1st Edition

Civil Society Engagement Achieving Better in Canada

Edited By Patricia M. Daenzer Copyright 2018
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    Civil Society Engagement: Achieving Better in Canada examines the process and outcomes of a particular series of civil society activism and establishes a conceptual framework through an examination of Canadian politics and societal change.

    Relying on qualitative and ethnographic research, document analysis and reviews of policies, the contributions focus on social possibilities, legal limits and societal roles to illuminate the national asset of human solidarity evident in civil society activism in Canada. Patricia Daenzer and her expert contributors challenge the romanticism of ‘the perfected welfare democracy’ and contend that civil society activism leads to the authentication of democracy. The premise is that Canadian political and policy inconsistencies fail to protect some and civil society intervention is essential for the realignment and redefinition of articulated national principles and redistributive outcomes. Although Canada is shown ultimately to be guarded in its welfare commitment, this ‘guarded’ progress in welfare democracy would not be possible without the activism of segments of civil society.

    Civil Society Engagement: Achieving Better in Canada demystifies civil society activism and urges greater awareness of current social dynamics and involvement in the lives of the most disadvantaged. Not only are new immigrants and refugees voicing for inclusion, but the very definition of persons with rights has evolved through civil society activism. This book will lead to deliberations about state legal frameworks which impact civil society reach, the purpose and scope of Canadian politics and the potential of civil society in perfecting our democracy.

          Part 1: Policy and Structural Issues

    1. Making Civility: Historical Racial Exclusion Technologies within Canadian Democracy
    2. [Ameil Joseph]

    3. The Role of Academe in Enhancing Civil Society Engagement
    4. [Robert Feagan and Ken Paradis]

    5. Reading Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation into the Refugee Determination Regime: Is there Room for Advocacy?
    6. [Hila Taraky]

      Part 2: Civil Society Activism in Canada

    7. Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health (HCNH). Civic Engagement and the Rights of Refugees to Access Health Care
    8. [Maroussia Hajdukowski-Ahmed, Terri Bedminster, and Sue Grafe]

    9. Claiming the Right to be Present: Serving Migrants with Precarious Legal Status in the
    10. Sanctuary City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

      [Stacey Wilson-Forsberg]

    11. Redefining Political Spaces: Everyday Citizenship from a Place of Exclusion

              [Mirna Carranza]

         7. Faith Group as an Ally: Filipina Norms in Civil Society Activism

            [Josephine Eric]

          8. Advocates with Status: A Snapshot of three NGOs in the Canadian Migrant Agricultural Workers’ Movement.

          [Carrie Sinkowski]

          9. The Recent Historical Role of Canadian Civil Society in Combatting Racism

          [Tim Rees]

         10. Anti-Racism State Appeasement Strategies: Ontario 2017

         [Patricia M. Daenzer and Tim Rees]

         11. Politics and the Education of African Canadians

         [Patricia M. Daenzer and Wayne Burnett]

         12. Conclusions: The Struggle for ‘Better

         [Patricia M. Daenzer ]


    Patricia M. Daenzer is retired from McMaster University, School of Social Work. She is co-editor of The Integration and Protection of Immigrants: Canadian and Scandinavian Critiques (2014). Dr. Daenzer has been a community advocate for more than thirty years. In 2005, she was the recipient of the ‘2005 Woman of Distinction Award for Community Development and Social Activism’ from the City of Hamilton, and in 2000 she received the Rev. John C. Holland Award for Professional Achievement from The Black History Society, City of Hamilton, Ontario.

    'Daenzer has assembled a powerful team of academics, practitioners, and activists to write a groundbreaking book on civil society advocacy in the settler and immigrant nation, Canada. Reflecting on the past and looking into the future, this book is a timely contribution as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday.' - Harald Bauder, Director, Graduate Program in Immigration & Settlement, Ryerson University

    'The book is an outstanding demonstration of the complexities and nuances inherent in Canada’s civil society. It is a call to action! Patricia Daenzer’s collection, Civil Society Engagement: Achieving Better in Canada, takes a bold and courageous step to expose and challenge the notion of a democratic Canada and shows the importance of grassroots community engagement. The collection superbly identifies and skillfully traces the historical and current racial violence against Aboriginal peoples, various racialized groups and migrants in Canada. The book is masterfully crafted to demonstrate and call for a commitment to critical dialogue and action about the role and responsibilities of citizen in Canada’s civil society.' - Delores V. Mullings, Associate Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland