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Change in the Construction Industry An Account of the UK Construction Industry Reform Movement 1993-2003

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    192 Pages 12 B/W Illustrations
    Published October 19, 2012 by Routledge

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    The UK construction industry is the sixth largest industry in the UK in terms of turnover. During the last decade, it has undergone an unprecedented period of self-examination, including input from most of the leaders of the major suppliers and clients as well as from leading politicians, civil servants and political advisers. From 1993 to 2003, government and industry collaborated closely to achieve political and structural change in the industry and to bring about nothing less than a re-organization of the way it undertakes its business. This key text is an objective presentation of the critical issues inherent in the construction industry during this time.

    Providing invaluable source material for students of government/industry relations, industry practitioners and clients, and for economic and social commentators, this valuable resource draws on revealing personal accounts from politicians, civil servants, advisers and industry leaders, as well as factual reportage, archives and official papers of the period.

    Informative and enlightening, this book objectively details and documents exactly what happened at this time, and the reasons for it, and offers an unbiased interpretation of the successes or failures of the various initiatives that emerged, including the Movement for Innovation, Rethinking Construction and Constructing Excellence.

    1. The State of the Industry Prior to the 1990s  2. The Latham Review  3. Action Resulting From Latham  4. Establishment of the Construction Clients' Forum  5. Establishment of Construction Industry Board  6. The CIB in Action  7. The Development of the Client Movement  8. Change of Government / Change of Direction  9. The Beginning of Disintegration of the Latham Bodies  10. The Work of M4I and Rethinking Construction  11. Phoenix from the Ashes


    David Adamson is Director of Estate Management and Building Service, University of Cambridge, UK.

    Tony Pollington was a career Civil Servant, serving in the old Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Ministry of Transport, Department of the Environment and Property Services agency. He was the first Executive Secretary of the CCF and its successor, the Confederation of Construction Clients (CCC).

    'Intimately involved in the process, [the authors of this book] have produced a highly readable and accessible account of a period of momentous change [in the construction industry].' - Building Research and Information Journal

    'This is a terrific read ... who should read this book? Everyone. It is such a good read that all those concerned with the future of the construction industry will benefit from a copy. What is more, they will enjoy the time spent with the book.' - Construction Management and Economics

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