1st Edition

Case Studies in Mental Health Treatment A Cross Section of Journal Articles for Discussion & Evaluation

By Robert Kalina Copyright 1993

    The key aims of this text are to illustrate the use of various types of mental health treatments and to provide in-depth examples of common psychological disorders supported by case studies. The 34 journal articles in this book— authored by practicing psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and counselors— describe the treatment of individual clients. In most cases, the authors discuss a client's psychological problem , the treatment used w ith the client, and the outcome. This book is designed for use in courses in clinical, counseling, and abnormal psychology, each article is followed by (1) a list of psychological term s for classroom discussion and (2) questions that call for students' opinions on various aspects of die case.

    COGNTIVE THERAPY 1. Changing Mistaken Beliefs through Visualization o f Early Recollections 2. Sexual Counseling with a Developmentally Disabled Couple: A Case Study 3. Reducing a Child's Nighttime Fears 4. Treatment of an Adolescent with Bowel Movement Phobia Using Self-Control Therapy 5. "Forbidden Fruit Tastes Especially Sweet." Cognitive-Behavior Therapy with a Kleptomaniac Woman: A Case Report BEHAVIOR THERAPY AND BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION 6. Behavioral Treatment o f Night Bingeing and Rumination in an Adult Case of Bulimia Nervosa 7. Decreasing Junk-Food Consumption Through the Use o f Self-Management Procedures: A Case Study 8. Case Report o f a Needle Phobia 9. Controlling Extremely Dangerous Aggressive Outbursts when Functional Analysis Fails 10. Linking Descriptive and Experimental Analyses in the Treatment of Bizarre Speech HUMANISTIC, C LIENT CENTERED, AND GESTALT THERAPY 11. Body Image Changes During Guided Affective Imagery 12. Self and Space 13. The Intruder: A Dream-Work Session with Commentary 14. A Look at the Self-Righteous Defense 15. Grieving the Loss of Narcissistic Entitlement: A Case Study GROUP AND FAMILY THERAPY 16. A Group Counseling Experience with the Very Old 17. Group and Individual Reactions to the Death o f a Member o f a University-Affiliated Women's Support Group 18. Multiple Severe Sexual Dysfunctions Resolved in Brief Sex Therapy 19. Childhood Neurotic Disorders with a Sexual Content Need Not Imply Child Sexual Abuse PSYCHOANALYSIS 20. Pubescence: A Psychoanalytic Study of One Girl's Experience of Puberty 21. The Psychoanalytic Treatment o f a Preschool Boy with a Gender Identity Disorder 22. Identity Formation in an Adolescent Girl: Boundaries Between Psychotherapy and Counselling REHABILITATION 23. Occupational Therapy Intervention for an Adult with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies 24. Extended Inpatient Treatment of a Refractory Heroin Addict: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patients with a Dual Diagnosis 25. Alcoholic Women's Feminine Self-Concept and Mothering: The Importance of Reinforcing Self-Esteem in Treatment SPECIALIZED INTERVENTIONS 26. Hypnotherapy for Agoraphobia: A Case Study 27. A Case Analysis in Human Sexuality: Counseling to a Man with Severe Cerebral Palsy 28. Treating Adolescent Satanism in Art Therapy 29. Summoning a Punishing Angel: Treatment o f a Depressed Patient with Dissociative Features. HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY AND MEDICINE 30. Therapy for an Anxious Patient Who Believes His Symptoms Are Caused by a Medical Problem 31. Psychotherapy by Telephone: A Therapeutic Tool for Cancer Patients 32. The Longing for Nurturance: A Case of Factitious Cancer 33. Eight Cases of Patients with Unfounded Fear of AIDS 34. Bulimia Nervosa and Acne May Be Related: A Case Report


    Robert Kalina