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Calcium Aluminates
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference

ISBN 9781848063167
Published October 10, 2014 by IHS BRE Press
700 Pages 150 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The first industrial process for the production of a cement based on calcium aluminates was patented in 1908 and since then these cements have become hugely important for a wide range of applications. This volume presents the proceedings of the international conference held in Avignon, France, in May 2014, close to the site of the invention.
The papers come from Europe, North America, the Far East, the Middle East and South Africa and demonstrate a strong continuing interest, and real progression, in the knowledge and understanding of this important class of cement, demonstrating that CAs are well placed to continue extending their field of applications for, hopefully, the next hundred years.
New developments and applications covered in the 60 papers include offshore applications, encapsulation, wastewater treatment, self-levelling flooring, refractory applications and biogenics. Various studies also demonstrate the increasing importance of CAs in formulations, with much interest in blended systems, and especially the ternary system with calcium sulfate and Portland cement. In addition, strong contributions relate to the phase systems, CA types, hydration, mechanical properties and durability.

Table of Contents

Hydration and Factors Affecting Cement Hydration: 1. Kinetics of Calcium Aluminate Dissolution by QXRD and Corresponding Enthalpies of Reactions. 2. Application of Heat Flow calculation to Synthetic Calcium Aluminate Cement mixes. 3. Thermodynamics in the System CaO-Al2O3-H2O. 4. Testing of Calcium Aluminate Cement Bonded Concretes and Influence of Curing Conditions on the Strength Development. 5. Ageing of CA: Mechanisms, Consequences and Solution. Hydration Studies of Blended Systems: 6. Hydration Study of a Calcium Aluminate Cement Blended with Anhydrite. 7. Impact of CAC Mineralogy and Calcium Sulfate on Early Age Hydration of Ettringitic System. 8. Early Age Reaction of Amorphous Calcium Aluminates with Calcium Sulfates. 9. Hydration of (CAC+C$) Combined with Slag or Limestone. 10. Temperature Dependence on Length Change of Cementitious Material Using Portland Cement – Calcium Aluminate Cement-Anhydrite – Blast Furnace Slag System. Hydration of the Ternary System C AC – CŠ – PC: 11. Ultra fast setting/High Early Strength Cement - Comparison of Blends of Different Types of Calcium Aluminate Cements, Calcium Sulfate and Portland Cement - a Ternary System. 12. Ternary Binder System Investigations for Building Chemistry Applications. 13. Early-Age Volume Stability of Blended Calcium Aluminate Cement - Portland Cement - Calcium Sulfate Systems. 14. Long-term Hydration and Mechanical Behaviour of Portland Cement, Calcium aluminate Cement and Calcium Sulfate Blends. 15. Valorization of Gypsum Construction Wastes on Ternary Systems. Special Calcium Aluminates: 16. Amorphous Calcium Aluminate: Mechanism of Hydration and Ultrarapid Hardening. 17. Hydration and Properties of Calcium Magnesium Aluminate Cement. 18. Influence of Sulfates on the Physical Properties of Quick-hardening Cement with Added Amorphous Calcium Aluminate and Anhydrite. 19. Manganese in CA – Phase Formation in Unhydrous Systems. 20. Strontiumaluminate Hydrates. 21. Strontium Containing Calcium Aluminates. Properties: 22. Test Method for Determining the Converted Strength of Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete. 23. Mechanisms of Volume Change in Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement Systems:  Isothermal Testing. 24. Calorimetry Measurement of Rapid Hardening System. Innovative Applications: 25. Bond Strength of New Calcium Aluminate Cement to Root Dentin. 26. An Innovative Ettringitic Foam System Based on Calcium Aluminate Technology as a New Insulating  Alternative Material. 27. Latex-Modified Calcium Aluminate. Wastewater Applications: 28. About Biogenic Corrosion Mechanism. 29. Development of a laboratory Test for Biogenic Corrosion. 30. Development of an Accelerated Test of Fungal Biodeterioration. Application to Calcium Aluminates. 31. CAC for Sewage/Waste Water Applications. 32. STO Collaboration. 33. Influence of Pozzolanic Material in the Conversion and Corrosion Behaviour of Calcium Aluminates. 34. Acid Resistance of Calcium Aluminate Cement Concrete Blended with Supplementary Cementitious Material for Application in Sewer Pipes. 35. Performance of Various Cements in an Experimental Sewer Monitored for Over 20 Years. Drymix Mortar Applications: 36. CA in Flooring. 37. Shelf-Life Stability of Dry-Mix Mortar Formulations Containing CA and The Effects on Admixture Performance. 38. Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Self Levelling Underlayment in Drying Conditions: A Comparision Between CA Rich and OPC Rich Materials. 39. Impact of Retarders on Hydration of Ettringite Systems for Self-levelling Underlayment. 40. Ternary Binder System Investigations for Building Chemistry Applications. 41. Comparison of Different Systems for Rapid Concrete. Durability: 42. Preliminary Results of Durability Study of Building Chemistry Materials. 43. The Influence of Water to Powder Ratio to the Resistance for Sulfuric Acid of Hardened Calcium Aluminate Cement Containing Blast Furnace Slag. 44. Microstructure Development of Ettringitic Binder. 45. Long term dimensional stability under water of ettringitic system. 46. Durability of CA-Based Concrete in Contact with Cl Solution. 47. Durability of Rapid Concrete Based on Ettringite System. 48. Mineralogy of a 90-Year Old Structure: ‘Le Tunnel des Valois’. 49. Long Term Durability of CAC Grouts Used in Railway Applications. Admixtures: 50. Chemisorption (Intercalation) of Superplasticizers into C-A-H Phases Under Actual Application Conditions of CA (Formation of Organo-Mineral Phases). 51. Reaction Behaviour of CAC Under the Influence of Glycolates. 52. A New Setting Accelerator Using Lithium Sulphate Technology for Calcium Aluminate-Based Materials. 53. Admixtures and CA. 54. Polycarboxilate Ether-based Superplasticizer for Calcium Aluminate Cement Mortars. Studies on Calcium Aluminate Phases: 55. Comparison of the Roles of C4AF (Ferrites) in CAC and in Portland Cement. 56. Course of Hydration of Ferrite Phase in a Ternary Binder Model Mix. 57. Ternal EV Mineral Composition and Ferrite Hydration. 58. Crystal Structures of Newly Formed Aluminate Hydrates. Utilisation of Secondary and Waste Materials: 59. Environmental Footprint of CA. Best Process Management for Manufacturing: 60. Powder Management.

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