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    This is the first anthology devoted exclusively to the subject of colour in film and its history, production and technology.

    Set out in thematic sections, the book addresses key issues in the field including:

    • the development of colour technology
    • how visual stule was affected by the shift from black and white to colour
    • colour in film theory and the writings of authors such as Bresson, Eisenstein and Oshima
    • colour in the films of Godard, Hitchcock, Almodovar and many more.

    Including case studies too, this is the perfect introductory guide to a key element in film form and theory. A must for any student starting a film studies course.

    Acknowledgments  General Introduction Brian Price PART ONE: COLOR TECHNOLOGY AND VISUAL STYLE  Introduction  1. Technicolor Steve Neale  2. Color Consciousness Natalie Kalmus  3. Minor Hazards: Disney and the Color Adventure J.P. Telotte  4. The Post-War Struggle for Color Dudley Andrew  PART TWO: COLOR THEORY  Introduction  5. Remarks on Color Film Rudolf Arnheim  6. A Bergsonian Film: The Picasso Mystery André Bazin 7. from Chromophobia David Batchelor  8. Color, the Formless and Cinematic Eros Brian Price  9. The Colours of Haptic Space: Black and White in Moving Images Trond Lundemo  PART THREE: THE FILMMAKER AS COLOR THEORIST  Introduction  10. On Colour Sergei Eisenstein  11. Banishing Green Nagisa Oshima  12. Reflections on Color Eric Rohmer  13. Of Taste and Colors Eric Rohmer  14. Painting Film Stan Brakhage  PART FOUR: CASE STUDIES  Introduction  15. Hitchcock’s Color Designs Richard Allen  16. All that Heaven Allows: Color, Narrative Space, Melodrama Mary Beth Haralovich  17. Demonstrating Three-Strip Technicolor: Becky Sharp Scott Higgins  18. Costuming and the Color System: Leave Her to Heaven Marshall Deutelbaum  19.  The Articulation of Color in a Filmic System: Deux ou trois chosesque je sais d’elle Edward Branigan  20. Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert: Painting as Ventriloquism and Color as Movement (Architecture and Painting) Angela Dalle Vacche  21. Blue Peter Wollen  Select bibliography, compiled by Angela Dalle Vacche  Index


    Angela Dalle Vacche, Brian Price

    '[This book] remains an important stepping-stone in film studies... [and] can be considered an accomplishment'. - Film International