosensitization with Emphasis on the Cardiovascular System, D.P. Valenzeno, J.G. Wood, N.C. Gonzalez, and M. Tarr
    New! Synthetic Strategies in Designing Porphyrin-Based Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy, R.K. Pandey
    New! Mechanistic Principles of Photodynamic Therapy, B.W. Henderson and S.O. Gollnick
    Photodynamic Therapy: Basic and Pre-Clinical Aspects, Giulio Jori
    Clinical Applications of Photodynamic Therapy, Thomas J. Dougherty and Julia G. Levy

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    About the first edition:
    "...brings together pertinent information and data that could be found only by searching a diverse array of periodicals and review monographs."
    -CHOICE, 33(6), February 1996