1st Edition

Collected Writings of W. G. Beasley The Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars of Japan Volume 5

By W. G. Beasley Copyright 2001

    Developed in close collaboration with W. G. Beasley, this book contains a wide and substantial cross-section of writings, thematically structured around essays in the special areas of Bakufu and Meji Studies.

    Introduction; I: Japanese Foreign Relations in the Mid-nineteenth Century; 1: The Language Problem in the Anglo-Japanese Negotiations of 1854 1; 2: The Basis of Japanese Foreign Policy in the Nineteenth Century; 3: Japanese Castaways and British Interpreters; 4: Sir Harry Parkes and the Meiji Restoration; II: The Meiji Restoration; 5: Councillors of Samurai Origin in the Early Meiji Government, 1868–9; 6: Feudal Revenue in Japan at the Time of the Meiji Restoration; 7: O Political Groups in Tosa, 1858–68; 8: Politics and the Samurai Class Structure in Satsuma, 1858–1868; 9: Japan and the West in the Mid Nineteenth Century; 10: Self-strengthening and Restoration*; 11: The Meiji Restoration in Comparative History; III: Japanese Foreign Relations After 1868; 12: The Nature of Japanese Imperialism; 13: Changing British Views of Japan Since the Nineteenth Century; 14: Japan and Pan-Asianism; 15: Richer and Stronger; IV: Occasional Pieces; 16: Traditions of Historical Writing in China and Japan *; 17: Capturing the Totality; 18: My Life Between Japan and America; 19: Tradition and Modernity in Post-war Japan; 20: Personal Reminiscences of the Early Months of the Occupation


    W. G. Beasley