1st Edition

Colonial Discourses, Collective Memories and the Exhibition of Native American Cultures and Histories in the Contemporary United States

By C. Richard King Copyright 1998

    First published in 1998, this monograph is a collection of essays and recollections that covers such topics of the Battle of Little Bighorn, Native American museum exhibitions at the Smithsonian, Chief Illiniwek and the exhibition of Comanche.

    1. Of Tombs, Reservations, and Museums: Exhibiting Native America in the Contemporary United States 2. Vanished, Vanquished, and Vestigial: Fixing and Fashioning Native America at the Smithsonian Institution 3. Spectacles, Sport, and Stereotypes: Dis/Playing Chief Illiniwek 4. Segregated Stories and Fatalistic Fictions: The Colonial Contours of the Little Bighorn Battlefield 5. Surrounded by Indians: The Exhibition of Comanche, "the Sole Survivor," of the Battle of the Little Bighorn 6. Toward the Deconstructive Reconstruction of the Museum: Reinventing Exhibition, Reimagining Native America


    C. Richard King