Communication and Computing Systems : Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2016), Gurgaon, India, 9-11 September, 2016 book cover
1st Edition

Communication and Computing Systems
Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2016), Gurgaon, India, 9-11 September, 2016

ISBN 9781138029521
Published March 19, 2017 by CRC Press
1130 Pages

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Book Description

This book is a collection of accepted papers that were presented at the International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS-2016), Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, September 9–11, 2016. The purpose of the conference was to provide a platform for interaction between scientists from industry, academia and other areas of society to discuss the current advancements in the field of communication and computing systems. The papers submitted to the proceedings were peer-reviewed by 2-3 expert referees.

This volume contains 5 main subject areas: 1. Signal and Image Processing, 2. Communication & Computer Networks, 3. Soft Computing, Intelligent System, Machine Vision and Artificial Neural Network, 4. VLSI & Embedded System, 5. Software Engineering and Emerging Technologies.

Table of Contents

Signal and image processing

DCT, DWT, SVD & integrated DCT-DWT based robust digital image watermarking algorithm
K. Negi & R. Chauhan

Evaluating of file systems, applications and MapReduce logs to support functional analysis
C. Verma, R. Pandey & D. Katiyar

Temporal effects in collaborative filtering for recommendation systems
R. Aggarwal & V. Kumar

Study on the formation of wrinkles in the panel drawing operation using FEM
J. Kaur, S.S. Dhami & B.S. Pabla

Metaheuristics: Modeling variant of ant colony optimization for image edge detection using self adaptive approach
J. Pruthi & G. Gupta

Improving medical image classification model using data mining technique
U. Gupta, V. Kumar & S. Sharma

Iris recognition using hybrid transform
B. Kaliraman & R. Vig

SIMO and MISO universal filters employing OTRA
U. Chadha & T.S. Arora

Modeling of brain tumor detection using image processing
P. Dang & J. Pruthi

Improved advanced modified decision based unsymmetric trimmed median filter for removal of salt and pepper noise
K. Sharma & S.K. Malik

Threshold segmentation technique for tumor detection using morphological operator
M. Sharma, G.N. Purohit & S. Mukherjee

FPGA implementation of low power & high speed accurate ECG signal detection using DABLMS algorithm
M.B. Dembrani, K.B. Khanchandani & A. Zurani

Robust vehicle detection and localization using normalized color illumination
S. Singh & B. Kaur

Digital image forgery detection using the wavelet decomposition and low level feature points
P. Kaur & B. Kaur

Binary image reconstruction using the adaptive hybrid mechanism with swarm optimization
I. Garg & B. Kaur

Application of signal processing to optimize EM attack on AES
A.K. Singh, S.P. Mishra, B.M. Suri & A. Khosla

Resistorless realization of universal filter employing CCIII and OTA
T.S. Arora, D. Srivastava & M. Gupta

Face detection from digital images: A comparative study
G. Sharma, A. Singh, A.K. Yadav & K.K. Singh

Improved iris biometric system by exploring iris texture features
N. Rathee & A. Rathee

Feature extraction of hyperspectral face images using PCA in NIR
N. Pratap, S. Arya & V. Kumar

Design and analysis of high gain-low power operational-amplifier for bio-medical applications
R.S. Toliya, N. Dhaka, M. Kumar & A. Pranav

Early detection of symptoms in tongue cancer through image processing
P. Goyal, R. Yadav & S.A. Singh

A study on adaptive wavelet technique for speckle noise removal
Shallu, S. Kumar & E. Aggarwal

Image enciphering using modified AES with secure key transmission
S. Anwarul & S. Agarwal

Trust version of AASR
Pragya & V. Sharma

Sparse filter design techniques: A review
P. Dalal & S. Dhull

Biomedical image mosaicing: A review
K. Pol, D. Chaudhary & P. Bansal

A novel PSO based algorithm to find initial seeds for the k-means clustering algorithm
L. Goel, N. Jain & S. Srivastava

Color image segmentation using MST based approach
A. Kumari & S. Agarwal

Morphology based segmentation of optic cup and disc on retinal fundus images
R.K. Sidhu, J. Sachdeva & D. Katoch

