1st Edition

Caravans of the Old Sahara An Introduction to the History of the Western Sudan

By E. W. Bovill Copyright 1933
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    Since publication in 1957 the importance of Bohannan's study of judicial institutions and procedures among the Tiv has been widely recognized. It has contributed widely to the continuing discussion concerning the objectives and methods to be followed in the anthropological study of law and the contribution this makes to comparative jurisprudence. the work describes and defines Tiv ideas of 'law' as expressed in the operations of their courts known as Jir. The analysis is based on and illustrated by numerous cases which the author attended and discussed with leaders in the Jir.

    1. The Sahara

    2. Africa Antiqua

    3. Races of Man

    4. Medieval Arabic Writers

    5. The Almoravids

    6. Ghana

    7. Mali

    8. The Rise of the Songhai Empire

    9. The Askias

    10. Leo Africanus

    11. The Crescent and the Cross

    12. The Quest for Gold

    13. The Sea of Darkness 

    14. The Moorish Invasion

    15. The Fall of the Songhai Empire

    16. El Dzehebi

    17. The Later Pashas

    18. The Veil

    19. The Niger Quest

    20. The Sokoto Fulani

    21. The Lifting of the Veil

    22. The Great Caravans

    23. Shepherd Kings


    E. W. Bovill