1st Edition

Communication, Marital Dispute, and Divorce Mediation

By William A. Donohue Copyright 1991

    Few Americans escape the experience of divorce, either first-hand or through the dissolutions of marriages of friends or relatives. According to the author, mediation offers a good alternative to the strictly adversarial divorce process that was so prevalent before such programs began to emerge. Originally published in 1991, this book was unique at the time in that it not only explores the role of communication in divorce mediation, but it also presents original research to support its claims. A series of empirical studies, it points readers to a more focused set of recommendations about communication than the typical practitioner's "How-to" books. A simulation exercise is also included, so that readers can apply the concepts described and see the results. The main goal of this text is to provide mediators with a language for understanding their own and their disputants’ communication patterns, strategies, and tactics – a shortcoming of most other books on this topic when first published.

    1. The Context of Communication in Divorce Mediation  2. Communicating in Divorce Mediation  3. Mediator-Interaction Management Model  4. Background Features of the Transcripts  5. Disputant Communication Patterns  6. Mediator-Intervention Strategies  7. Lessons from the Data  8. The Mediation of Ted and Betty Johnson.  Appendix A: Coding Procedures for Chapter 5 Analyses.  Appendix B: Coding Procedures for Chapter 6 Analyses.  References.  Author Index.  Subject Index.


    William A. Donohue