Recent trends in arrhythmia beat detection: A review
M. Jangra, S.K. Dhull & K.K. Singh

Mobile biometrics using face recognition: A survey
A. Choudhary & R. Vig

Communication and computer networks

Coverage of underwater sensor networks in shadowing environment
A. Katti & D.K. Lobiyal

Technological advances in computing and it’s coherence with business needs
A. Mishra, P. Tomar & A.S. Baghel

Auction mechanism using SJF scheduling for SLA based resource provisioning in a multi-cloud environment
N. Rizvi, P. Pranav, B. Raj & S. Paul

Energy efficient routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks: A distributed approach
S.K. Gupta, P. Kuila & P.K. Jana

Review of WiMax routing protocols
V. Kiran, S. Rani & P. Singh

Cross layer based data delivery mechanism over heterogeneous wireless networks
A.S. Dhama & S. Sharma

Simulation and analysis of OCDMA system using fiber bragg grating technique
S. Sharma & A. Bhardwaj

Application of MIMO in satellite communication subsystem
G. Sharma, P.K. Udaniya & L. Tharani

Energy efficient heterogeneity overlap sensing ratio
S. Sharma & A. Shandilya

On energy-spectrum efficiency trade-off in 5G cognitive radio system
S. Sharma & A.K. Yadav

Energy minimization using NP-completeness Lower Energy Adaptive Aware Sink Relocation (NP-LEASR) in wireless sensor network
S. Sharma & J.K. Sonkar

Security mechanism in cognitive radio ad hoc networks
S. Sharma & S. Singh

Optimization of physical layer parameters for energy efficient wireless sensor networks
K. Babber & R. Randhawa

Security and reliability trade-off in cognitive radio networks
C. Singh & S. Sharma

MIMO based routing and optimization in ad-hoc networks
S. Kumar & S. Sharma

Intermediate node selection by using energy saving—opportunistic routing algorithm
S. Sharma, D.K. Katiyar & P. Katiyar

Spectrum sharing protocol for ad-hoc device-to-device users
K. Sekhri & S. Sharma

Performance analysis of multichannel OCDMA-FSO network under different pervasive conditions
S. Arora, A. Sharma & H. Singh

On improving performance of wireless sensor networks using mobile sink
V. Kamal & S. Sharma

Optimization of communication parameters in wireless sensor network
A. Raman & S. Sharma

Analysis of compression techniques to improve QoS in MANET
S.R. Sinha & P. Khatri

Low complexity service optimization reliable routing algorithm for Vehicle Ad-hoc Network (VANETs)
D. Kumar & P. Pandey

Energy analysis of efficient power aware AODV routing protocol in MANET
C. Mafirabadza & P. Khatri

Strengthening of MAC layer security to prevent jamming attacks in wireless lans
A. Sharma & A. Solanki

Analysis of energy detection and cyclostationary feature detection under fading channels in CRNs
R. Kaur, P. Chawla, P. Sahni, S. Kaur & K. Yadav

SKIP: A novel self-guided adaptive clustering approach to prolong lifetime of wireless sensor networks
A. Thakkar

Impact of CBIR journey in satellite imaging
C. Joshi, G.N. Purohit & S. Mukherjee

Generation of spectral efficient modulation format for fiber transmission by hybridization of duo binary and Manchester
Sarita, S. Vishwakarma & M. Dutta

Energy and coverage aware algorithm for data gathering in densely distributed sensor networks
R.K. Singh & S. Sharma

Mobile Cloud Computing Energy-aware Task Offloading (MCC: ETO)
A. Ahmed, A.A. Hanan, K. Omprakash, M.J. Usman, O.A. Syed & Aanchal

Optimizing energy consumption and inequality in wireless sensor networks using NSGA-II
Aanchal, S. Kumar, O. Kaiwartya & A.H. Abdullah

A comparative analysis of load balancing technique in cloud computing
A. Dixit, A.K. Yadav & R.S. Raw

Implementation of security & challenges on vehicular cloud networks
R. Kamal, R.S. Raw, N.G. Saxena & S.K. Kaushal

