1st Edition

Closing the Attainment Gap in Schools Progress through Evidence-based Practices

By Antony Luby Copyright 2021
    148 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    148 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Closing the Attainment Gap in Schools explores the experience and history of teachers who have a determined, no-nonsense approach to providing an excellent standard of education to all young people from differing backgrounds. Using professional conversations, voices are given to schools and teachers striving successfully to address this important issue through evidence-based practices. Linked with the Ad Astra Primary Partnership, what these teachers do with their schoolchildren will resonate with all schools in any location.

    From Superstar Assemblies to encourage their dreams and aspirations; to Munch ‘n Mingle sessions to encourage healthy eating; to Marvellous Me software to encourage the use of open-ended questions and parent-child conversations at home; and through to the use of skilled specialists to develop their handwriting skills, this book:

    • explores the rich complexity of teacher learning;
    • contains numerous case studies and examples of success;
    • reflects upon and considers evidence-based pedagogy, practical wisdom, teacher-research, self-improving school systems and social justice;

    • proposes a rich array of approaches and suggests ways forward.

    Offering first-hand, invaluable and practical advice this wide-ranging book will encourage and enable any teacher to develop their own practical wisdom and a ‘can do’ approach whilst never shying away from the very real issues within education.


    Alison Peacock

    Chapter 1

    Forging Ahead in The East Midlands

    Chapter 2

    Caledonia Rising: The Scottish Attainment Challenge

    Chapter 3

    East Midlands and Beyond

    Chapter 4

    Pilgrim’s Progress Through Evidence-Based Practices

    Chapter 5

    Audaces Fortuna Juvat: Fortune Favours the Bold

    Chapter 6

    Op Weg Naar Emmaus: On the Way to Emmaus

    Chapter 7

    Deep Diving: Research Schooling

    Chapter 8

    A Journey of Praxis

    Chapter 9

    Strategic Conversations: Backward and Forward

    Chapter 10

    Conversation in Union

    Chapter 11

    Collaboration for Collective Impact


    Antony Luby has been a Chartered Teacher and senior lecturer for over 40 years. His research and scholarship has mostly been based on classroom teaching i.e. MPhil, MTh, MSc and PhD and his publications address a wide range of audiences from fellow teachers in the education press (e.g. Times Educational Supplement Scotland) fellow practitioners in professional journals (e.g. the College of Teachers’ Education Today and the Chartered College of Teaching’s Impact) and fellow academics (e.g. Educational Action Research, Quality Assurance in Education).