1st Edition

Cardiovascular Function of Peripheral Dopamine Receptors

Edited By Hieble, Paul, J. Copyright 1989
    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume deals with the consequences of activation of peripheral dopamine receptors impacting on the cardiovascular system, either the prejunctional neuroinhibitory dopamine receptor or the postjunctional dopamine receptor. It is useful for cardiovascular clinicians and receptor specialists.

    Part I: Characterization of Peripheral Dopamine Receptors 1. Functional Models for and Characteristics of DA1 and DA2 Dopamine Receptors in the Periphery 2. Affinities of Dopamine Agonists and Antagonists for Peripheral Dopamine Receptors Part II: Inhibition of Sympathetic Neurotransmission by Dopaminergic Agonists 3. Effect of Rigid and Nonrigid Analogs of Dopamine on Vascular Neurotransmission 4. Inhibition of Cardiac Neurotransmission In Vivo and In Vitro by Structural Analogs of Dopamine 5. Cardiac and Vascular Consequences of Modulation of Sympathetic Neurotransmission by Dopamine Receptor Agonists Part III: Cardiovascular Effects of Selective Dopamine Receptor Agonists in Experimental Animals 6. The Pentobarbital-Anesthesized Rat: Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Action of DA1 and DA2 Receptor Agonists 7. Correlation of Dopamine Receptor Selectivity and Hemodynamic Effects on the Intact Animal 8. Peripheral Dopaminergic Agonist Activity of Aminoethylindolones and Related Compounds 9. Cardiovascular Activity of Ergoline Derivatives 10. Inhibition of Dopamine β-Hydroxylase to Increase Dopaminergic Tone In Vivo Part IV: Dopamine Receptors in Man: Therapeutic Applications 11. Clinical Utility of Cardiovascular Agents Acting on the Dopamine Receptor 12. Dopaminergic Control of Aldosterone Secretion 13. Hemodynamic Activity of N-n -propyl-N-n -Butyldopamine 14. Clinical Effects of Fenoldopam, a Potent Dopamine (DA1) Agonist


    Paul Hieble