1st Edition

Chemical Ecology The Ecological Impacts of Marine Natural Products

Edited By Melany P. Puglisi, Mikel A. Becerro Copyright 2019
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

    416 Pages 207 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    During the past 20 years, marine chemical ecology has emerged as a respected field of study providing a better understanding of the role natural products play in organisms and their environments. Ample data in this book advocates the conservation of marine environments for future drug discovery efforts while sustaining their overall health. Marine chemical ecology has expanded to include research in the areas of predator–prey interactions, marine microbial chemical ecology, and seasonal and geographical distribution of marine natural products.





    1. Marine Natural Products with Pharmacological Properties

    David J. Newman and Gordon M. Cragg

    2. The Status of Marine Chemical Ecology in Antarctica: Form and Function of Unique High-Latitude Chemistry

    Jacqueline L. von Salm, Kathryn M. Schoenrock, James B. McClintock, Charles D. Amsler, and Bill J. Baker

    3. From the Tropics to the Poles: Chemical Defense Strategies in Sea Slugs (Mollusca: Heterobranchia)

    Conxita Avila, Laura Núñez-Pons, and Juan Moles

    4. The Chemical Ecology of Seagrasses

    Kathryn L. Van Alstyne and Dianna K. Padilla

    5. The Evolution of Marine Herbivores in Response to Algal Secondary Metabolites

    Erik E. Sotka, Veijo Jormalainen, and Alistair G. B. Poore

    6. The Role of Natural Products in Structuring Microbial Communities of Marine Algae

    Jennifer M. Sneed and Melany P. Puglisi

    7. New Insights into the Chemical Ecology of Vibrio cholerae

    Jason R. Graff and David C. Rowley

    8. Interactions Between Microorganisms as Modulators of Natural Product Biosynthesis

    Amy L. Lane and Taylor A. Lundy

    9. Predator–Prey Interactions in the Marine Plankton: The Role of Signals, Cues, and Defensive Compounds

    Emily K. Prince and Kelsey L. Poulson-Ellestad

    10. Chemical Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larval Settlement

    Tilmann Harder, Jan Tebben, Mareen Möller, and Peter J. Schupp

    11. Chemical Ecology of Marine Bryozoans

    Grace Lim-Fong and Rian Kabir

    12. Spatial and Temporal Variability in Sponge Chemical Defense

    Sven Rohde and Peter J. Schupp



    Melany P. Puglisi, Mikel A. Becerro

    This long overdue book on marine chemical ecology highlights the numerous breakthroughs in the field over the past decades. Laid out over 400 pages, it utilizes the knowledge and experience of over 30 respected international authors. The information contained in this book is comprehensive, highlighting how far this field has come in a relatively short period.

    - Ryan Young & Amy C. Keller, Journal of Natural Products, April 2019