1st Edition

Commercial Satellite Imagery and United Nations Peacekeeping A View From Above

By Rob Huebert, James F. Keeley Copyright 2004
    ISBN 9781138256675
    268 Pages
    Published February 27, 2017 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780754610724
    268 Pages
    Published June 28, 2004 by Routledge

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    This book examines the possibilities for the use of satellite imagery in support of UN peacekeeping operations, and also to protect the national security of Canada. Experts in the field discuss the needs of peacekeeping operations, the requirements for the use of such imagery and the capabilities for providing it. The organizational, political and other issues which arise from the use of such imagery are also given careful consideration.

    Contents: Introduction: commercial satellite imagery, UN peacekeeping/making and national security: a Canadian perspective, James F. Keeley and Rob Huebert; International law governing the acquisition and dissemination of satellite imagery, Ram Jakhu; Availability and potential use of low spatial resolution satellite imagery for peacekeeping and disaster management, Mryka Hall-Beyer; Commercial satellite imagery in peacekeeping sensor capabilities - present and near future, Jean-Pierre Paquette; Trends in commercial satellite imaging with implications for defence and security applications, Alvin L. Hanks and Richard C. Gorecki; Development of geospatial technology for nuclear information management, C. Vincent Tao and Q.S. (Bob) Truong; Financial considerations in the acquisition of high resolution commercial satellite imagery for United Nations peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, Steve Adam; The use of commercial satellite imagery and Canadian security needs, James F. Keeley; Organizing the United Nations for commercial satellite imagery, James F. Keeley; Peacekeeping and intelligence: single or double bed?, Alex Morrison; Commercial satellite imagery, Canadian security needs and international law, Michel Bourbonnière and Louis Haeck; Commercial satellite imagery and Canadian national security, Robert S. Macleod; Two steps back: the uncertain promise for the strategic use of commercial satellite imagery, Corey Michael Dvorkin; Access control of remote sensing satellites, Dana G. Clarke; Blue eyes: surveillance satellites and UN peacekeeping, Ulric Shannon; Canada and commercial satellite imagery: technology in search of a foreign policy, Rob Huebert; Conclusion, James F. Keeley andRob Huebert; Bibliography; Index.
    '...a pathbreaking and comprehensive study that can raise the level and quality of dialogue between commercial imagery providers, government policymakers, peacekeepers, and the United Nations. It shows how commercial satellite imagery is changing our world by making it increasingly transparent and reveals some of the best ways to use this tool for the intractable challenges of UN peace operations.' Lieutenant Colonel Peter L. Hays, National Defense University, USA 'A well-brought out compilation, of interest to officials of Milistry of External Affairs and Defence Forces.' USI Journal 'The editors have brought together a number of Canadian scholars and practitioners to write on an interesting range of themes...thoughtful and well-timed...' International Studies

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