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Changing Transatlantic Security Relations
Do the U.S, the EU and Russia Form a New Strategic Triangle?

ISBN 9780415544962
Published January 29, 2009 by Routledge
264 Pages

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This new book shows how the idea of a strategic triangle can illuminate the security relationships among the United States, the European Union and Russia in the greater transatlantic sphere.

This concept highlights how the relationships among these three actors may, on some issues, be closely related. A central question also follows directly from the use of the notion of the triangle: does the EU have actor capability in this policy sphere or will it get it in the future? The reason this is so important for our project is that only if the Union is regarded by the two other actors, and regards itself, as an actor in security policy does the strategic triangle really exists. Consequently, this book has a strong focus upon the development of the actor capability of the Union. In the case of the United States, it examines to what extent the concept of the strategic triangle has significance under each of five grand strategies that serve as alternative visions of the superpower’s role in the world.

Table of Contents

1. The New Strategic Triangle: Defining Actorness and Changing Interrelations  2. The Impact of Enlargement on EU Actorness: Enhanced Capacity, Weakened Cohesiveness?   3. Strategic Coercion: A Tool for the EU or for the Middle Powers?  4. Poland and the Czech Republic: New Members Torn between the EU and NATO  5. The Building of a Defence Capacity in the European Union: Internal and External Implications  6. NATO Expansion: Implications for Russian Policy toward Ukraine and Belarus  7. The Alien and the Traditional: ‘Normative Power Europe Facing a Transforming Russia  8. On Terrorists, The Greater Middle East, and GMOs: the Future of the US Security Relationship with EU  9. From Retaliation to Defence Dominance: The Changing Relationship between the US and Russia in Strategic Arms  10. The New Strategic Triangle: What Significance for US Grand Strategy?  11. An Agenda for Research into the New Strategic Triangle: Tentative answers and New Questions

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Jan Hallenberg is Professor at the Department of Security and Strategic Studies, Swedish National Defence College.

Håkan Karlsson is Professor at the Department of Security and Strategic Studies, Swedish National Defence College.

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