1st Edition

Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool A Comprehensive Resource for Coaches and Psychologists

By Andréa Watts Copyright 2023
    174 Pages 28 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    174 Pages 28 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool is a stimulating and informative resource introducing the Collage Coaching Technique™. This three-stage creative process unlocks unconscious thinking, enabling profound psychological insight through a deeper and faster exploration of emotions and behaviours. Equipped with this awareness, clients are empowered to create meaningful and sustainable change. 

    Emphasis is on the qualities inherent in collage creation that allow clients to reconstruct their internal narrative and move forward purposefully and effectively. Essentially, by disassembling, disrupting, questioning, reassembling, and visualising their thoughts and emotions externally. Case studies, client reflections, and Andréa's experiences feature throughout, illustrating and enriching the theory. The content includes detailed guidance on creating a safe space for coaching creatively, applying Clean Language, coaching with collage online, and engaging groups in arts-based coaching. Through this comprehensive resource, the case for integrating collage in coaching and psychology is irrefutable.

    It is inspirational and essential reading for anyone starting, reviewing, or deepening their creative coaching journey. 

    Introducing Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool

    1. Introduction to Coaching Creatively With Collage
    2. The Author's Story
    3. Beyond the Vision Board
    4. The History and Application of Collage
    5. The Collage Coaching Technique™
    6. Coaching With Collage | The Science Behind the Art

    7. The Power of Visual Communication
    8. Coaching With the Unconscious
    9. Symbolic Images and Visual Metaphors
    10. Part 1: Symbols and Metaphors for Meaning-Making and Self-Awareness

      Part 2: Clean Language and the Coaching Conversation
      Part 3: Archetypal Symbols

    11. Creativity
    12. Part 1: A Compelling Case for Creativity in Coaching
      Part 2: The Creative Process as Expressions of 'Self'

      Part 3: Creativity in Practice

    13. Storytelling and The Coaching Conversation
    14. Part 1: Individual Storytelling
      Part 2: Storytelling in Groups

      Putting it Into Practice

    15. Facilitating a Safe Space for Coaching With a Creative Technique
    16. Holding the Silence in Coaching
    17. Preparing a Group to Work With Arts-Based Methods
    18. Coaching With Collage Online
    19. Resources




    Andréa Watts is the first UK specialist in coaching with collage. She founded her practice UnglueYou®, in 2012. With a vision to "See the Collage Coaching Technique™ used globally as a creative coaching tool for releasing people's potential," she shares her knowledge and passion by training coaches and guest lecturing at universities, including City, University London.

    "This book is an informative, well researched and evidence-based resource for coaches wishing to incorporate the power of collage into their approach. Having seen and experienced it in action, Andréa Watts' innovative, considered and thorough approach is second to none. It speaks to Andréa's generosity that she has been willing to demystify and codify the process for all within the pages of this great read. This book, its approach and wisdom will help to transform your approach with working with clients, helping you and them to reach full potential."

    Jenny Garrett, OBE, Award-Winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author

    "CCT offers coaches a new approach for fostering creativity within coaching sessions. Drawing on art therapy and the potential to explore both the conscious and unconscious representations we hold as individuals, the technique can be a powerful addition to unleashing the creative potential within clients through collage, story and wider art-based methods."

    Jonathan Passmore, Director Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School 

    "A must read for coaches looking to engage in more creative techniques.

    Andréa captures the essence of art-based methods and their impact on the coaching process, whilst drawing on personal experience, client feedback, and a wealth of scientific evidence.

    The chapter of storytelling really gets to the crux of why collage is such a powerful tool in a coach’s toolkit. Andréa highlights that "By circumnavigating external influences, editing and fact-checking, their collage represents an honest, outer expression of their internal processing and the resulting sense of self" – and in using images, as is explained in the chapter "Coaching With the Unconscious", gets the client out of their usual mode of thinking to enable a deeper insight into their unconscious.

    For me, the best thing about the way this book is written is that although it is not designed to be a guide as to how to integrate collage into coaching, in explaining the process and underlying science, Andréa also shares so much of her own expertise and client’s experiences with the CCT, that you get a real feel for how this would work in your own coaching practice."

    Lynsey Mahmood, Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, City, University of London