Catalysis of Organic Reactions: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Catalysis of Organic Reactions

1st Edition

Edited by John R. Sowa, Jr.

CRC Press

600 pages | 174 B/W Illus.

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This volume compiles 63 peer-reviewed scientific papers documenting the latest developments in the application of homogeneous, heterogeneous, and immobilized homogenous catalysts used in organic synthesis. Catalysis of Organic Reactions consists of primary research articles accompanied by experimental sections that emphasize chemical processes with actual and potential applications in industry. Each chapter represents current and outstanding research by recognized leaders in the field.

Organized into five major symposia, topics include selective homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis for the synthesis of fine chemical and pharmaceuticals, solid acid catalysis, selective oxidation, amination, chiral catalysis, combinatorial technologies, nanoparticles, environmentally friendly catalysis, and more. The collection also presents the award-winning research of Jean Lessard, concerning the scope and limitations of electrocatalytic hydrogenation of organic compounds at Raney Metal Electrodes, and Richard Larock, relating to palladium-catalyzed annulation and migration reactions.

These proceedings are of interest to the chemical scientists and engineers whose special interest is to apply homogenous and heterogeneous catalysts in organic synthesis of pharmaceutical, fine, and commodity chemicals.

Table of Contents


Symposium on Catalytic Hydrogenation

Hydrogenation on Raney-Type Catalysts

2004 Murray Raney Lecture, Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation of Organic Compounds at Raney Metal Electrodes: Scope and Limitations

Low Pressure Slurry Hydrogenation Process for the Production of Dimethylaminopropylamine Using Sponge Nickel Catalyst

The Conversion of Ethanolamine to Glycine Salt Over Skeletal Copper Catalysts

Hydrogenation Catalysis in a Nylon Recycle Process

Hydrogenation of Dodecanenitrile Over Raney Type and Supported Group VIII. Effect of Metal on Selectivity

Anchored and Supported Hydrogenation Catalysts

Highly Efficient Catalysts Supported on Carbon Cloths for Carbohydrate Hydrogenation

Anchored Wilkinson's Catalyst

Carbon Supported Anchored Homogeneous Catalyst

Catalytic Hydrogenation of Cinnamaldehyde on Pt/Carbon Catalysts: The Effects of Metal Location, and Dispersion on Activity and Selectivity

Para-substituted Aniline Hydrogenation Over Rhodium Catalysts: Metal Particle Size and Catalyst Pore Size Effects

Reductive Alkylation During Nitrobenzene Hydrogenation Over Copper/Silica

Hydrogenolysis of Butyl Acetate to Butanol Over Naphtha Reforming Type Catalysts in Conventional and High Throughput Slurry Phase Reactors

New Ways for the Full Hydrogenation of Quinoline in Mild Conditions

Some Recent Developments of Heterogeneous Hydrogenation Catalysts for Organic Synthesis

Hydrogenation of Interesting Substrates and Renewable Sources

Hydrogenation of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Catalyzed by [Ir(COD)py(PCy3)]PF6

Catalytic Hydrogenation and Hydrogenolysis of Lignin Model Compounds Using In-Situ, Water-Soluble Ru/P(CH2OH)3 Systems

Catalytic Preparation of Pyrrolidones from Renewable Resources

Hydrogenation of Glutamic Acid to Value Added Products

Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of 5-Carbon Sugar Alcohols

Symposium on Novel Concepts and Approaches to Catalysis of Organic Reactions

Featured Technology Area: Combinatorial and Parallel Methods in Catalyst Design, Optimization and Utilization

Combinatorial Approaches for New Catalysts Discovery: The First Homogeneous Catalysts Derived from Combinatorial Technologies for a Variety of Cross-Coupling Reactions

High Throughput Experiments in Design and Optimization of Catalytic Package for Direct Diphenylcarbonate Synthesis

Rapid Optimization of Hydrogenation Process Variables by Combining Experimental Design and Parallel Reactors

Design and Parallel synthesis of New Oxidative Dehydrogenation Catalysts

Nanocluster-based Cross-coupling Catalysts: A High-Throughput Approach

General papers

Do You Need A Transition Metal for Biaryl Synthesis?

