Cancer and Aging  book cover
1st Edition

Cancer and Aging

ISBN 9780367248253
Published February 4, 2022 by CRC Press
289 Pages

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Book Description

First published in 1990: The book examines the relationship between age and the development of cancer from different angles, with a comprehensive approach that has not been used previously. The multiple pathways at the cellular and tissue levels that can lead to a neoplastic growth are described in detail, explaining the variable delay between cancer initiation and the clinical manifestations. The time that elapses between exposure to the carcinogen and the clinical incidence of different neoplasiae is exemplified through a review of epidemiological studies with atomic bomb survivors and environment-related cancers. The developmental phenomena and the genetic determinants that may lead to or retard the progression of cancer through the life span of the organism are emphasized, illustrating the very dynamic processes that involve neoplastic growth where new variables are continuously created.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Factors Influencing the Age Incidence of Cancer

1A: Developmental Cell and Tissue Determinants

1. Cancer and Aging at the Cellular Level

A. Macieira-Coelho

2. Age-Dependant Modifications of Connective Tissues, Possible Relationships to Tumor Growth and Metastasis Formation

J. Labat-Robert and I. Robert

3. Developmental Changes of the Mammary Gland in Relation to Mammary Tumor Development

Hiroshi Nagasawa

4. Age and Immunity

Bengt Bjorksten and Catharina Svanborg

5. Effects of Age on DNA Repair in Relation to Carcinogenesis

Alexei J. Likhachev

6. Reproductive and Hormonal Factors in Relation to Cancer Occurrence in the Breast, Prostate, Testis, Uterine Corpus, Uterine Cervix, and Thyroid Gland

H. Olsson

7. Dehydropiandrosterone: A Naturally Occuring Steroid with Cancer Preventive Activity

Arthur G. Schwartz, Martin L. Lewbart, and Laura L. Pashko

1B: Genetic Diseases

8. Colorectal Cancer in Familial Poliposis Coli

Tomas M. Heimann

9. Progeroid Syndromes and Cancer

Makoto Goto

1C: Time After Exposure to the Carcinogen

10. Late Radiation Effects in Atomic Bomb Survivors: A Review

Shoji Tokuoka and Kouki Inai

11. Geographical Patterns of Cancer: Role of Environment

C.S. Muir

Part 2: Cancer Incidence and Progression

12. Childhood Cancer – Incidence and Etiological Considerations

Lyly Teppo

13. Testicular Cancer and Age

Guy Newell

14. Hodgkins Disease

Bengt Glimelius

15. Relationship of Age to Cancer of the Cervix

John A. Carmichael

16. Age at Breast Cancer Diagnosis as a Predictor of Subsequent Survival

Janet Mohle-Boetani

17. Relationship between Age and the Incidence of Liver Metastases

Stanislav Pejchl

18. The Effect of Aging on the Development and Progression of Cancer: From the Laboratory Animal Clinic

Paul R. Kaesberg and William B Ershler

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Alvaro Macieire-Coelho, M.D., D.Sc., is Research Director at the French National Institute of Health (INSERM) and Head of the Division for Cell Aging Research at the Department of Cell Biology, University of Paris.

Bo Nordenskjold, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor of Oncology at the University of Linkoping, Linkoping, Sweden.