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Classical and Contemporary Social Theory

About the Series

Classical and Contemporary Social Theory publishes rigorous scholarly work that re-discovers the relevance of social theory for contemporary times, demonstrating the enduring importance of theory for modern social issues. The series covers social theory in a broad sense, inviting contributions on both 'classical' and modern theory, thus encompassing sociology, without being confined to a single discipline. As such, work from across the social sciences is welcome, provided that volumes address the social context of particular issues, subjects, or figures and offer new understandings of social reality and the contribution of a theorist or school to our understanding of it. The series considers significant new appraisals of established thinkers or schools, comparative works or contributions that discuss a particular social issue or phenomenon in relation to the work of specific theorists or theoretical approaches. Contributions are welcome that assess broad strands of thought within certain schools or across the work of a number of thinkers, but always with an eye toward contributing to contemporary understandings of social issues and contexts.

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David Riesman's Unpublished Writings and Continuing Legacy

David Riesman's Unpublished Writings and Continuing Legacy

1st Edition

Edited By Keith Kerr, B. Garrick Harden, Marcus Aldredge
August 14, 2015

It has been over 60 years since David Riesman’s most famous work The Lonely Crowd brought him international acclaim. While this remains a best-selling sociology book, Riesman’s expertise and publications spanned far beyond the treatment of the American social character type offered there. This ...

Max Weber's Theory of Modernity The Endless Pursuit of Meaning

Max Weber's Theory of Modernity: The Endless Pursuit of Meaning

1st Edition

By Michael Symonds
March 04, 2016

This book illuminates an important dimension of the work of Max Weber. Weber’s theory of meaning and modernity is articulated through an understanding of his account of the way in which the pursuit of meaning in the modern world has been shaped by the loss of Western religion and how such pursuit ...

Sociological Amnesia Cross-currents in Disciplinary History

Sociological Amnesia: Cross-currents in Disciplinary History

1st Edition

Edited By Alex Law, Eric Royal Lybeck
July 03, 2015

The history of sociology overwhelmingly focuses on 'the winners' from the classical 'canon' - Marx, Durkheim, and Weber - to today's most celebrated sociologists. This book strikingly demonstrates that restricting sociology in this way impoverishes it as a form of historically reflexive knowledge ...

The Poetics of Crime Understanding and Researching Crime and Deviance Through Creative Sources

The Poetics of Crime: Understanding and Researching Crime and Deviance Through Creative Sources

1st Edition

By Michael Hviid Jacobsen
October 17, 2014

The Poetics of Crime provides an invitation to reconsider and reimagine how criminological knowledge may be creatively and poetically constructed, obtained, corroborated and applied. Departing from the conventional understanding of criminology as a discipline concerned with refined statistical ...

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