1st Edition

Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing? Collaborating in Class & Online, Grades 3-6

By Julie D. Ramsay Copyright 2011

    Publishing podcasts, writing digital stories with choose your own adventure endings, and collaborating with students around the country through wikis, Skype, and VoiceThread, Julie D. Ramsay never imagined that she and her fifth grade students would be forging a new frontier using technology to support writing lessons. In a school district with minimal resources and a prescriptive curriculum that makes originality a constant challenge, Julie could have continued teaching grammar and writing skills in isolation. But when she realized how hungry her students were for real writing activities that enabled them to share and learn from their peers in other states, she overcame every obstacle that threatened to stunt their creativity and limit their opportunities to communicate in a digital world. Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing? shows teachers how to weave technology throughout the curriculum and get students so fired up about writing that they don' t want to stop when the class period ends. Readers will learn how to select appropriate digital tools, guide and involve students in the learning process, and differentiate instruction to meet individual needs. Through Julie' s inspiring stories and lessons, teachers in the intermediate and middle grades will discover how technology-assisted writing can foster innovation, global communication, and creative problem solving, developing responsible, productive digital citizens whose inherent love of learning will travel with them throughout their lifetimes.

    Introduction; Chapter 1: Writing Reimagined; Chapter 2: Poetry to Podcasts; Chapter 3: Storytelling for This Generation; Chapter 4: One Size Does Not Fit All; Chapter 5: The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts; Chapter 6: Stepping Back in Time; Chapter 7: Passion and Persuasion; Chapter 8: Learning Far and Near


    Julie D. Ramsay is a fifth-grade teacher at Fultondale Elementary School in a community just north of Birmingham, Alabama. A graduate of the University of Montevallo, Julie has also earned certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Julie has more than sixteen years of experience teaching reading and writing across content areas. Since 2000, she has served as a speaker, presenter, and consultant—locally and nationally—in the nationally—in the area of technology-supported learning projects.

    "The book is written in language even the techno-novice can understand, yet touches on such a wide variety of tools that even the most tech-savvy will learn something." - Get Organized! blog 
    "This book shows the delicate balance of keeping one eye on curriculum expectations while letting students take the reins of their own learning." - Professionally Speaking
    "The tools and projects are suitable whether working with an open-ended curriculum or very prescriptive subject requirements. Although designed for teachers in the intermediate and middle-grades, many of the concepts and examples could be adapted to other grades and situations." - Books News