1st Edition

Community Empowerment through Research, Innovation and Open Access Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (ICHSS 2020), Malang, Indonesia, 28 October 2020

    180 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    180 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    ICHSS is an international seminar that is held every two years organized by the Research and Community Service Institute of the State University of Malang. The meeting aims to discuss the theoretical and practical developments of Social Sciences and Humanities in Indonesia and other countries with a view to build academic networks by gathering academics from various research institutes and universities.
    Community empowerment serves as a trigger to increase community independence and to cope with the challenges resulting from the rapid development of technology. An important aspect of the community empowerment effort is to link the results of innovation research for the benefit of community. The results of research should not only be limited to publications in the academic environment. Open Access to various forms of the existing literature is one of the requirements for innovative research to develop optimally. Therefore, this seminar has also served as a place for field researchers from various geographical areas to socialize, to discuss and to find solutions to current issues in the field of social sciences and humanities, as well as to build cooperation and synergy in creating ideas for mutual collaboration and to create joint research.

    Empowering translation students through the use of digital technologies - M.A.H. Sismat
    The role of university on economic development in heritage tourism area  - V.A. Qurrata, S. Merlinda, V. Purnamasari
    Formulation of curriculum moderation on religious mentoring: Case study from three public universities in Indonesia - A.M. Nasih, A. Sultoni, T. Thoriquttyas
    Teacher’s professional coaching to improve the teaching abilities of teachers in the era of the ASEAN economic community - A. Imron, B. B. Wiyono, I. Gunawan, B. R. Saputra, D. B. Perdana, S. Hadi, A. Abbas
    Exploring the relationship among polarity, subjectivity, and clusters characteristics of visitor review on tourist destination in Malang - A. Larasati, J. Sayono, E. Mohamad, A. Purnomo, M. Farhan, P. Rahmawati
    Stigma and dilemma: An ethnographic review on the medical personnel of the COVID-19 referenced hospital - D. W. Apriadi, D. Mawarni, M. Saputra
    Character value Curriculum 2013 in traditional house typical of Batang Batang Sumenep village as a response to socio-cultural changes - M. R. Gunawan
    Fun and creative learning with discovery learning in Islamic economic (technological approach) - V. A. Qurrata, S.Merlinda, R. D. L. Puteri
    Don’t they seem normal? Indonesian teachers reading gender biased folktale - E. Eliyanah, A. Zahro
    Performance library in improving reading culture during of pandemic Covid-19 - A. Asari, R. Mahdi, D. Widyartono, P.D. Anggari, P. Adi, K.M. Raharjo, A.B.N.R. Putra, I.A. Zakaria
    The development of instructional materials for reading literacy with WISE based - E.T. Priyatni, A.R. As’ari, Nurchasanah, Suharyadi
    Achievements and barriers to River School Community in the conservation of the Brantas Watershed - A. Tanjung, A. Kodir, S. Zubaidah, M. Syaifulloh, S.P. Yunita
    Development of road infrastructure to support development of village tourism - H.Siswanto, Pranoto, C. P. Dewi, B. Supriyanto
    Problems of online learning in borderland of Indonesia in the Covid-19 pandemic - A. Sultoni, E.P. Priyatni, A.M. Nasih, A. Zahro, Juharyanto, Ibrohim
    Integrating gender and religion: Social transformation for strengthening identity among Indonesian Migrant Workers - Anggaunitakiranantika, P.P.Anzari
    Innovation in batik tulis with ICT technology for sustainability design - F. Abdullah, B.T. Wardoyo, A.M. Adnan
    The influence of administrative literacy on employee’s performance on the perspective of gender among local government administration staffs - A. Winarno, Zulaikah
    Impact of ecological landscape changes toward community life in Southern Malang during 19th-20th Century - L. Ayundasari, J. Sayono, S. D. Utari
    Reading culture development with optimizing digital  library services during the pandemic - A. Asari, I.A. Zakaria, A. Prasetyawan, M. Safii, T. Kurniawan, L. A. Rahmania, C. Fajar
    Those who are forgotten: The existence of Ketoprak Rukun Karya in Sumenep Madura, 1976-2000s - J. Sayono, R. Ridhoi, N. Jauhari, N. Jauhari, I. H. A. Siddiq, A. Prasetyawan, N. A. D. Restanti
    Religious discourse, cyberspace and the social media: A trajectory from Muslim Millennial’s perspective - T. Thoriquttyas, N. Muyassaroh, N. Ahsin, A. Naim
    Sharia accounting perception according to MSMEs in East Java to foster a spirit of business continuity - D. Syariati, D.M. Putri, S.F. Putri, I.H.A. Siddiq, Mahirah
    Infographic development of Blambangan Kingdom for history learning in senior high school - M. N. L. Khakim, I. Y. Afhimma, K. A. Wijaya, M. R. I. Ardiansyah, Marsudi
    Carrying capacity of local communities to developing Tamansari Tourism Village, Banyuwangi - A. Purnomo, G. S. A. Wardhani, I. H. S. Buddin, M. Rahmawati, P. Glenn, Idris, B. Kurniawan
    Development of iconic spot replications in Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan as learning media for indische empire culture for tourists - L. Sidyawati, J. Sayono, S. D. Anggriani, M. N. L. Khakim, J. K. B. Ali
    Community-Based Tourism: Capability and community participation in tourism development - Idris, A.Purnomo, M. Rahmawati
    Outdoor learning based on natural laboratory as Social Studies learning resources for strengthening student’s insights and characters - B. Kurniawan, S.M.Towaf, Sukamto, A. Purnomo, Idris
    Reorganizing the Ummah: Covid-19 and social transformation in plural society - A.A. Widianto, L.A. Perguna, T. Thoriquttyas, F. Hasanah
    Environmental ethics on Mount Kelud slopes: Investigating local community responses on the utilization of Mount Kelud materials - A. S. M. Fajar, A. I. Mawardi, A. Syakur


    Joko Sayono, Muhamad Alif Haji Sismat, Francis Navarro, Idris Purnomo