1st Edition

Charles I The Personal Monarch

By Charles Carlton Copyright 1995

    First published in 1995, Charles I is a psychological portrait of the ‘monarch of the Civil Wars,’ Charles I. Challenging conventional interpretations of the king, as well as questioning orthodox historical assumptions concerning the origins and development of the Civil Wars, the book establishes itself as a definitive biography. Addressing and analysing the furious historiographical debates which have surrounded the period, Carlton offers a fresh and lucid perspective. This book will be of interest to students of literature and history.

    Preface ‘That memorable scene’ Preface to the second edition 1. The duke ‘far out of order’ 2. ‘The illustrious hope of Great Britain’ 3. ‘Baby Charles’, ‘Steenie’ and their ‘Dear Dad’ 4. ‘The voyage of the Knights of Adventure’ 5. ‘The young folks shall have their world’ 6. ‘Our only lawful, lineal and rightful liege Lord’ 7. ‘A shameful return’ 8. To ‘take that slime away’ 9. Sovereignty maintained above all’ 10. A family at ‘full peace and tranquillity’ 11. ‘His own direction and commandment’ 12. ‘That fatal book’ 13. ‘The Government all in pieces’ 14. ‘To fight for my crown and my dignity’ 15. ‘These times are ones of public danger’ 16. ‘The battle all for all’ 17. ‘What way to walk’ 18. ‘Remember thy end’ 19. ‘An incorruptible crown’ Abbreviations Notes Index


    Charles Carlton