1st Edition

Communications in Africa, 1880–1939, Volume 5

By David Sunderland Copyright 2012
    480 Pages
    by Routledge

    416 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection presents rare documents relating to the development of various forms of communication across Africa by the British, as part of their economic investment in Africa. Railways and waterways are examined.

    Roads: How Roads were Made in the Native Reserves of Charter District, Mashonaland 1934–5 (1936), Committee to Enquire into the Costs of Distribution of Imported Goods and Local Products in Southern Rhodesia (1936), Kenya’s Road Policy (1945), The Free State Roads [1916]; Report of the Commission on Roads (Transvaal) (1921); Notes on Road Construction (1933); Replies to Questions of the Private Enterprise Committee by the Governor of Sierra Leone (1923); Canoes and Boats: The Water Highways of the Interior of Africa (1883), Report upon the Grobbelaar’s River Irrigation Scheme (1896), Sir W. B. Griffith to Lord Knutsford (1891), Shipping; Crown Agents to Colonial Office (15 September 1908), with Messrs Freeland to Crown Agents enclosure (29 August 1908) Th e Shipping Ring and the South African Trade (1898), Report on the Control and Working of Mombasa (Kilindini) Harbour, Kenya Colony (1926), Air Transport: Prospects of Civil Aviation in East Africa (1929), Report on Aviation in the Uganda Protectorate


    David Sunderland