Colloidal Silica: Fundamentals and Applications, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Colloidal Silica

Fundamentals and Applications, 1st Edition

Edited by Horacio E. Bergna, William O. Roberts

CRC Press

944 pages | 675 B/W Illus.

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In spite of the apparent simplicity of silica’s composition and structure, scientists are still investigating fundamental questions regarding the formation, constitution, and behavior of colloidal silica systems. Colloidal Silica: Fundamentals and Applications introduces new information on colloid science related to silica chemistry as well as theoretical and experimental aspects of significant areas of colloidal silica science and technology. This resource is dedicated to helping researchers find new uses of silica and answers to practical problems as its industrial use continues to grow steadily in traditional and novel areas.

Written by leading silica scientists around the world, this book reflects developments in the field since silica scientist Ralph K. Iler published his authoritative book on silica chemistry in 1979. It discusses properties and methods of characterization, synthesis, and preparation of silica in terms of industrial applications. Following an analysis of the surface chemistry of various silicas, the book explores methods for measuring particle size and useful characterization techniques for determining structure, stability, and reactivity. The authors then focus on various studies, analytical methods, and current applications involving silica gels and powders, silica coatings, colloidal silica, and sol-gel technology.

Colloidal Silica: Fundamentals and Applications features up-to-date material relating to fields as diverse as catalysis, metallurgy, electronics, glass, ceramics, paper and pulp technology, optics, elastomers, food, health care, and industrial chromatography. It is ideal for scientists interested in silica chemistry and physics as well as those not familiar with the subject.


“This interesting book consists of 67 chapters, plus subject area overviews, and covers most aspects of the science of colloidal silica and its applications. The chapters are succinct and well illustrated, making it easy for the reader to find an absorb the concepts and information. … Included are more than 2700 references and a subject index.”

— Arthur Hubbard, in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, December 2005

"The book will increase the reader’s understanding of the most important problems in the area of colloidal silica science and technology. You will never think about colloidal silica the same way after reading this insightful and thought-provoking volume of the surfactant science series, which admirably adds itself to being used for frequent consultation."

– In Current Engineering Practice

Table of Contents

Colloid Science; H.E. Bergna

The Language of Colloid Science and Silica Chemistry; H.E. Bergna

Colloid Chemistry of Silica: An Overview; H.E. Bergna

Silicic Acids and Colloidal Silica; H.E. Bergna


Science and Art of the Formation of Uniform Solid Particles; E. Matijevic

Silica Nucleation, Polymerization, and Growth Preparation of Monodispersed Sols; A. Yoshida

The Formation and Interfacial Structure of Silica Sols; J.D.F. Ramsay, S.W. Swanton, A. Matsumoto, and D.G.C. Goberdhan

Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Model Particles Made from Organoalkoxysilanes; A. van Blaaderen and A. Vrij

Synthesis of Nanometer-Sized Silica by Controlled Hydrolysis in Reverse Micellar Systems; F. J. Arriagada and K. Osseo-Asare

Formation of Silica Gels Composed of Micrometer-Sized Particles by the Sol–Gel Method; H. Kozuka and S. Sakka

Silica Aquasol Process to Prepare Small Particle Size Colloidal Silica by Electrodialysis; H.E. Bergna

Manufacturing and Applications of Water-Borne Colloidal Silica; W.O. Roberts

Enterosorbent Silics: Properties and Clinical Application; O.O. Chuiko, O.O. Pentyuk, and V.K. Pogorelyi

Industrial Synthetic Silicas in Powder Form; H.K. Ferch

High Ratio Silicate Foundry Sand Binders; H.E. Bergna

Spray Dried Silica for Chromatography; H.E. Bergna

Preparation of Monodisperse Ultrafine Hybrid Silica Particles by Polymer Modification; K. Yoshinaga, J. Shimada, and T. Kobayashi

Monodisperse Core-Shell Silica Colloids from Alkoxysilanes; A. van Blaaderen

Preparation of Silica Solid Microspheres by Hydrolysis of Tetraethyl Ortho Silicate (TEOS) and Silica Porous Microspheres by Spray Drying Aggregated Colloidal Silica; H.E. Bergna


Stability of Aqueous Silica Sols; T.W. Healy

Stabilization Against Particle Growth; P.C. Yates


The Surface Chemistry of Silica — The Zhuravlev Model; L.T. Zhuravlev

Surface Structure of Amorphous and Crystalline Porous Silicas: Status and Prospects; K.K. Unger

Infrared Study of Chemical and H–D Exchange Probes for Silica Surfaces; B.A. Morrow and A.J. McFarlan

Infrared Studies of Chemically Modified Silica; B.A. Morrow and D.T. Molapo

Fourier Transform Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Silica Surfaces; B. Humbert, C. Carteret, A. Burneau and J.P. Gallas

