1st Edition

Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components

    408 Pages 88 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Dietary cancer prophylaxis is based on the detailed knowledge of carcinogenic and anticarcinogenic properties of food constituents. Although much data has been collected on these elements, an understanding of the causal mechanisms that link diet and cancer is still evolving. Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components explains the broad spectrum of information available on these compounds and examines what is behind their complexities.

    Internationally renowned biochemists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and food scientists present the most recent studies that relate cancer risk to particular dietary components and discuss the latest clinical trials that evaluate the benefits of nutritional interventions. They discuss dietary sources containing carcinogenic compounds, their abundance in foods, and their possible cancer risks. Conversely, they explain the cancer- preventive potential of food components and the basic mechanisms and targets of chemoprevention.

    Chapters focus on the phenolic compounds found in tea, wine polyphenols and resveratrol, flavanoids of fruits and vegetables, carotenoids, constituents of cruciferous vegetables, and phytoestrogens. Additional information highlights the molecular and cellular events mediated by exposure to food carcinogens or chemopreventive agents. The book concludes with a perspective on the impact of diet on cancer prevention based on human trials and discusses future directions of research in this important field.

    Wide-ranging in scope and thorough in detail, Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components is an important resource for those interested in leveraging vital information on cancer promoting and cancer preventing food components.

    Food and Cancer: Development of an Association, K. (Chris) Szyfter and J. Gawecki

    Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis, Danuta Malejka-Giganti and Natalia Tretyakova

    Metabolism of Chemical Carcinogens, Zofia Mazerska

    Genotoxic Food Components, Agnieszka Bartoszek

    Impact of Food Preservation, Processing, and Cooking
    on Cancer Risk, Amanda J. Cross and Rashmi Sinha

    Environmental Contamination of Food, Marek Biziuk and Agnieszka Bartoszek

    Dietary Anti- and Prooxidants: Their Impact on Oxidative
    DNA Damage and Cancer Risk, Ryszard Olinski, Daniel Gackowski Marcus S. Cooke, and Joe Lunec

    Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Eicosanoids, and
    Intestinal Tumorigenesis, Jay Whelan, Michael F. McEntee, and Seung J. Baek

    Chemoprevention of Cancer: Basic Mechanisms and
    Molecular Targets, Wanda Baer-Dubowska and Ewa Ignatowicz

    Chemopreventive Phenolic Compounds in Common Spices, Young-Joon Surh

    Cancer Prevention by Tea and Tea Constituents, Janelle M. Landau, Joshua D. Lambert, Mao-Jung Lee, and Chung S. Yang

    Cancer Chemoprevention by Wine Polyphenols and
    Resveratrol, John M. Pezzuto, Tamara P. Kondratyuk, and Elena Shalaev

    Flavonoids: Common Constituents of Edible Fruits
    and Vegetables, Nicole Monfilliette-Cotelle

    Carotenoids in Cancer Prevention, Cristina Fortes

    Chemopreventive Potential of Compounds in
    Cruciferous Vegetables, Ole Vang

    Phytoestrogens and Their Effects on Cancer, Grzegorz Grynkiewicz and Adam Opolski

    Diet and Cancer Prevention: Current Knowledge and
    Future Direction, Elizabeth H. Jeffery and John A. Milner



    Agnieszka Bartoszek, Wanda Baer-Dubowska, Danuta Malejka-Giganti

    "... The three editors and their 33 contributors of the 17 chapters have covered this subject very well. … covers wide-ranging subjects, with interesting information on the causes and the likelihood of prevention of cancer from the consumption of selective foods. …gives a good understanding of this interesting and controversial issue, which could be of interest to research scientists in trying to understand the importance of diet on human health in general. It also gives an insight into this issue to professionals working within the food industry and to researchers in food science and nutrition."

    —Ara Kanekanian, in International Journal of Dairy Technology, Vol 61, No 3 August 2008