1st Edition

Care of the Child Facing Death

Edited By Lindy Burton Copyright 1974

    Originally published in 1974, and written by paediatricians, social workers, nurses and a parent who cared for her dying child, this book is concerned with pinpointing the problems which exist for parents and those involved in the care of sick children, both in terms of accepting the facts of a child’s illness, and in loving supporting and giving them maximum enjoyment within the limits of their condition. The fears and anxieties of such children are examined – separation from parents, fear of pain, an increasing sense of difference and in some cases a very real appreciation of their situation. All these limit the child’s happiness, and ways of counteracting them are suggested. Similarly the distress of parents and of medical advisers is discussed.

    Part 1: General Problems 1. The Size and Nature of the Problem John A. Dodge 2. Tolerating the Intolerable – The Problems Facing Parent and Children Following Diagnosis Lindy Burton 3. Problems Posed For Staff Who Care For the Child Michael B. Rotherberg Part 2: Specific Problems 4. The Child in Pain Alexander T. Mennie 5. The ‘Doomed Family’ – Observations on the Lives of Parents and Children Facing Repeated Child Mortality Margaret Atkin 6. The Family Coping with a Heavy Treatment Régime Lindy Burton Part 3: Helping the Child 7. ‘The Care of Our Dying Child’ – A Parent Offers Some Personal Observations Based on Recollection Yvonne Craig 8. The Role of Education in Helping The Child With a Potentially Fatal Disease Maureen Oswin 9. Social Work Help for Children Whose Life May be Shortened Pamela Gibbons 10. The Role of Nursing Staff in Helping the Hospitalised Child Janet Duberley 11. The Psychiatric Care of Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses Roy Howarth Part 4: Helping the Family 12. An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Dying Child and His Family Bianca Gordon 13. The Physician and the Family George A. Edelstyn 14. Parents’ Groups and Associations Mary P. Patten 15. Counselling The Grieving Parent Audrey T. McCollum 16. Caring for the Brothers and Sisters of a Dying Child Mary Lindsay and Dermod MacCarthy 17. Bereavement and the Rebuilding of Family Life Rev. Simon Stephens.


    Lindy Burton was an educational psychologists specializing in child guidance problems and authored many articles and books on children's behaviour problems and the responses of sick children to their illnesses.

    ‘Social workers in particular will find much in the book that will enlarge their thinking on this subject.’ S. C. Kinnersley, British Journal of Social Work