Enzyme-like Acceleration in Catalytic Anti-Markovnikov Hydration of Alkynes to Aldehydes

An Enzyme-like Mechanism Involving Bifunctional Ru Catalysts

Activation of Dendrimer Encapsulated Pt Nanoparticles for Heterogeneous Catalysts

Avada-A New Green Process for the Production of Ethyl Acetate

A Catalytic Distillation Process for the One Step Synthesis of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone from Acetone: Liquid Phase Kinetics of the Hydrogenation of Mesityl Oxide

A Strategy for the Preparation of Isolated Organometallic Catalysts on Silica Supports - Towards Single-Site Solid Catalysts

Ring Opening of Naphthenes for Clean Diesel Fuel Production

The Use of Copper Catalysts in the Hydrogen Transfer Reduction of 4-Tert-butylcyclohexanone

The Effect of Ultrasound on the Isomerization versus Reduction Reaction Pathways in the Hydrogenation of 3-Buten-2-ol and 1,4-Pentadien-3-ol on Pd-Black

Lessons Learned, Batch Processing Scaleup from Laboratory to Plant

Symposium on Acid-Base Catalysis

Improved Solid-Acid Catalysis for Sustainable, High 2-Phenyl, LAB Production

Recent Advances in Thermally Stable Resins for Olefin Hydration

Enhancement of Regioselectivity in the Gas-phase Methylation of m-Cresol with Multifunctional Heterogeneous Catalysts

Hydroxymethylation of 2-Methoxyphenol with Formaldehyde to Yield Vanillic Alcohols: A Comparison Between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Acid Catalysis

The Aldol Condensation of Acetone Over a CsOH/SiO2 Solid Base Catalyst

Solid Acid Catalysed Esterification of Amino Acids

One Pot Transformation of Geraniol into Citronellol and Menthol Over Cu/Al2O3

Investigation of Chlorine Substitution Effects in the Claisen-Schmidt Condensation of 2-hydroxyacetophenone with Chlorobenzaldehydes Over MgO

Symposium on Catalytic Oxidation

The Effect of Single Metal Variation in Mo-V-Nb-W/Al2O3 System on Propane Selective Oxidation

Partial Oxidation of Propylene Over Supported Rhodium Catalysts

The Effect of Promoters on the Platinum Group Metal Catalysed Selective Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyls or Acids

Synergistic Effect of Vanadium on the Activity of Titanium-Modified Silica Catalysts for Olefin Epoxidation

Aerobic Formaldehyde Oxidation Under Mild Conditions Mediated by Ce-Containing Polyoxometalates

Symposium on Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

General Papers

2004 Paul N. Rylander Award: Palladium-Catalyzed Annulation and Migration Reactions

New Palladium-catalysed Processes for the Synthesis of Selectively Substituted Aromatics

O-Acylphosphites: New and Promising Ligands for Isomerizing Hydroformylation

The Synthesis of Carbamate From the Reductive Carbonylation of Nitrobenzene Over Pd-based Catalysts

Microwave Synthesis in the Suzuki-Cross Coupling Reaction with Heterogenous Pd/C Catalysts


Improved Catalyst for the Removal of Carbobenzyloxy Protective Groups

The Effect of N-Containing Modifiers on the Deprotection of Carbobenzyloxy Protected Amino Acids

Selective Debenzylation in the Presence of Aromatic Chlorine on Pd/C Catalysts: Effects of Catalyst Types and Reaction Kinetics

Asymmetric Catalysis

A Comparison Between the Homogeneous and the Anchored Rhodium Skewphos Catalyst

Synthesis and Characterization of Dipeptido Phosphinite Ligands for Late Transition Metal Complexations and Their Potential as Catalysts

Enantioselective Hydrogenations of Exo- and Endocyclic C=C double Bond with Highly Mesoporous Carbon Supported Pd

Influence of Achiral Tertiary Amines on the Enantioselective Hydrogenation of a,b-diketones Over Cinchonidine-Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst

Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Diketones on Pt Supported Catalysts

Enantioselective Hydrogenation of a?b-Unsaturated Acids or Esters

The Effects of Pt/Al2O3 Structure and Stability on the O-Methyl-10,11-dihydrocinchonidine Modified Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Activated Ketones

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