1st Edition

Complex Analysis and Geometry

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ISBN 9780824796723
Published September 27, 1995 by CRC Press
576 Pages

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Book Description

Based on a conference held in Trento, Italy, and sponsored by the Centro Internazionale per la Ricera Matematica, this work presents advances in several complex variables and related topics such as transcendental algebraic geometry, infinite dimensional supermanifolds, and foliations. It covers the unfoldings of singularities, Levi foliations, Cauchy-Reimann manifolds, infinite dimensional supermanifolds, conformal structures, algebraic groups, instantons and more.

Table of Contents

The class of compact balanced maifolds is invariant under modifications; on tangent hyperplanes to complex projective curves; infinite dimensional supergeometry; unfoldings of holomorphic maps as deformations; on the uniqueness and characterization of Grauert tubes; Holder regularity for Square-b on hypersurfaces in Cn with nondiagnonalizable Levi-form; exploding orbits of Hamiltonian and contact structure; holomorphic automorphisms of Cn - a survey; complex structures on compact conformal manifolds of negative type; Gm,h bundles over foliations with complex leaves; a real analytic version of Abels' theorem and complexifications of proper Lie group actions; pseudoconcave CR manifolds; exotic structures on Cn and C -action on C3; anti-involutions symmetric complex manifolds, and quantum spaces; Newlander-Nirenberg type theorem for analytic algebras; semi-positivity and cotangent bundles; on a class of (-3,1)-exceptional P1 delta-delta-closed positive currents and special metrics on compact complex manifolds; isocurved deformations of Riemannian homogeneous metrics; on the propagation of extendability of CR functions; completions of instantons moduli space and control theory; iterees et points fixes d'applications holomorphes; holomorphic functions on an algebraic group invariant under Zariski-Dense subgroups; pseudoconvexity and pseudoconcavity of dihedrons of Cn; canonical symplectic structure of a Levi foliation.

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