1st Edition

Chemistry of Diesel Fuels

ISBN 9781560328452
Published September 1, 2000 by CRC Press
314 Pages

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Book Description

This edited work covers diesel fuel chemistry in a systematic fashion from initial fuel production to the tail pipe exhaust. The chapters are written by leading experts in the research areas of analytical characterization of diesel fuel, fuel production and refining, catalysis in fuel processing, pollution minimization and control, and diesel fuel additives.

Table of Contents

Section I.Introduction 1.Introduction to Chemistry of Diesel Fuels Section II.Characterization of Diesel Fuels 2.Molecular Characterization of Diesel Fuels Using Modern Analytical Techniques 3.Rapid Detailed Analysis of Transportation Fuels by GC-FIMS Section III.Production of Clean Diesel Fuesls 4.Catalytic Cracking of C6-C16 Paraffins and Cycloparaffins over a Mesoporous Zeolite-Unstacked H-MCM-22 5.The Use of Hydrocracking Process to Produce High Quality Diesel Oil From Brazil's High Nitrogen Feedstocks 6.H2S and Aromatic Effects on Hydrodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophenes over CoMo/C Catalyst 7.Novel Mesoporous Co-Mo/MCM-41 Catalysts for Deep Hydrodesulfurization for Diesel Fuels 8.Performance of Mo Catalysts Supported on TiO2- Based Binary Supports for Distillate Fuel Hydroprocessing 9.Preparation of Surfactants from a Product of Diesel Fuel Biodesulfurization 10.Synthesis of Low Nitrogen Cetane Improvers from the Nitration of Renewable Feedstocks Section V.Emissions and Reduction 11.The Effect of Dimethoxy Methane Fuel Additive on Particle Emissions from a Light Duty Diesel Vehicle 12.The Role of Hydrocarbon Reductant in Metal Loaded Zeolite DeNOx, Catalysis 13.Distribution of PAHS in Burn Residue and Differentiation of Pyrogenic and Petrogenic PAHS. The 1994 and 1997 Mobile Burn Study 14.The Use of Oxygenated Diesel Fuels for Reduction of Particulate Emissions from a Single-Cylinder Indirect Injection Engine 15.Catalytic Activity of Alkali Metal Salts Supported on Perovskite Type Oxide for Carbonaceous Materials Combustion. Author Index. Subject Index.

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