Catalysis of Organic Reactions  book cover
1st Edition

Catalysis of Organic Reactions

ISBN 9780824798079
Published August 21, 1996 by CRC Press
536 Pages

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Book Description

Based on the papers and posters presented at the 16th Conference on Catalysis of Organic Reactions, this work offers advances in the study of catalysis as it relates to organic synthesis. The text highlights both theoretical and applied aspects of the field, and provides an historical overview of organic reaction mechanisms on metal surfaces.

Table of Contents

Organic reaction mechanisms on metal surfaces: forty years of trying to understand them; the selective hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes; precious metal synergism in catalytic hydrogenation; hydrogenation of nitroarenes - the effect of ring substituents on hydroxylamine accumulation; the mechanism for the selective hydrogenation of alkynes to alkenes; the high yield partial autoxidation of 2-methoxy-6-ethylnaphthalene to precursors of d-2-(6-methoxy-2naphthyl) propionic acid (naproxen) using metal.bromide catalysts; new air oxidation route to ortho-nitroaromatic acids; ammoximation of ketones on titanium silicalite; multi-step and single-step gas-phase selective oxidation of isobutane to methacrylic acids an alternative process to the acetone cyanohydrin route; hydroformylation with extremely low levels of rhodium: experimental design optimization of a highly selective, high turnover process for the production of isovaleraldehyde; homogeneous, single-phase hydrofprmylation of higher olefins using ionic phosphines and novel catalyst/product separation; asymmetric hydrogenations; a technically useful catalyst for the homogenous enantioselective hydrogenation of N-aryl imines: a case study; (Rull-BINAP)-catalyzed isomerization-hydrogenation network: influence of competitive reactions on enantioselective excess; diastereoselective hydrogenation of N-(2-methylbenzoyl)-(S)-proline esters on rhodium metal particles; the enantioselective hydrogenation of 3-coumaranone over chiral centres generated on a Pt/silica catalyst; the activity and selectivity of alumina supported Pd, Pd-Ag, Pd-Au, and Pd-Pt catalysts for the semi-hydrogenation of phenyfacetylene to styrene; preparation and utilization of Raney copper and Raney copper-zinc catalysts; synthesis of R2NR' dissymmetric amines from nitriles and hexamethylenetetramine over nickel catalysis; enantioselective hydrogenation of methyl acetoacetate over a mixed nickel-cerium oxide; nonaqueous room-temperature ionic liquids: a new class of solvents for catalytic organic reactions; direct conversion of 2-methylglutaronitrile to 3-picoline and cyclic amines; sulfonated polysiloxanes as solid acids and as supports for precious metal catalysts - their advantageous use in organic reactions; use of PdL4, complexes in the selective 1,4 addition of nucleophiles to butadiene monoepoxide; reductive alkylation optimized by techniques of experimental design; alternatives to methyl vinyl ketone for the Heck reaction in synthesis of nabumetone. (Part contents).

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