1st Edition

Coming to Terms with Policing Perspectives on Policy

Edited By Rod Morgan, David J. Smith Copyright 1989

    In the late 1980s, the role of the police and their accountability to the community had been at the centre of much debate. Originally published in 1989, this important collection of original essays from the leading independent academic researchers on the police in Britain addresses the major issues in this debate. How far police behaviour is shaped by law; what the public expect of the police; how the police handle race relations; and how the police effectiveness can best be measured, are discussed in the light of the latest research. The central focus of the volume is the notion of ‘policing by consent’ and the way this is interpreted in practice.

    The essays range from basic analyses of what the police do to major evaluations of recent policy initiatives, such as neighbourhood watch. The contributors discuss a range of issues, from new programmes for police training to the role of chief constables. Written in a form accessible to students of policing and police officers, Coming to Terms with Policing sheds light on trends at the time and suggests new directions for policing policy.

    Notes on Contributors.  Preface.  Introduction: Opening the Debate Rod Morgan and David J. Smith.  1. Policing Priorities on the Ground Joanna Shapland and Dick Hobbs  2. Good Practice and Evaluating Policing Christine Horton  3. Constraints on the Practice of Community Policing Nigel Fielding, Charles Kemp and Clive Norris  4. Focused Policing Mike Chatterton and Mike Rogers  5. Crime Prevention Delivery: The Work of Crime Prevention Officers Linda Harvey, Penny Grimshaw and Ken Pease  6. An Evaluation of Human Awareness Training Ray Bull and Peter Horncastle  7. Policing Racism Geoffrey Pearson, Alice Sampson, Harry Blagg, Paul Stubbs and David Smith  8. The Neighbourhood Watch Experiment Trevor Bennett  9. Interrogating in a Legal Framework Barrie Irving and Ian McKenzie  10. Patterns and Profiles of Complaints Against the Police Mike Maguire and Claire Corbett  11. Where the Buck Stops: Chief Constables’ Views on Police Accountability Robert Reiner  12. ‘Policing by Consent’: Legitimating the Doctrine Rod Morgan.  Conclusions: Developing Themes in Policing Research David J. Smith and Rod Morgan.  Bibliography.  Name Index.  Subject Index.


    Rod Morgan and David J. Smith