1st Edition

Color in Food Technological and Psychophysical Aspects

Edited By José Luis Caivano, María del Pilar Buera Copyright 2012
    478 Pages 214 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    478 Pages 214 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Controlling, measuring, and "designing" the color of food are critical concerns in the food industry, as the appeal of food is chiefly determined visually, with color the most salient visual aspect. In 2010 at the International Color Association Interim Meeting held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, a multidisciplinary panel of food experts gathered to discuss the importance of color in food from perspectives ranging from chemistry to psychology to engineering. Select individuals from this elite symposium were invited to expand upon their presentations for publication in Color in Food: Technological and Psychophysical Aspects.

    The thematic scope of this volume comprises issues related to color research and application in various stages of food production, processing, marketing, purchasing, and consumption. Some of the questions raised in this thought-provoking volume include:

    • What is the color of a glass of wine?
    • What colors work best for "light" or diet products?
    • Is the color measured in food the color we actually see?
    • How does blueberry color change during storage?
    • How are consumers motivated to buy bottled water based on packaging?
    • What are the psychological effects of tablecloths and tray color on diners?

    Examining the latest developments in color research and application in relation to food science and technology, the book’s multidisciplinary approach makes it a critical resource for food technologists, color researchers, manufacturers of color measurement devices, and chemists and physicists working in the food industry.


