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1st Edition

Chaplaincy and Practical Theology Researching a Pioneering Ministry

Edited By Stephen B. Roberts, Sarah Dunlop Copyright 2022
    ISBN 9780367654610
    266 Pages
    Published September 30, 2020 by Routledge

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    Chaplaincy has emerged as a highly significant form of ministry in the twenty-first century, and chaplaincy studies is growing as a field of study that learns from the experience and work of chaplains in their diverse sectors. Chaplains from a range of different faith traditions pioneer ministry within the secular yet religiously plural contexts of contemporary life with often considerable creativity and skill, generating a wealth of insight to be gleaned for understanding the place of faith in the modern world. One of the disciplines that has been most concerned with gleaning those insights and developing the field of chaplaincy studies is practical theology.

    The journal Practical Theology (formerly Contact) is a key repository for much of the wisdom gained through such study, and this book draws on the archive of the journal to trace the development of chaplaincy research and provide a resource for those seeking to join the conversation about the nature and significance of chaplaincy as a form of ministry and mission today.

    Drawing on different sectors of chaplaincy and different methodological approaches, this book is invaluable for those engaged in chaplaincy work, those seeking to research that work, and for anyone interested in contemporary, pioneering forms of ministry.

    Introduction – Chaplaincy: A Pioneering Practice and an Emerging Field of Study 

    Stephen B. Roberts and Sarah Dunlop 

    1. Historical Perspectives: Insights from the Contact Archive 

    Stephen B. Roberts 

    2. University Chaplaincy: A Question of Identity and Relevance 

    Mark Cartledge and Dawn Colley 

    3. How should Health Care Chaplaincy Negotiate its Professional Identity? 

    Chris Swift 

    4. Distinctive Call, Distinctive Profile: The Psychological Type Profile of Church of England Full-time Hospital Chaplains 

    Leslie Francis, Graeme Hancocks, Chris Swift and Mandy Robbins 

    5. Chaplain as "Hopeful Presence": Working with Dying People 

    Steve Nolan 

    6. Living Church in the World: Chaplaincy and the Mission of the Church 

    Victoria Slater 

    7. Values-based Reflective Practice: A Method Developed in Scotland for Spiritual Care Practitioners 

    Michael Paterson and Ewan Kelly 

    8. Preventing the "Neutral" Chaplain? The Potential Impact of Anti-"Extremism" Policy on Prison Chaplaincy 

    Andrew J. Todd 

    9. Spirituality, Christmas and Cyalume Sticks: The Pastoral-Liturgical Identity of a Navy Chaplain 

    Christine Senini 

    10. Does University Christian Chaplaincy Need a Theology? 

    Megan Smith 

    11. Healthcare Chaplains Among the Virtues? 

    Mark Newitt 

    12. Sport, Chaplaincy and Holistic Support: The Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) in English Professional Football 

    Christopher Roe and Andrew Parker 

    13. Is ‘Being There’ Enough? Explorations of Incarnational Missiology with Chaplains 

    Sarah Dunlop 

    14. Stillbirth and Suffering in Ireland: A Theological Reflection from Healthcare Chaplaincy 

    Daniel Nuzum, Sarah Meaney, Keelin O’Donoghue and Michael Jackson 

    15. Walking with Turtles and Botanising on Asphalt: Chaplain as flâneur as Public Theologian 

    Stephen B. Roberts 

    16. ‘The shock of the new’: A Theological Reflection on Art, The Incarnation and Doctrine within Contemporary Higher Education Chaplaincy 

    Mary Eileen Kells 


    Stephen B. Roberts is Tutor in Practical Theology and Mission, Cardiff Baptist College, and Honorary Lecturer, Cardiff University, UK. He is an Anglican priest with experience in university chaplaincy, parish ministry, and theological education. A practical theologian, his research focuses on inter-faith relations and the relationship between theology and music.

    Sarah Dunlop is Tutor in Practical Theology, Ridley Hall, University of Cambridge, UK. Her research interests include chaplaincy studies, contemporary ecclesiology, innovative missional practice, narrated photography, youth ministry, UK mega churches, public theology, and the study of pedagogies of theological reflection.

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