Ad hoc network in MANET routing using swarm intelligence
A. Shukla & N. Ruhil

Coalition game theory based multi-metric routing in wireless adhoc networks
U. Dohare & D.K. Lobiyal

Adaptive compressive sensing based routing algorithm for internet of things and wireless sensor networks
A. Aziz & K. Singh

Energy efficient power allocation for OFDMA based cognitive radio
C.S. Singh, K.K. Singh, D. Mitra & A. Singh

Soft computing, intelligent system, machine vision and artificial neural network

Advance diagnosis of MSME turning into NPA through intelligent techniques: An Indian perspective
Agnivesh & R. Pandey

Relay node placement in constrained environment
A. Verma & V. Ranga

Evolving programs using genetic programming to minimize single objective problem
A. Upadhyay & S. Sharma

Modified GA approach for cloud based job scheduling
S. Sharma & S.S. Virk

A stochastic model for queueing CAMs in vehicular adhoc networks: Simulation and performance analysis
P. Verma & N. Singh

A novel band pass filter using parallel and direct-end coupling
L.S. Purohit

Temperature and power efficient scheduling for cloud data centers: Green approach
Premkumar Ch, R. Joshi, P. Pathak & N. Garg

QoS aware VM allocation policy in cloud using a credit based scheduling algorithm
P. Pranav, N. Rizvi & R. Jha

Classification of Pima indian diabetes dataset using naive bayes with genetic algorithm as an attribute selection
D.K. Choubey, S. Paul, S. Kumar & S. Kumar

Semantically ontology merging with intelligent information retrieval using SPARQL on education domain
A. Tiwari & A. Vidyarthi

Probabilistic neural networks for hindi speech recognition
P. Sharma, A. Singh & K.K. Singh

Application of artificial neural network in traffic noise pollution modeling
R.K. Mishra, A. Kumar & K. Kumar

A survey on the applicability of fourier transform and fractional fourier transform on various problems of image encryption
P. Maan & H. Singh

Short-term load forecasting using ANN technique
R. Raza, M.A. Ansari & R.K. Pachauri

Solar radiation forecasting using artificial neural network with different meteorological variables
P. Kumar, N.S. Pal & M.A. Ansari

Integrated approach for performance scrutiny of cloud resource provisioning algorithms
S. Dalal, S. Kukreja & Vishakha

Intelligent tool wear monitoring in machining TI6AL4V alloy using support vector machines
A. Saini, Vanraj, D. Goyal, B.S. Pabla & S.S. Dhami

Availability and performance aspects for mainframe consolidated servers
M. Bhatnagar & J. Shekhar

Software quality assurance using firefly optimization algorithm
D. Panwar, M.H. Siddique & P. Tomar

Data encryption in cloud computing: A review
Anuradha & S. Sangwan

Big data medical analytics with hadoop to analyze various types of image data—A gentle review
M. Pareek, C.K. Jha & S. Mukherjee

Mitigation of EDoS attacks in cloud: A review
P. Daffu & A. Kaur

Performance evaluation of large scale cloud computing environment based on service broker policies
A. Tripathi, D. Arora & V.K. Manik

Enhancing big data security in cloud using Hadoop
A. Pathak & D. Motwani

Route Detection using Segmented Path Vector (RD-SPV) based connectivity-aware geocast routing in VANETs
D.D. Prasada, K. Sushil, K. Omprakash & A.A. Hanan

Security over cloud computing using different encryption techniques–review
R. Mishra, A.K. Yadav & R.S. Rao

Information security: In android expedients
N. Ruhil, J. Kumar & R. Kumar

VLSI and embedded system

Implementation of temperature sensor based on Arduino Uno and LabVIEW 2012
G. Soni, A. Kaur & A. Seth

A relative comparison of FinFET and Tunnel FET at 20 nm and study the performance of clock buffers and inverters using FinFET
S. Ravi, S. Mandal, B. Baskar & H.M. Kittur

Reduction of reverse leakage current by ULP diode based MTCMOS technique for multiplier
N.B. Jain & R.H. Talwekar

Explicit current output universal filter realization employing CFOA
S. Gupta & T.S. Arora

