1st Edition

Chinese and Botanical Medicines Traditional Uses and Modern Scientific Approaches

    176 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    174 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Chinese and Botanical Medicines: Traditional Uses and Modern Scientific Approaches is a classroom-tested book that contains a balance of chemistry, the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the theory and practice of a modern TCM practitioner. This distinct book reviews the scientific methods for collecting data and supporting evidence for the efficacy and safety of Chinese drugs and medicines. It also reflects on the different views on health, disease and therapy, and their impacts on the relationships between man and nature.

    • Background and Content
    • Beginnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and TCM Herbalism
    • TCM Theory and Practice
    • Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs
    • Examples of TCM Formulas used in Chinese Medicine
    • Examples of Single Chinese and Botanical Medicines Derived From TCM
    • TCM Safety and Regulations
    • The History and Use of TCM in China, Hong Kong and SE Asia
    • Global Acceptance of TCM


    Professors Raymond Cooper Ph.D., and Daniel Kam-Wah Mok Ph.D., are lecturers in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. and Dr. Charmaine Tsang Ph.D. is a visiting lecturer. Professor Chun-Tao Che, Ph.D., holds the endowed professorship as the Norman R. Farnsworth Professor of Pharmacognosy, at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and is the Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine at UIC.

    Professor Cooper has published two books with Taylor & Francis (CRC Press): Natural Products Chemistry: Sources, Separations and Structures and Botanical Miracles, Plants that Changed the World, and he has written over 100 peer reviewed papers on natural products.

    Professor Mok has extensive experience in quality standards of Traditional Chinese Medicines for the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standard project which develops monographs of Chinese Medicinal herbs and has published a book on Authentication for Valuable Chinese Materia Medica (in Chinese). He has also written over 100 peer reviewed scientific articles.

    Dr. Tsang practices medicine in Hong Kong.

    Professor Che has published over 300 scientific papers in the fields of pharmacognosy, natural products and Chinese medicine.

    'This collaborative work provides an overview of Chinese Traditional Medicine and the scientific basis for its use in modern pharmaceutical and medical practice. It covers the subject in a well-balanced, informative way and takes us well beyond the somewhat metaphysical rationale for this kind of medicine into the scientific evidence that supports the use of these methods for today’s medical care... I can recommend this book for reference libraries in medical schools as well as botanic gardens... '
    John Edmondson for Chromatographia