Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia : A Special Issue of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation book cover
1st Edition

Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia
A Special Issue of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

ISBN 9781138877849
Published May 21, 2015 by Psychology Press
338 Pages

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Book Description

The relevance of cognitive rehabilitation for people with dementia is becoming increasingly accepted by researchers and practitioners in the field. This special issue draws together examples of state-of-the-art research and systematic review by experts in this exciting and growing area.
The contributors show how cognitive rehabilitation approaches can be applied, in different ways, to help optimise functioning and address specific difficulties across the full spectrum of severity. While the main focus is on the more commonly diagnosed forms of dementia, treatment possibilities for people with fronto-temporal dementia are also explored. Cognitive rehabilitation interventions need to be grounded in a clear assessment of the profile of strengths and limitations in cognitive functioning, and to demonstrate where possible that treatment effects extend beyond improvement on target measures to have a meaningful impact on wellbeing and quality of life. For this reason, the special issue includes contributions that explore detailed aspects of cognitive functioning or describe new developments in evaluating quality of life in dementia. Cognitive rehabilitation, it is suggested, should be viewed as one important component of a holistic approach to helping people with dementia, their families, and those who care for them. This special issue seeks both to provide information about what has already been achieved and to encourage and stimulate further progress.

Table of Contents

U. Holden, Crossing The i's and Dotting the t's. L. Clare, R. Woods, A Role for Cognitive Rehabilitation in Dementia Care. J. Cockburn, J. Keene, Are Changes in Everyday Memory Over Time in Autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer's Disease Related to Changes in Reported Behaviour? M.P. Quayhagen, M. Quayhagen, Testing of a Cognitive Stimulation Intervention for Dementia Caregiving Dyads. C. E. Selai, M.R. Trimble, M.N. Rossor, R.J. Harvey, Assessing Quality of Life (QOL) in Dementia: Preliminary Psychometric Testing of the Quality of Life Assessment Schedule (QOLAS). M. Bird, Behavioural Difficulties and Cued Recall of Adaptive Behaviour in Dementia: Experimental and Clinical Evidence. L. Hoerster, E.M Hickey, M.S. Bourgeois, Effects on Memory Aids on Conversations Between Nursing Home Residents with Dementia and Nursing Assistants. K.S. Graham, K. Patterson, K.H. Pratt, J.R. Hodges, Can Repeated Exposure to 'Forgotten' Vocabulary Help Alleviate Word-finding Difficulties in Semantic Dementia? An Illustrative Case Study. S.M. Arkin, Alzheimer Rehabilitation by Students: Interventions and Outcomes. S. Moore, C.A. Sandman, K. McGrady, J.P. Kesslak, Memory Training Improves Cognitive Ability in Patients With Dementia. C.J. Camp, From Efficacy to Effectiveness to Diffusion: Making the Transitions in Dementia Intervention Research. O. Zanetti, G. Zanieri, G. Di Giovanni, L.P. De Vrsses, A. Pessini, T. Metitieri, M. Trabucchi, Effectiveness of Procedural Memory Stimulation in Mild Alzheimer's Disease Patients: A Controlled Study. D.C. Koltai, K.A. Welsho-Bohmer, D.E. Schmechel, Influence of Anosognosia on Treatment Outcome Among Dementia Patients. L. Clare, B.A. Wilson, G. Carter, J.R. Hodges, M. Adams, Long-term Maintenance of Treatment Gains Following a Cognitive Rehabilitation Intervention in Early Dementia of Alzheimer Type: A Single Case Study. A. Spector, M. Orrell, S. Davies, R. Woods, Can Reality Orientation be Rehabilitated? Development and Piloting of an Evidence-based Programme of Cognition-based Therapies for People With Dementia. B. Romero, M. Wenz, Self-maintenance Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease.

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