Low power obstacle and skew aware clock tree synthesis
Ravi S., Y. Mittal & H.M. Kittur

Demand response from residential air conditioning load using smart controller
A.K. Arya, S. Chanana & A. Kumar

Elbow movement classification of a robotic arm using wavelet packet and cubic SVM
Y. Narayan, P. Kumari, Garima, L. Mathew & Shallu

Design and analysis of low power, high speed 8 × 8 vedic multiplier using transmission gate
N. Dhaka, M. Kumar, R.S. Toliya & A. Pranav

Design and implementation of a low power and area efficient sequential multiplier
M. Kumar, N. Dhaka, R.S. Toliya & S.C. Yadav

Boosters implementation over SCADA architecture
Premkumar Ch, R. Prakash, A. Awasthi & S. Uppal

Reduction of power dissipation in sequential circuit using domino logic
P. Srivastava, P. Goyal & A. Gangwar

Performance evaluation of 16 nm FinFET based NAND and D flip-flop using BSIM-CMG model
B. Soni, G. Aryan, R. Solanky & A. Patel

IOT based weather monitoring system using Arduino Uno Board
P. Sharma & V. Kumar

Four quadrant analog multiplier/divider employing single OTRA
U. Chadha & T.S. Arora

Performance analysis of different adaptive algorithms for equalization
P. Aggarwal & S.C. Yadav

Implementation and performance analysis of different multipliers
P. Karki, P. Aggarwal, R. Bisht & S.C. Yadav

Analysis of microwave-tissue interaction using coaxial slot antenna during hyperthermia treatment
A. Kaur

Organic cylindrical transistor: Analytical modeling and performance parameters extraction
A. Singh, V. Ramola, P. Mittal & B. Kumar

Novel stress calculation in parallel processor systems using buddy approach with enhanced short term CPU scheduling
S. Arora, Rohit Kumar, L. Pawar & A.K. Manocha

Smart farming: IoT based smart sensors agriculture stick for live temperature and moisture monitoring using Arduino, cloud computing & solar technology
A. Nayyar & V. Puri

A hybridized framework to build bias optimized decision tree classifiers
Anuradha & G. Gupta

Real time sentiment analysis of tweets using machine learning and semantic analysis
R. Rajput & A. Solanki

LQG controller design for an industrial boiler turbine
S.K. Sunori, P.K. Juneja, M. Chaturvedi & M. Chauhan

Closed loop compressor control system realization for cryogenic application using PLC
Y. Joshi, H.K. Patel & H. Dave

Effect of delay approximation on set point tracking performance of PID controllers for IPDT process model
P. Kholia, M. Chaturvedi & P.K. Juneja

Load current signature analysis of ZSI fed induction motor drive system
B. Negi, V. Sharma & P. Negi

Uv-Vis studies and quantum analysis of 2,3,5,6-Tetramethyl-1, 4-Benzoquinone using HF and DFT method
S. Kumar, Surbhi & M.K. Yadav

Solar energy harnessing from Delhi metro station rooftops
R. Gupta & A.K. Manocha

Induction of radio frequency transmission in Indian railway for smooth running of traffic during fog
C. Mukherjee & N. Ruhil

Smart health care solution—a data mining approach
Kavita & N. Ruhil

Non convention source of energy: Push and pop electricity
S. Kumar, A. Vats & V. Bharti

Fabrication of macroporous silicon and its electrical behaviour study with acetone
S. Haldar, S.S. Mondal, A.K. Rai & C.S. Singh

Performance analysis of 20 nm gate length Fin-FET for different materials and fin-widths
U.K. Gupta, V. Ramola, P. Mittal & B. Kumar

Analysis of optimal performance of PV cell due to variation of irradiance and temperature
K.K. Bhargav & V.K. Garg

Design and analysis of low power 32 bit full adder using CNTFET for DSP applications
V. Kumar & P. Goyal

Secure architecture for data leakage detection and prevention in fog computing environment
D. Parween, A.K. Yadav & R.S. Rao

Gesture recognition: A technique to enhance human-computer interaction using MATLAB
S. Kumar, S. Jha & V. Bharti

