1st Edition

Chiral Sulfur Reagents
Applications in Asymmetric and Stereoselective Synthesis

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ISBN 9780849391200
Published June 9, 1997 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

Over the last three decades, more than 40 different classes of chiral (mirror-image) sulfur compounds have been described, and a number of useful procedures and applications have been developed for their use. Emphasizing modern methodologies, Chiral Sulfur Reagents demonstrates the great potential of enantionmerically pure sulfur reagents in transmitting chirality to other centers. Each chapter highlights the synthesis and synthetic uses of a particular class of chiral sulfur reagent, followed by examples of the most important experimental procedures.

Table of Contents

Structure-Chirality Relationship in Organic Sulfur Compounds
Chiral Sulfinic Acid Derivatives
Sulfinic Esters
Chiral Sulfinamides and N-Alkylidenesulfinamides
Chiral Sulfoxides
a-Sulfinyl Carbanions (THAT "a" IS A GREEK "a" SO "alpha" --> USE SYMBOL FONT)
Dialkyl and Alkyl Aryl Sulfoxides
Allyl Sulfoxides
Alkyl and Arylsulfenylmethyl Sulfoxides
a-Sulfinyl-, a-Sulfonyl, and a-Sulfoximino Sulfoxides (ALL 3 OF THOSE ARE GREEK "a" SO USE SYMBOL FONT)
a-Halogeno Sulfoxides (THAT "a" IS A GREEK "a" SO "alpha" --> USE SYMBOL FONT)
a-Phosphoryl Sulfoxides and a-Sulfinyl Phosphonium Salts (THOSE "a"s are GREEK "a" SO "alpha" --> USE SYMBOL FONT)
b-Oxosulfoxides (THAT "b" IS A GREEK "b" SO "beta" --> USE SYMBOL FONT) and Related Derivatives
Acyclic a,b-Unsaturated Sulfoxides (THAT "a" IS A GREEK "a" and the "b" is a Greek "b" --> USE SYMBOL FONT)
Cycloalkenone Sulfoxides
Chiral Sulfilimines and Sulfoximines
Synthesis of Chiral Sulfilimines
Synthesis of Chiral Sulfoximines
Chiral Sulfilimines and Sulfoximines in Asymmetric Synthesis
Examples of Experimental Procedures
Chiral "Onium" Derivatives of Sulfur and Chiral Sulfur Ylides
Preparation of Chiral Sulfur Onium Salts and Ylides
Synthetic Application of Chiral Sulfur "Onium" Salts and Ylides
Examples of Experimental Procedures

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