1st Edition

Clive, Proconsul of India A Biography

By James P. Lawford Copyright 1976

    Clive, Proconsul of India (1976) examines the life of the man held by many to be one of the main originators of European imperialism in Asia in the eighteenth century. Dupleix of France and Clive of England set the drive to imperialism in motion – and while Dupleix saw the opportunities, Clive seized them. This book looks at what sort of man Clive was, what he had to contend with, and what were his aims.

    1. The Beginning (1725–44)  2. The French Capture Madras (1745–6)  3. Fort St David and the Siege of Pondicherry (1746–8)  4. The Battle for the Carnatic Begins (1749–51)  5. Arcot, Arni and Kauveripauk (1751–2)  6. The End of Chunda Sahib (1752)  7. Marriage and a Visit to England (1753–4)  8. Gheria and the Fall of Calcutta (1755–6)  9. The Recapture of Calcutta (December 1756–January 57)  10. The Battles for Calcutta and Chandernagore (January–March 1757)  11. The Approach to Plassey (April–June 1757)  12. The Battle of Plassey (June 1757)  13. The Aftermath (1757–8)  14. Governor of Bengal (1758–9)  15. Interlude in England (1760–4)  16. Reform in Bengal (1765)  17. The Bengal Mutiny (1766)  18. England Once More (1767–71)  19. The Last Battle (1772–4)


    James P. Lawford