Brain wave interfaced electric wheelchair for disabled & paralysed persons
B.M.K. Prasad, C.S. Singh & K.K. Singh

Software engineering and emerging technologies

Software reusability using data mining techniques
A. Jatain, K. Tripath & A. Jain

Routing protocol using artificial bee colony for wireless sensor networks
A. Tripathi, R. Dadhich, N. Yadav & R.P. Singh

Fuzzy commitment scheme with cyclic codes
S. Chauhan & A. Sharma

An improved enhanced developed distributed energy efficient clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks
A.S. Sharma & S. Pathak

Optimized resource allocation for monitoring dengue patients
S. Sharma & P. Sharma

Analyzing the interestingness of association rules extracted from vaccine medical report
M. Kaur & H. Singh

Biweight mid variance based energy-efficient virtual machine provisioning
L. Nhapi, A.K. Yadav & R.S. Rao

Securing patient’s confidential data in ECG steganography using advanced encryption standards
S. Singh & V. Kumar

A novel method for route optimization in inter and intra NEMO
A. Mrinalini, S. Joshi & R.V. Raju

Cluster analysis for pollution density
R. Kumar, A. Anand & R. Tiwari

Advance approach towards elbow movement classification using discrete wavelet transform and quadratic support vector machine
P. Kumari, Y. Narayan, V. Ahlawat, L. Mathew & Alokdeep

Automatic creation of NE list for Odia
A. Bhoi, D. Sahoo & R.C. Balabantaray

Comparative analysis of travelling salesman problem using metaheuristic algorithms
A. Agarwal & R.B. Singh

Routing in internet of things: A survey
A. Saini & A. Malik

Intelligent traffic light control algorithm at the road intersection
B. Sharma, V.K. Katiyar & A.K. Gupta

Sound emission based sensor location optimization in fixed axis gearbox using support vector machines
Vanraj, A. Saini, D. Goyal, S.S. Dhami & B.S. Pabla

An R-norm fuzzy entropy of type ‘α’ on intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its applications in multiple attribute decision making
R. Joshi, S. Kumar & A.K. Manocha

A keypoint effective art network approach for handwritten word recognition
N. Sahu, A. Singh, K.K. Singh & N.K. Raman

A novel technique to isolate and detect byzantine attack in wireless sensor networks
S. Goyal, G. Kaur & P. Singh

An improved node selection algorithm for routing protocols in VANET
A. Sharma & S.P. Singh

Set-point tracking and disturbance rejection capability analysis of controllers designed for SOPDT model
M. Chaturvedi, P.K. Juneja & G. Upreti

An implication of multi-objective optimization in test case generation
K. Choudhary, A. Nahata & Shilpa

Interval graph and its applications
D. Srivastava & S. Agarwal

Steady state analysis of compressor and oil removal system with Aspen HYSYS
P. Nema, H.K. Patel & A.K. Sahu

A deep web search engine for deep pages
J. Singh & A. Solanki

Performance of PI controller for FOPDT process model using Pade’s approximation on set point tracking
P. Negi, Tushar & A. Ashok

Study of backup based issues in inter-intra converged WDM networks
B. Kaur, G. Kaur & P. Singh

Design of modified Smith predictor for dead time compensation for SOPDT process
S. Singh, M. Chaturvedi & P.K. Juneja

A preliminary comparison of machine learning algorithms for online news feature extraction and analysis
V.A. Ingle & S.N. Deshmukh

Performance analysis of cylindrical dual material gate junctionless nanowire transistor
J.K. Sudan, D.S. Gangwar, P. Mittal & B. Kumar

Optimizing unit commitment solution in smart grid environment
A. Sharma & Y.P. Verma

An improved data classification technique for data security in cloud computing
R. Kour & S.P. Singh

User preference prioritization in multi-criteria collaborative filtering recommenders
A. Gangwar & A.S. Baghel

Monotonic decision trees on rough set theory in machine learning approach
A. Singh & A.S. Baghel

Performance evaluation of advance leach (A-leach) in wireless sensor network
R. Goyal, S. Gupta & P. Khatri

Using Markov model approach to forecast web page caching
P. Yadav, N. Ruhil & V. Sharma

