Comparative Planetology, Geological Education, History of Geosciences : Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 26 book cover
1st Edition

Comparative Planetology, Geological Education, History of Geosciences
Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 26

ISBN 9789067642545
Published June 1, 1997 by CRC Press
306 Pages

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Table of Contents

COMPARATIVE PLANETOLOGY Influence of continental drift on the tidal evolution of the Earth-Moon system Masanao Abe, Hitoshi Mizutani and Masatsugu Ooe Multiple impacts at the KT boundary and the death of the dinosaurs S. Chatterjee Hugoniot data for Jilin ordinary chondrite and Nandan iron meteorite Dai Chengda, Wang Daode, Fu Shiqin, Shi Shangchun and Jin Xiaogang The 1908 Tunguska explosion: Discovery of iridium and other element anomalies Hou Quanlin and Ma Peixue High-frequency carbonate cycles of the Middle Cambrian oolitic shoal sequence set on the North China platform: Evidence and significance of Milankovitch controlled events Meng Xianghua, Ge Ming, Liu Yongqing and Deng Chenglong On the extraterrestrial impact and plate tectonic dynamics: A possible interpretation Wan Tianfeng, Yin Yanhong and Zhang Changhou An unique terrestrial occurrence of extraterrestrial microspherules Wang Erkang, Wan Yuqiu, Hu Zhongwei and Bi Dong Yamato - 793605: A newly identified Martian meteorite from Antarctica Keizo Yanai GEOLOGICAL EDUCATION Stimulation of awareness of geoscience knowledge among the mass population of the society A. Akhtar The influence of geology teaching on the image of geosciences A. Bezzi Earth science education and engineering education from the standpoint of practical experiences Takeshi Tanaka HISTORY OF GEOLOGY PERSONS AND INSTITUTES Professor Amadeus William Grabau (1870--1946) - Respected teacher and beloved friend of Chinese geologists Wang Hongzhen In memory of Professor Amadeus William Grabau (1870--1946) on the semi-centennial of his death G.M. Friedman The global theories of Amadeus W. Grabau (1870--1946): A retrospective view U.B. Marvin Robert Logan Jack, geologist in China D.F. Branagan The changing mission of the Geological Survey of Japan in a changing world Hirokazu Hase and Kisaburo Kodama Adam Sedgwick and Lakeland Geology (1822--24) D. Oldroyd S.S. Buckman (1860--1929), his world-wide Jurassic biochronology and work on Chinese ammonites (1926) H.S. Torrens In memory of Professor Peter Misch J.A. Vance and Li Wenda HISTORY OF GEOLOGY: GEOSCIENCE DISCIPLINES The methodology of the researches of geological science - Petrology as an example Dong Shenbao The role and future of geology in modern integrated environmental research and decision support G. Jordán and A. Szûcs Science across cultures: The case of vertebrate palaeontology in China P. Komarower Modern concepts in palaeontology and early life on earth Wang Hongzhen and Wang Xunlian The development of metamorphic geology in China You Zhengdong Theoretical systematics and methodology of contemporary geochemistry Yu Chongwen A brief development history of hydrogeology in China Zhang Zonghu

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