1st Edition

Collaborating for Transformative Change in Education Lessons from Within a Teacher-Educator Coalition

Edited By Elina Lampert-Shepel, Aaron Zimmerman Copyright 2025
    256 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book collates the practitioner stories of University-School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation (US PREP) teacher preparation programs across the nation, documenting the programs’ efforts to enact scaled transformative practices within their institutions. Examples include the way in which educators engage multiple stakeholders in program improvement, transform the clinical preparation of teacher candidates, develop measures of program success, and create the conditions for transformative change.

    Each chapter highlights the efforts of one or more of US PREP’s 32 university-based teacher preparation coalition programs. Together, the chapters offer insight into how a national coalition can effectively support transformation at the local level while creating opportunities for multi-layered collaboration within and across institutions. Contributors include teacher educators and educational leaders, and topics of chapters include using data for program decision-making, applying a change management model, establishing governance over school-university partnerships, developing a vision of teaching shared between universities and school districts, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and improving teacher and teacher educator professional development. Chapters also present solutions for some of the most prominent challenges in teacher education program improvement, including faculty engagement, stakeholder collaboration, university policy alignment, and state and national accreditation.

    Designed as a textbook, this book provides a series of guiding questions after each chapter to promote further reflection and discussion.  Ideal for teacher educators, educational leaders, school practitioners, and graduate students of education, this book offers insider information that can help these stakeholders to better facilitate collaboration and participation in the improvement, scale, and sustainability of clinically rich and culturally diverse teacher preparation.


    Elina Lampert-Shepel and Aaron Zimmerman


    Chapter 1. Transformation in the making: US PREP coalition as a driving force for educational and social change

    Sarah Beal, Dedra Collins, Sarah Saltmarsh, Stephanie Lund, & Laura Brulé


    Part One: Transformation of Teacher Education Programs through Inquiry


    Introduction to Part One

    Elina Lampert-Shepel, Aaron Zimmerman


    Chapter 2. Leading the Transformation of Preservice Teacher Preparation

    Larry G. Daniel, Jacob Easley II, Olga DeJesus, Stacey Edmonson


    Chapter 3. Making Data Use Work for Continuous Program Improvement: Insights from Five Teacher Education Programs

    Aaron Zimmerman, Elina Lampert-Shepel, Benjamin Ngwaudike, Tabitha Otieno, Crystal Rose, Lorraine Spickermann, Sharon Vasser Darling


    Chapter 4. Applying a Change Management Model: The US-PREP Model and Kotter’s Change Management Steps

    Kimberly Rynearson, Christopher Sloan, Julie Howell


     Part Two: Establishing and Developing School-University Partnerships


    Introduction to Part Two

    Elina Lampert-Shepel, Aaron Zimmerman


    Chapter 5. From a Top-Down Directive to a Mutually Beneficial Partnership:  How One University Utilized Governance to Transform Their Teacher Education Program

    Crystal Dail Rose, Amber Lynn Diaz


    Chapter 6. Co-visioning Clinical Practice: Developing a Shared Lens for Pedagogy with University and School Partnerships

    Sharon Sullivan, Anne Plancher, Inna Rabinovitch, Wendy Kubasko


    Chapter 7. Building Effective University-District Partnerships: Supporting a Yearlong Residency

    Julie M. Howell, Christopher J. Sloan, Amber Lynn Diaz, Kimberly Rynearson, &

    Wes Corzine


    Part Three: Transformation of Clinical Experiences and Teacher Education Curriculum


    Introduction to Part Three

    Elina Lampert-Shepel, Aaron Zimmerman


    Chapter 8. Transforming Clinical Experiences through Cultivating Faculty Buy-in: A Three-Year Journey at Two Urban Public Colleges 

    Celestial Wills-Jackson, Eleanor Miele, Harriet Fayne


    Chapter 9.  Back to School: Faculty Serving as Site Coordinators in a Yearlong Residency for Teacher Candidates 

    Helen Berg, Susan Harte, Jannah Nerren


    Part Four: Promoting Principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice


    Introduction to Part Four

    Elina Lampert-Shepel, Aaron Zimmerman


    Chapter 10. Developing Equitable Practices through Collaborative Meaning Making

    Tiffany Farias-Sokoloski, Jennifer Gilardi Swoyer, Rebecca Stortz


    Chapter 11. Preparing Preservice Teachers to Dismantle Inequity and Disproportionality in Education

    Ruth Best, Laurie Bobley, Jennifer Buttars, Christopher Smith


    Chapter 12. Exploring Student Teaching Stakeholders’ Conceptions of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching to Support Program Improvement

    Amanda T. Sugimoto, Gayle Y. Thieman, Bernd R. Ferner


    Chapter 13. Evaluating Technical Assistance and Program Transformation: Findings for US PREP and Implications for Teacher Educators Studying Program Reform

    Kevin Bastian, Simona Goldin


    Elina Lampert-Shepel is the Chair of the MS Education and Special Education Programs and Associate Professor at Touro University in New York, a US PREP member institution.

    Aaron Zimmerman is an Assessment Analyst in the Office of Data and Analytics at the University of Colorado Boulder.