1st Edition

Casino Industry in Asia Pacific Development, Operation, and Impact

By bob Mckercher, Cathy Hc Hsu Copyright 2006
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    This single volume gives you comprehensive information on Asia-Pacific gaming!

    Casino Industry in Asia Pacific: Development, Operation, and Impact is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive review of the gaming industry in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This valuable resource thoroughly details the history, the operational issues, and the impact of casino gaming in Australia, Korea, Macao, and Southeast Asia—and the Pachinko phenomenon in Japan. International authorities discuss crucial issues that involve policy makers and casino developers, allowing industry players a global perspective as they consider various important viewpoints in their long-range planning.

    Casino Industry in Asia Pacific is organized into three sections: Development, Operation, and Impact. Chapters in the Development section provide a thorough history of gaming for Australia, Japan, Korea, Macao, and Southeast Asia. Laws and regulations are also reviewed for each location. In the Operation section, each chapter analyzes an important casino operational issue, including regulations, licensing and due diligence, internal control and auditing, and rolling commissions. The last section reviews the economic and social impacts for various regions. Chinese culture and gaming are also examined in detail to illustrate the intertwined relationship between gaming and people’s daily life. Extensive bibliographies, helpful tables, and fascinating photographs are also included.

    Casino Industry in Asia Pacific discusses:

    • casino history and gaming legislation in Australia, Korea, and Macao
    • Japan’s form of gambling—Pachinko
    • gaming in Southeast Asia
    • suggestions for Asian gaming jurisdictions
    • casino licensing investigations
    • accounting, internal controls, and casino auditing
    • the use of non-negotiable chips
    • the societal and economic impacts of gaming in Australia
    • the impacts of casinos in Korea
    • gaming and Chinese culture

    Casino Industry in Asia Pacific: Development, Operation, and Impact is an essential resource for graduate students, advanced undergraduate students, educators, researchers, gaming policymakers and lobbyists, concerned civic organization leaders and members, casino developers and executives, hotel professionals, travel and tourism professionals, and anyone interested in the gaming industry.

    • About the Editor
    • Contributors
    • Preface
    • Chapter 1. Casino History, Development, and Legislation in Australia (Helen Breen and Nerilee Hing)
    • Early Colonization: 1778-1900
    • Selective Legalization: 1900-1940s
    • Government Endorsement and Market Growth: World War II to the 1970s
    • Commercialization, Competition, and Market Expansion: 1970s to the Present
    • Casinos in Australia
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 2. History, Development, and Legalization of Korean Casino Gaming (Choong-Ki Lee and Ki-Joon Back)
    • Historical Development
    • The Korean Casino Industry Today
    • The Korean Gaming Regulatory System
    • Summary
    • Chapter 3. Casino Gambling in Macao: Through Legalization to Liberalization (Glenn McCartney)
    • The Early Years: Illegal to Legalized Gambling
    • Period of Casino Development: Legalization to Monopoly Franchise
    • Recent Events: The Liberalization of Macao’s Casino Industry
    • Regulation of the Liberalization
    • Tourism Development
    • Casino Investment Plans
    • Summary
    • Chapter 4. Gambling in Japan (William N. Thompson)
    • Pachinko: My Introduction to the Game
    • What Is Gambling? Definitions and Fictions
    • Would Pachinko Work Elsewhere?
    • Addictive Qualities of Pachinko
    • A Bit of History—A Lot of Ambiguity
    • Other Forms of Gambling in Japan
    • Summary and Future Developments
    • Chapter 5. Gaming in Southeast Asia (Paul D. Bromberg)
    • Introduction
    • Cambodia
    • Indonesia
    • Laos
    • Malaysia
    • Union of Myanmar (Burma)
    • Republic of Singapore
    • Thailand
    • Vietnam
    • Chapter 6. Essentials of Effective Regulation: Suggestions for Asian Gaming Jurisdictions (Fredric E. Gushin)
    • Introduction
    • Public Policy
    • Casino Licensing
    • Operational Controls
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 7. Casino Licensing Investigations (William R. Kisby and William O’Reilly)
    • The Application Process
    • Investigative Process
    • Operator, Vendor, and Employee Investigation
    • A Casino Licensing Case
    • Chapter 8. Accounting, Internal Controls, and Casino Auditing (Kevin O’Toole)
    • Accounting and Internal Controls
    • Casino Auditing
    • Chapter 9. Nonnegotiable Chips: Their Use and Cost (Andrew MacDonald and Sean Monaghan)
    • Nonnegotiable Chips
    • Mathematical Ratios: A Simple Geometric Progression
    • Revenue Calculation Comparisons for Various Games After Tax
    • Other Methods of Explanation
    • Glossary
    • Chapter 10. Social Impacts of Gambling in Australia (Nerilee Hing)
    • The Impacts of Gambling
    • Problem Gambling in Australia and Its Impacts
    • The Rise of Problem Gambling As a Social Issue in Australia
    • A Public Health Approach to Problem Gambling: The Role of Harm Minimization and Consumer Protection
    • Government Responses to Problem Gambling
    • Industry Responses to Problem Gambling
    • The Effectiveness of Responsible Gambling Measures
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 11. Economics of Australian Casinos (Jeremy Buultjens)
    • A Brief History of the Casino Industry
    • Market Structures and Ownership Regimes
    • The Impacts of Casinos
    • The Economic Benefits from Casinos
    • The Economic Costs of Casino Development
    • Net Economic Assessment
    • Constraints on Casinos
    • The Future
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 12. Impacts of Casinos in Korea (Ki-Joon Back and Choong-Ki Lee)
    • Introduction
    • Economic Imp


    Kaye Sung Chon, Cathy Hc Hsu