    Food Color and Appearance
    Food Appearance and Expectations; J. B. Hutchings, M. R. Luo, and W. Ji
    Color and Visual Appearance in Foods; R. D. Lozano
    Colors Seen through Transparent Objects; O. Da Pos and C. Rao
    What Is the Color of a Glass of Wine? I. Jung, P. Jokela, P. Brandt, and O. Victor
    Color as a Code in Food Packaging: An Argentine Case; M. L. Musso
    Effect of Illuminance and Correlated Color Temperature on Visibility of Food Color in Making Meals; S. Okuda , Y. Fukumoto, N. Hara , H. Iwade, and W. Iwai
    Effect of Hydrothermal Conditions on Translucence of Milled Rice; M. O. Bello, R. J. Aguerre, M. P. Tolaba, and C. Suárez
    Measuring Banana Appearance Aspects Using Spectrophotometer and Digital Camera; W. Ji, M. R. Luo, and J. B. Hutchings
    Food Colorimetry and Color Scales
    Is the Color Measured in Food the Color That We See? A. I. Negueruela
    Whiteness, Yellowness, and Browning in Food Colorimetry: A Critical Review; R. Hirschler
    Color Classification of Veal Carcasses: Past, Present, and Future; M. l Lucassen, J. Alferdinck, and R. Van Megen
    Application of Image Analysis to the Color–Phenolic Composition Relationships of Grape Seeds; F. J. Rodríguez-Pulido, F. J. Heredia, J. M. Zaldívar -Cruz, and M. L. González-Miret
    Sensing Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, and Anthocyanins Concentrations in Leaves with Spatial Resolution from Digital Image; G. Cordon and M. G. Lagorio
    Color of Honeys from the Southwestern Pampas Region: Relationship between the Pfund Color Scale and CIELAB Coordinates; L. M. Gallez, A. Marconi, E. Tourn, M. L. González-Miret, and F. J. Heredia
    Influence of Different Backgrounds on the Instrumental Color Specification of Orange Juices; C. M. Stinco, R. Fernández-Vázquez, A. J. Meléndez-Martínez, F. J. Heredia, E. Bejines Mejías, and I. M. Vicario
    Color Change as Quality Index of Food
    Color Determination in Dehydrated Fruits: Image Analysis and Photocolorimetry; L. M. Agudelo Laverde, N. Acevedo, C. Schebor, and M. P. Buera
    Color Study at Storage of Lyophilized Carrot Systems; A. V. Gallo, M. P. Buera, and C. Petriella
    Temperature Abuses during Lettuce Postharvest: Impact on Color and Chlorophyll; M. V. Agüero, A. E. Bevilacqua, and S. I. Roura
    Changes in Color and Anthocyanin Content of Different Dried Products Based on Sweet Cherries; L. Franceschinis, C. Schebor, and D. M. Salvatori
    Color Measurement of Nova Mandarins Submitted to Heat and Degreening Treatments during Long Storage; S. Guidi, A. M. Sancho, G. Polenta, G. Meier , D. Vázquez, and C. González
    Color of Vacuum-Packed Squid (Illex argentinus) Mantle Rings Treated with Gamma Radiation; A. Tomac and M. I. Yeannes
    Evaluation of Blueberry Color during Storage by Image Analysis; S. Matiacevich, P. Silva, F. Osorio, and J. Enrione
    Effect of Washing-Disinfection Conditions on Total Anthocyanin Retention and Color of Fresh-Cut Strawberries; F. Van de Velde, M. Pirovani, D. Güemes, and A. Piagentini
    Effects of Postharvest Treatments in Ruby Red Grapefruit Quality; A. M. Sancho, S. Guidi, A. Biolatto, A. Pazos, and G. M. Grigioni
    Color Variation in Nut Kernels During Storage under Different Drying Methods; L. Pilatti, A. M. Sancho, M. Irurueta, and G. M. Grigioni
    Kinetics of Melanosis in Shrimp: Effect of Pretreatment Using Chemical Additives; M. A. Loubes, C. A. Almada, and M. P. Tolaba
    Color of Dried Pears as Affected by Prior Blanching and Sugar Infusion; S. B. Maidana, M. B. Vullioud, and D. M. Salvatori
    Color Changes in Fresh-Cut Fruits as Affected by Cultivar, Chemical Treatment, and Storage Time and Temperature; A. Piagentini, L. Martin, C. Bernardi, D. Güemes, and M. Pirovani
    Cross-Sectional Color Evaluation in Borage Stems; G. Alcusón, A. M. Ruiz De Castro, M. C. Urzola, R. Oria, and A. I. Negueruela
    Color as an Index of Food Composition and Properties
    Spectral Signatures: A Way to Identify Species and Conditions of Vegetables; J. D. Sandoval , S. R. Gor, J. Ramallo, A. Sfer, E. Colombo, M. Vilaseca, and J. Pujol
    Control of Animal Stress and Welfare with Measurements of Skin Color Variation: A New Field of Applications of Colorimetry in Applied Psychology; P. F. M. Conceição
    Relationship between Mineral Content and Color in Honeys from Two Ecological Regions in Argentina; G. P. Balbarrey , A. Andrada , J. Echazarreta, D. Iaconis, and L. M. Gallez
    Importance of Anthocyanic Copigmentation on the Color Expression of Red Wine in Warm Climate; B. Gordillo, M. L.González-Miret, and F. J. Heredia
    Color–Composition Relationships of Seeds from Red Grape Varieties; M. J. Jara-Palacios, J. M. Zaldívar-Cruz, F. J. Rodríguez-Pulido, D. Hernanz, F. J. Heredia, and M. L. Escudero-Gilete
    Color as an Indicator for the Maillard Reaction at Mild Temperatures: The Effect of Reducing Sugars; G. Leiva , L. Guida, G. Naranjo, and L. Malec
    Statistical Relationships between Soil Color and Some Factors of Soil Formation; Á. Marques-Mateu, S. Ibáñez, H. Moreno, J. M. Gisbert, S. Balasch, and M. Aguilar
    Color Characteristics of Raw Milk from Silage and Alfalfa-Fed Cows; L. Langman, L. Rossetti, A. M. Sancho, E. Comerón, A. Descalzo, and G. M. Grigioni
    Food Environment: Color in Packaging, Sensory Evaluation, and Preferences
    Study and Analysis of the Consistency of the Color from the Piece of Food to the Virtual Representation in the Screen and in the Packaging; M. M. B. Rojas and J. I. Fossati
    Influence of Package Color for Mineral Water Plastic Bottle to Consumers’ Purchase Motivation; S. Kitaguchi, Y. Yonemaru, Y. Kitani, O. Panyarjun, and T. Sato
    Legal Value of Color and Form in the "Small Print"; D. G. Bardier
    Color Temperature Variation for Fresh Food Lighting: A Test on User Preferences; M. Rossi and A. Rizzi
    Psychological Effects of Tablecloth Color and Tray Color on Diners; K. Tomita, T. Aiba, J. Kang, M. Matsui, and K. Ohtani
    Color Evaluation in Association with Consumer Expectations of Green Tea Drinks in Thailand; S. Sueeprasan and C. Traisiwakul
    Orange Juice Color: Visual Evaluation and Consumer Preference; R. Fernández-Vázquez, C. M. Stinco,
    A. J. Meléndez-Martínez, F. J. Heredia, and I. M. Vicario



    Jose Luis Caivano and Maria del Pilar Buera are with the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.