1st Edition

Comparing Public Sector Reform in Britain and Germany
Key Traditions and Trends of Modernisation

ISBN 9781138717541
Published October 15, 2020 by Routledge
387 Pages

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Book Description

This title was first published in 2000:  This text collects a set of specially commissioned chapters by British and German political scientists as well as experts in public administration and management, designed to present and grapple with the range of the subject in an accessible but sophisticated form. In doing so, the volume seeks to fill the gap perceived to have opened up between the conventional comparative government literature and the new public management literature. While the first part of the book explores the historical, political and cultural context of public sector reform, the second part deals more specifically with institutional developments and recent reform trends in the fields of social policy and social service delivery. The volume analyzes the degree of "convergence" or "divergence" between the two countries with regard to public sector change.

Table of Contents

1. Comparing Institutional Development in Britain and Germany: (Persistent) Divergence or (Progression) Convergence?, Hellmut Wollmann  2. State and Society in Britain: Some Contrasts with German Experience, Nevil Johnson  3. The Administrative State in Germany, Klaus Konig  4. Regionalism in the United Kingdom: The Role of Social Federalism, L. J. Sharpe  5. The Institutional Framework: Federalism and Decentralisation in Germany, Gerhard Lehmbruch  6. The Development and Present State of Local Government in England and Germany – a Comparison, Hellmut Wollmann  7. The Public Service in Britain: From Administrative to Managerial Culture, Frederick F. Ridley  8. Actor Constellation, Opportunity Structure and Concept Feasibility in German and British Public Sector Reforms, Hans-Ulrich Derlien  9. Local Government Services in the United Kingdom and Germany, Eckhard Schroter and Manfred Rober  10. Culture’s Consequences? In Search for Cultural Explanations of British and German Public Sector Reform, Eckhard Schroter  11. Regressive Modernisation? The Changing Patterns of Social Services Delivery in the United Kingdom, John Clarke and Paul Hoggett  12. Social Administration in Germany: Basic Structures and Reform History, Dieter Grunow  13. Privatisation of Social Services in the United Kingdom, Brian Munday  14. Social Service Delivery by Private and Voluntary Organisations in Germany, Rolf G. Heinze and Christoph Strunck  15. Trends in the Marketisation of British Social Services, Michael Hill  16. The Rise and Fall of a Social Service Regime: Marketisation of German Social Services in Historical Perspective, Frank Bonker and Hellmut Wollmann  17. Explaining Success in Administrative Reform, B. Guy Peters

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