Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics : Proceedings of the 8th Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, Astana, Kazakhstan, August 5-7, 2016 book cover
1st Edition

Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics
Proceedings of the 8th Asian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, Astana, Kazakhstan, August 5-7, 2016

ISBN 9781138030077
Published August 15, 2016 by CRC Press
326 Pages

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Book Description

Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics is a collections of papers presented at the Eighth Asian Young Geotechnical Engineering Conference (8AYGEC, Astana, Kazakhstan, 5-7 August 2016), and covers various aspects the areas of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. The book contains special and keynote lectures and contributions on a wide range of topics in geotechnical engineering and construction:
(1) Laboratory and Field Testing
(2) Foundation and Underground Structure
(3) Ground Improvement
(4) Earthquake and Environment
(5) Numerical and Analytical Modeling
(6) Advanced Soil Mechanics
(7) Historical Sites

Challenges and Innovations in Geotechnics was published under the auspices of the ISSMGE TC-305 ‘Geotechnical Infrastructures for Megacities and New Capitals’, and reflects the present and future state of geotechnical engineering. The book will be extremely useful to geoengineers and researchers in the abovementioned areas.

Table of Contents

Special Lecturers

Future challenges for geotechnical engineers (a more contractor orientated perspective)
W. Sondermann & C. Kummerer

Reconnaissance in and findings from the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake in Japan
I. Towhata

Keynote Lecturers

Application of geosynthetics in civil engineers projects
E.C. Shin, M.K. Jung & J.K. Kang

Problems of Syrian historical monuments, destroyed by military action: Diagnostics, strengthening and reconstruction
T. Awwad

Geotechnical and construction considerations of pile foundations in problematical soils
A.Zh. Zhussupbekov &A.R. Omarov

On interim results of sand production research in weak sandstone formations in Kazakhstan
J.R. Kim & M.H. Nguyen

Laboratory and field testing (TS1)

Centrifuge applications in micropile foundations
A. Alnuaim, M.H. El Naggar & H. El Naggar

Analyzing of soil ground to frost heaving of structures
Z. Shakhmov, A. Tleubayeva, E. Smagulova, L. Utepbergenova, Y. Togabayev & D. Bazarbayev

Advantages of the piles testing methods according to the USA standards
A.S. Tulebekova, N.T. Alibekova, I.T. Zhumadilov & G.R. Alipbayeva

Measured temperature and moisture distribution in the subgrade of the “Almaty-Bishkek” highway
A. Nugmanova & B. Teltayev

Research of the mechanical properties of soil basis by an equivalent material
B. Kaldanova, G. Zhukenova, A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, Y. Muzdybayev, T. Muzdybayeva & B. Dosmukhambetova

Evaluation of wind power unit reliability according to the results of field studies on the example of Ereymentau wind power station
D.K. Orazova, A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, R.E. Lukpanov & S.B. Yenkebayev

Influence of blow energy of the hammer on the bearing capacity of piles during dynamic testing
R.E. Lukpanov, D.V. Tsigulyov, S.B. Yenkebayev & D.T. Askarov

Foundation and underground structure (TS2)

A case study on zoned excavation of a large foundation pit in proximity to existing tunnels
Q. Li, Z.H. Xu, J. Li & X.J.Wang

Reliability evaluation of the bearing capacity of a nodular cast-in-place concrete pile
K.Watanabe, A. Mitsumori, H. Nishioka & M. Koda

Comparative analysis of allowable load carrying capacity of laterally loaded piles
F.N. Sheikh, A.A. Gill, T. Masood & M. Irfan

Mid-tunnel underground docking of tunnel boring machines in Singapore
G.T. Senthilnath

Reliability analysis of pile driving formula for concrete driven piles in stiff soil layer: Case study in Chiang Mai province
S. Thongmunee &A. Thongchai

Two-lane vehicle underpass using pipe roof method at Sentosa Gateway Tunnel
S.C. Teo, T.G. Ng, I. Yogarajah, K.X.Woon & H.P. Dang

Analysis of pile foundation behavior on modern and ancient clay bases
A.B. Ponomaryov & E.N. Sychkina

Stress strain behaviour of urban road with underground communication structure
K. Tileu & B. Teltayev

Development of a reinforced concrete foundation system for renewable energy storage using compressed air technology
A. Sabirova, D. Zhang, J. Kim, M. Nguyen & C.-S. Shon

Prospects of using an innovative crushed stone (lightweight, solid, heat-insulating) and an aggregate for concrete structures as well as in the building process of the underground part
A. Montayeva

The analysis of the piling tests on construction site “The future of the free country”
A.R. Omarov, A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, A.D. Tulegulov, G.A. Zhukenova & G.K. Tanyrbergenova

The pile anchor base with use of the extending mixes
G.G. Kamshibaev, L.V. Gorshkova & K.T. Sakanov

Ground improvement (TS3)

