1st Edition

Cancer Targeting Therapies Conventional and Advanced Perspectives

Edited By Muhammad Yasir Ali, Shazia Bukhari Copyright 2024
    312 Pages 35 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    312 Pages 35 Color & 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This volume in the popular series, Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences, begins with the history of cancer treatment, carcinogens, and molecular mechanisms involved in cancer pathogenesis. It incudes conventional and advanced cancer therapies ranging from oral and parenteral preparations to advanced fabricated systems such as nanoparticles, liposomes, antibodies, aptamers, poly(amidoamine) and photodynamic therapies. The preparation and mechanisms of molecular targeting of cancer are presented and the authors focus on a diverse audience including undergraduates and research students.


    • Timely coverage of changes in process control technology for the phamaceutical industry, a dynamic area in terms of products and manufacturing processes
    • Provides an update on the unique requirements of these industries and how they differ from others, for example the microelectronics or specialized chemicals industries
    • Draws on the author's vast experience in the field of industrial hygiene and hazardous materials
    • Presents a collection of unique situations in which industrial hygiene was implemented to resolve a variety of scenarios and did not interfere with quality issues
    • Addresses current topics relating to industry evolution such as migration of therapies to higher potency, RiskMAP, new modalities in medicines and treatments, large molecule therapeutics and conjugates

      1. History of Cancer Therapies
      2. Isma Iqbal, Daulat Haleem Khan, Maria Manan, Zainab Abdullah, , Muhammad Ali Syed, Sana Hanif, Zeliha Selamoglu, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Azhar Rasul

      3. Cancer and Carcinogens
      4. Saba Riaz, Azhar Rasul, Muhammad Asif Khalil, Laiba Ameen, Komal Riaz, Samreen Gul Khan, Sevki Adem, Mudassir Hassan, Muhammad Javid Iqbal, Muhammad Asrar, Muhammad Yasir Ali

      5. Causes of Death from Cancer
      6. Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Ihtisham Umar, Usman Sabir, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Ummaima Shahzad

      7. Passive Targeting
      8. Malik Saadullah, Amna Sehar, Khurram Afzal, Ijaz Ali, Shams ul Hassan, Muhammad Yasir Ali

      9. Cancer Active Targeting Strategies
      10. Tanzeela Awan, Ghazala Ambreen, Uzma Saher, Saira Afzal, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Asia Naz Awan

        Conventional Cancer Therapies

      11. Oral Anticancer Therapies
      12. Ayesha Saeed, Liaqat Hussain, Hua Narenmandura, Qian Qian Wang, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Ummaima Shahzad, Ijaz Ali

      13. Parenteral Anticancer Therapies
      14. Mishal Fatima, Liaqat Hussain, Yasen Maimaitiyiming, Hua Naranmandura, Ayesha Saeed, Yang Chang, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Ummaima Shahzad

        Advanced Cancer Therapies

      15. The Advent of Micro and Nano-spheres for Cancer Treatment
      16. Asia Naz Awan, Rabia Iqtadar, Sabahat Abdullah, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Imran Tariq

      17. The Emergence of Liposomes in Cancer Therapy
      18. Asia Naz Awan, Sabahat Abdullah, Ayesha Naseer, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Daulat Haleem Khan

      19. Niosomes-Based Anticancer Therapies
      20. Daulat Haleem Khan, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Muhammad Asim Farooq, Muhammad Ali Syed, Azhar Rasul, Shazia Anwar Bukhari, Sevki Adem, Maria Manan

      21. Solid Lipid Nanoparticles-Based Anticancer Therapies
      22. Mulazim Hussain Asim, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Shumaila Arshad, Ummaima Shahzad, Arshad Mahmood, Syed Atif Raza, Alia Erum, Ali Moghadam

      23. Mesoporous Nanoparticles-Based Anticancer Therapies
      24. Tanzeela Awan, Uzma Saher, Muhammad Yasir Ali Umair Amin, Sajid Ali

      25. Antibody-Based Cancer Therapies
      26. Malik Saadullah, Hafsa Tariq, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Saeed Ahmad, Nisar ur Rehman

      27. Aptamer-Based Anticancer Therapies
      28. Muhammad Yasir Ali, Ummaima Shahzad, Maryam Shabir, Nisar ur Rehman, Saeed Ahmad, Udo Bakowsky, Umair Amin, Imran Tariq, Ghazala Ambreen

      29. Polyamidoamines-Based Anticancer Therapies
      30. Maria Manan, Rida Siddique, Maryam Shabir, Azhar Rasul, Nosheen Aslam, Uzma Saleem, Muhammad Yasir Ali, Shazia Anwer Bukhari, Mulazim Hussain Asim

      31. Photodynamic Therapies for Cancer Treatment

    Ayesha Sadiqa, Saba Riaz, Azhar Rasul, Rabia Zara, Khudeja Afroz, Zunaira Saeed, Gul Bushra Khan, Khatereh Khorsandi, Muhammad Yasir Ali


    Dr. Muhammad Yasir Ali

    My pharmacy career started back in 2002 as a graduate student, leading to the achievement of a graduate and then a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Technology in 2009. Nevertheless, with my thirst for knowledge as a student and researcher, an in-line experience in production and quality control in Roche Pakistan helped me in knowing the ropes of the subject.

    Later on, I joined the university of Lahore as a faculty member and taught different courses to pharmacy graduates, especially pharmaceutical technology. In 2011 after joining my current job, I kept on teaching and indulged myself in research which is still going on, meanwhile, I got my doctorate (Pharmaceutical Technology) from Germany.

    I have more than 30 research publications, one research project, practical application of pharmacy knowledge in the form of different marketed products, several book chapters, and one book as editor in my research basket. I got chances of presenting research papers and scientific lectures in different organizations in Germany, USA, UK, and Pakistan.

    Dr. Shazia Bukhari

    I completed my undergraduate studies from the Bahuddin Zakariya University, Multan (1998-2001) and my M.Phil. studies from the Department of Biochemistry, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Pakistan (2001-2003). Then I continued higher studies in Punjab University and earned Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry (2005-2009).

    I started my career at Hi-Tech Lab, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (2003 – 2004). Then I joined Center for Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology (CABB), University of Agriculture, Faisalabad as Research Officer/Lecturer (2004-2011). Then I joined Government College University as Assistant Professor (2011-2014). I was promoted to Associate Professor (2014-2019 and Professor (2019 to date) in the Department of Biochemistry of the same university.

    My research interest focuses on the exploration of indigenous flora for treatment of various diseases, based on an understanding of the mechanisms underlying the successful interactions between the plant components and disease. For this purpose, we are now using computational tools to correlate the laboratory findings with computer modeling. I am also working to enhance resistance of wheat (Triticum aestivum) against fungus diseases like rust. For this purpose, we have been transforming rust resistance and Pathogenesis-Related genes, isolated from local verities, and transform into high yielding wheat commercial varieties. I have screened and characterized nine novel genes relating rust resistance and pathogenesis related and deposited in gene bank. I am currently running two projects for achieving this goal approved by HEC: 3.679,655 million) as PI and 2nd approved by Technology Development Funds. HEC (13.609 million) as PI.