1st Edition

Chemical Processing Handbook

Edited By John J. McKetta Jr Copyright 1993

    Written by more than 40 world renowned authorities in the field, this reference presents information on plant design, significant chemical reactions, and processing operations in industrial use - offering shortcut calculation methods wherever possible.



    Conversion to SI Units

    Bringing Costs up to Date

    Chemicals from Natural Gas

    Duffer B. Crawford, Charles A. Durr, James A. Finneran, and William Turner

    Chemicals from Petroleum

    J.L. James and D. Shore

    Gas Processing

    Edited by John J. Mcketta


    G. Stefanidakis and J.E. Gwyn


    Lewis F. Hatch

    Bromination and Bromine Compounds

    David W. Bunch and Kestutis A. Keblys

    Catalysis and Catalysts

    A.G. Oblad, S.K. Goyal, R. Ramakrishnan, and S. Sunder

    Precious Metals Catalysis

    Robert J. Farrauto and Ronald M. Heck

    Chlorination, Liquid Phase and Vapor Phase

    Roberto Lee and Alice O. Lee

    Chlorinated Solvents

    J.I. Jordan, Jr.


    J.I. Jordan, Jr.


    C.E. Rowe


    E.M. DeForest

    Chlorobenzene and Dichlorobenzene

    B.E. Kurtz and E.W. Smalley

    Chlorolysis, Carbon Tetrachloride from Hydrocarbon Waste

    D. Rebhan

    Clathrates and Other Inclusion Compounds

    Everett J. Fuller


    Harvey H. Voge


    W.F. Mchllhenny

    Electrochemical Engineering: Theory

    Francis M. Donahue

    Electrochemical Process Design and Operation

    Ronald L. Dotson

    Enzyme Processing

    V. Vankatasubramanian and W.R. Vieth


    Robert M. Simons

    Fisher- Tropsch Synthesis

    Bernd Bussemeier, Carl Dieter Frohning and Boy Cornils

    Hydrogenation Catalysts

    J.P. Boitiaux, J.L. Cosyns, M.L. Derrien, and G. Leger


    R.E. Conser, T. Wheeler, and F.G. McWilliams

    Laser-Assisted Chemical Processing

    Henry A. McGee, Jr.


    Ernest O. Ohsol

    Olefin Processes

    Yee Chien Hu

    Oxidation of Aromatics

    Ernest O. Ohsol

    Oxidation of Hydrocarbons

    Charles C. Hobbs and Michael B. Lakin

    Petroleum Processing

    Harold L. Hoffman and John J. Mcketta


    Lyle F. Albright

    Polymerization, Emulsion

    Louis R. Roberts

    Polysilicon Processes, Economics

    Carl L. Yaws and Jack R. Hopper




    John J. McKetta Jr