Role of considering non-constant soil thermal parameters in the simulation of geothermal heat storage systems in the vadose zone
T. Ba¸ser, Y. Dong, N. Lu & J.S. McCartney

Strengthening of pile foundation under dynamic loads by high-pressure injection
M.L. Nuzhdin & L.V. Nuzhdin

New designs of the combined tape bases providing fuller use of the bearing ability of the basis
T.A. Krakhmal’ny, S.I. Evtushenko & M.P. Krakhmal’naya

Properties of collapsible soil—a case study
A. Zhakulina, Y. Akhmetov, A. Akhmetov &A. Zhakulin

Improvement of soft soil characteristics through application of dry concrete mix pillars
T. Tronda

Laboratory modeling of soil dam reinforced by geosynthetic material
R.E. Lukpanov

Estimation of liquefaction potential: A case study in San Francisco, California
A. Mussa, E. Satekenova, D. Zhang, S. Thiyyakkandi & J.R. Kim

Earthquake and environment (TS4)

Seismic bearing capacity of footings in c-φ soil by using a non-associated flow rule
D. Chakraborty

Application of local bentonite as buffer and backfill material in low-level radioactive waste disposal facility
F. Teng

Geotechnical approaches on the seismic risk assessment for architectural heritages at historical sites using field and centrifuge tests
H.-J. Park & D.-S. Kim

Liquefaction susceptibility analysis based on SPT and microtremor
N. Shrestha & S.K. Jha

Foundations on artificial bases stabilized by Vertical Armo-Elements (VAE) with a seismic-protective damping layer
Z.A. Khasanov, A.Z. Khasanov & I.I. Usmankhodjaev

Monitoring and protection of the foundations of buildings of dangerous production plants on seasonally heaving ground
S.A. Kudryavtsev, V.V. Kogay, A.A. Moldazhanova, I.V. Shestakov &A.V. Kazharzkii

Hazardous geological processes in the Northern Sikhote-Alin
S. Kvashuk, P. Iazvenko &V. Iazvenko

Numerical and analytical modeling (TS5)

Three-dimensional finite element analysis for stabilizing piles used in homogeneous slopes
I.-H. Ho

Numerical simulation for the estimation the jacking force in pipe jacking
J. Yen & K. Shou

Application of 3-D static analysis program for residual deformation due to liquefaction
Y. Tadano, H. Uno &A. Tateishi

Evaluation of damage morphology in three-hinge precast arch culvert based on shaking table tests and numerical analyses
Y. Sawamura, K. Kishida, M. Kimura & H. Ishihara

Numerical study on electrical resistivity tomography for prediction of anomaly in mechanized tunnelling job-sites
K.-H. Lee & I.-M. Lee

Analysis of efficiency of fiber reinforced sand as a backfill of retaining walls
A.S. Grishina &A.B. Ponomaryov

Mathematical modeling of massif state around the mountain road slopes and highland pit
S.Zh. Kuvakov, K.Ch. Kozhogulov & G.Dz. Kabaeva

Finite element analysis of deep excavation: A case study of underground parking underneath Russel Square, London
K. Bekish, A. Ulykbanov, T. Mukashev, Y. Serik, M. Nguyen & J. Kim

Analysis of excavation-induced ground movements in urban areas
C. Hung

Comparison analysis of features in Eurocode and Kazakhstan norms requirements
A.Zh. Zhussupbekov, A.S. Tulebekova, R. Lukpanov & I.T. Zhumadilov

Stabilization of strain mound road to partially thawing permafrost base using geocells
N.V. Kushnareva, D.O. Grigoriev & S.A. Kudryavtsev

Advanced soil mechanics (TS6)

Long-term durability of soil-bentonite cutoff walls used for containment of ground contamination
A. Takai, T. Katsumi, T. Inui, M. Kamon & S. Araki

Strength and deformation characteristics of sand-geosynthetic interfaces through digital image analysis
P. Vangla & M.L. Gali

Analysis of stress-strain state of anisotropic soil basement
L.V. Nuzhdin & K.V. Pavlyuk

The use of express method for determining the modulus of deformation of fill soil
A.B. Ponomaryov & S.A. Sazonova

Experimental research of deformed state of uniform soil massif depending on the step of barretts
K.Y. Stepanischev, P.V. Buryak, D.A. Vnukov & F.F. Zekhniev

Estimation of railway ballast and subballast bearing capacity in terms of 300 kN axle load train operation
A.F. Kolos &A.A. Konon

Historical sites (TS7)

The rehabilitation of historic buildings—case study Al-Thakana Al-Hamidieh in Syria
L. Awwad, N. Rahme &T. Awwad

Engineering-geological conditions and analysis of deformation of historical monuments in Kazakhstan
A.Z. Issina, S.Sh. Sadykova, Zh.S. Bisenova &A.S. Temirova

Strengthening of hydraulic structures on undermined territories
A.K. Aldungarova, M.K. Kuderin &V.A. Kozionov

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