Energy aware task scheduling with adaptive clustering method in cloud computing: A review
A. Kaur & B. Kaur

Study of big data with medical imaging communication
Y.K. Gupta & C.K. Jha

Multilateration mechanism in WSN using grid analysis
M. Yadav, B.K. Chaurasia & S. Gupta

An estimation of users awareness about features and functionality of search engines
N. Bajpai & D. Arora

A comparative review of fast, surf and brisk feature descriptors
A. Makkar & B. Kaur

Anticipation and isolate consequence of DDOS attacks in wireless local area networks
M. Kaur, B. Singh & P. Singh

Recent advancements in substation automation systems based on information and communication technologies
S. Gupta, I. Ali, M.S. Thomas & S.M. Suhail Hussain

Malicious URLs detection using random forest classification methodology
H. Jangra & C. Diwaker

A comparative analysis of cryptographic techniques for data security over cloud
A. Kirar, A.K. Yadav & R.S. Rao

Comparative analysis in between the k-means algorithm, k-means using with Gaussian mixture model and fuzzy c means algorithm
P. Shrivastava, Kavita, S. Singh & M. Shukla

Feasible study of K-mean and K-medoids for analysis of Hadoop mapreduce framework for big data
S. Chandra & D. Motwani

Performance analysis of Angular Location Aided Routing (A-LAR) in VANETs
S.K. Kaushal, V. Singh, J. Nagar & R.S. Raw

Various advanced applications of bioprocess engineering in the field of biomedical sciences—an insight
C.K. Sharma, K. Prasad & M. Sharma

Review on higher order mutation testing
Neha & S. Singh

A review paper on cognitive neuroscience
Sarita, S. Mukherjee & A. Sharma

Biomedical applications of green synthesized nanoparticles
C.K. Sharma, M. Sharma & A. Panwar

Therapeutic efficacy of nanoparticles synthesized by different plants against different hepatotoxicants in the field of medical sciences
C.K. Sharma, A. Rathi & M. Sharma

A vision-based approach for human detection at night-time
R. Garg & G.K. Verma

Survey of load balancing algorithms and performance evaluation in cloud computing
Nancy & A. Malik

QVF: A heuristic for VM migration from overloaded servers in cloud computing environment
J.K. Verma & C.P. Katti

Structural equation model to analyze the factors affecting agile adoption in Indian software firms
J.K. Bajwa, K. Singh & N. Sharma

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Dr. B. M. K. Prasad is presently serving as the Principal of Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India. He has done his M.Sc.(Engg.) in 1984 from Patna University. He completed his PhD from Patna University in 1990. He has presented more than 40 Papers in national & international conferences. He is a reviewer in many reputed journals. He has also been involved in many innovative and research-oriented projects. He has to his credits a number of books, technical projects, PhD supervisions and more.

Dr. Krishna Kant Singh is working as Head of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India. He has wide teaching and research experience. Dr. Singh has acquired B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D (IIT Roorkee) in the area of image processing and remote sensing. He has authored more than 50 technical books and research papers in international conferences and SCIE journals of repute. Dr. Singh has served as reviewer for many international journals and conferences.

Dr. Neelam Ruhil is Head of the Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering in Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, India. She has wide teaching as well as industrial experience. Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Ruhil received her Ph.D. in E-commerce Security (Web Mining), she is IBM DB2 and Rational SEED certified, She has published several research papers in international conferences and journals of repute and her research areas include Software Engineering and E-commerce security. She also serves as the editorial board committee member and reviewer for many reputed international journals.

Dr. Karan Singh received Engineering degree (Computer Science & Engineering) from Kamala Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, UP, India. He received M.Tech and PhD from MNNIT Allahabad deemed university. Currently, he is working as Assistant Professor in school of Computer & Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His primary research interests are in computer network and computer network security. He has published a number of research papers in reputed Journals and conferences. Dr. Singh has also organized a number of workshops and conferences.

Prof. Richard O'Kennedy is scientific Director with Biomedical Diagnostics Institute (BDI), Dublin City University, Ireland. His research areas include Immunoassays, Antibody Engineering, Sensors. He has published a number of research papers in reputed journals and conferences.