Adsorption on Silica and Related Materials; L.E. Cascarini de Torre and E.J. Bottani

Structure of Disperse Silica Surface and Electrostatic Aspects of Adsorption; A.A. Chuiko, V.V. Lobanov, and A.G. Grebenyuk

Variable-Temperature Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Amine Desorption from a Siliceous Surface; D.E. Leyden and K.G. Proctor

Surveying the Silica Gel Surface with Excited States; R. Krasnansky and J.K. Thomas

Surface Chemistry and Surface Energy of Silicas; A.M. Vidal and E. Papirer

Diffuse Reflectance FTIR Spectroscopic Study of Base Desorption from Thermally Treated Silica; K.G. Proctot, S.J. Markway, M. Garcia, C.A. Brown, and C.P. Gonzales

Salient Features of Synthesis and Structure of Surface of Functionalized Polysiloxane Xerogels; Yu.L. Zub and A.A. Chuiko

Multinuclear NMR Studies of Silica Surfaces; G.E. Maciel and I. Chuang

Modified Silicas: Synthesis and Applications; A.A. Chuiko

Electric Surface Properties of Silica in Non-aqueous Electrolyte Solutions; A.N. Zhukov

Chemical Reactions at Fumed Silica Surfaces; V.M. Gun’ko and A.A. Chuiko

Structural and Adsorptive Characteristics of Fumed Silicas in Different Media; V.M. Gun’ko, V.I. Zarko, V.V. Turov, E.F. Voronin, I.F. Mironyuk, A.A. Chuiko

Adsorption of Surfactants and Polymers on Silica; P. Somasundaran and L. Zhang


New Separation Methods for Characterizing the Size of Silica Sols; J. J. Kirkland

Characterization of Colloidal and Particulate Silica by Field-Flow Fractionation; J.C. Giddings, S.K. Ratanathanawongs, B.N. Barman, M.H. Moon, G. Liu, B.L. Tjelta, and M.E. Hansen

Formation of Uniform Precipitates from Alkoxides; C.F. Zukoski, J.L. Look, and G.H. Bogush


Synthetic Amorphous Silicas; U. Brinkmann, M. Ettlinger, D. Kerner and R. Schmoll

Adsorptive Properties of Porous Silicas; Martyn B. Kenny and K.S.W. Sing

Silica Gels from Aqueous Silicate Solutions: Combined 29Si NMR and Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Spectroscopic Study; P.W.J.G. Wijnen, T.P.M. Beelen, and R.A. van Santen

Interpretation of the Differences Between the Pore Size Distributions of Silica Measured by Mercury Intrusion and Nitrogen Adsorption; A.R. Minihan, D.R. Ward, and W. Whitby


Sol–Gel Processing of Silica; C.J. Brinker

The Chemistry of Hydrolysis and Condensation of Silica Sol–Gel Precursors; B.K. Coltrain and L.W. Kelts

Chemistry and Properties of Porous, Organically Modified Silica; H. Schmidt and H. Böttner

Evaporation and Surface Tension Effects in Dip Coating; A.J. Hurd


Nanostructuring Metals and Semiconductors with Silica from Monolayers to Crystals; L.M. Liz-Marzan and P. Mulvaney

Surface Chemistry of Silica Coatings of Titania; D.N. Furlong

Dense Silica Coatings on Micro- and Nanoparticles by Deposition of Monosilicic Acid; H.E. Bergna, L.E. Firment, and D.G. Swartzfager

USES OF COLLOIDAL SILICAS; R.E. Patterson and J.S. Falcone

Applications of Colloidal Silica: Past, Present, and Future; C.C. Payne

The Uses of Soluble Silica; J.S. Falcone, Jr.

Attrition Resistant Catalysts, Catalyst Precursors and Catalyst

Supports and Process for Preparing Same; H.E. Bergna

Some Important, Fairly New Uses of Colloidal Silica/Silica Sol; J.E. Otterstedt and P. Greenwood

Silicon–Aluminum Interactions and Biology; J. D. Birchall

Silica in Biology; J.S. Falcone

Preparation and Uses of Silica Gels and Precipitated Silicas; R.E. Patterson

Foundry Mold or Core Compositions and Method; H.E. Bergna

Silica Supported Catalysts and Method of Preparation; H.E. Bergna

Molded Amorphous Silica Bodies and Molding Powders for Manufacture of Same; H.E. Bergna

High Ratio Silicate Foundry Sand Binders; H.E. Bergna


On the Silica Edge: An NMR Point of View; A.P. Legrand, H. Hommel and J.B. d’Espinose de la Caillerie


Colloid Chemistry of Silica: Research in the Former Soviet Union; L.T. Zhuravlev


Integrated Analytical Methods; H.E. Bergna Index

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