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Civilian-Driven Violence and the Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Settler Societies

Edited By

Mohamed Adhikari

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Book Description

Existing studies of settler colonial genocides explicitly consider the roles of metropolitan and colonial states, and their military forces in the perpetration of exterminatory violence in settler colonial situations, yet rarely pay specific attention to the dynamics around civilian-driven mass violence against indigenous peoples. In many cases, however, civilians were major, if not the main, perpetrators of such violence. The focus of this book is thus on the role of civilians as perpetrators of exterminatory violence and on those elements within settler colonial situations that promoted mass violence on their part.

Table of Contents

1. ‘No Savage Shall Inherit the Land’: Civilian-driven Violence in the Making of Settler Genocides

Mohamed Adhikari 

2. Raiders, Slavers, Conquistadors, Settlers: Civilian-driven Violence in the Extermination of Aboriginal Canary Islanders

Mohamed Adhikari

3. ‘Shooting a Black Duck’: Genocidal Settler Violence against Indigenous Peoples and the Creation of Canada

Sidney L. Harring

4. ‘An Unbroken Line of Crimes and Blood’: Settler Militia and the Extermination and Enslavement of San in the Graaff-Reinet District of the Cape Colony, c. 1776–1825

Lance van Sittert and Thierry Rousset

5. Establishing a Code of Silence: Civilian and State Complicity in Genocidal Massacres on the New South Wales Frontier, 1788–1859

Lyndall Ryan

6. ‘Pale Death … Around our Footprints Springs’: Assessing Violent Mortality on the Queensland Frontier from State and Private Exterminatory Practices

Raymond Evans & Robert Ørsted-Jensen

7. ‘There Cannot be Civilisation and Barbarism on the Island’: Civilian-driven Violence and the Genocide of the Selk’nam People of Tierra del Fuego

Alberto Harambour

8. Missionaries, Agents, Principals and Teachers: Civilian Complicity in the Perpetration of Genocide in Indigenous Boarding Schools in New Mexico and Manitoba, 1879–1975

Andrew Woolford

9. ‘Little Kings’: Farmers’ ‘Erasive’ Practices in German South West Africa

Robert Gordon

10. Settler Genocide in Rwanda? Colonial Legacies of Everyday Violence

Susan Thomson

11. Colonialism, Frontiers, Genocide: Civilian-Driven Violence in Settler Colonial Situations

Lorenzo Veracini

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Mohamed Adhikari is Emeritus Associate Professor in the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His books include Not White Enough, Not Black Enough: Racial Identity in South Africa’s Coloured Community (2005) and Burdened by Race: Coloured Identities in Southern Africa (2009).