1st Edition

Complex Cases in Student Affairs Preparing Early Career Professionals for Practice

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    252 Pages
    by Routledge

    Complex Cases in Student Affairs provides students and professionals with a deeper understanding of how problems in student affairs might be addressed through the application of relevant theory/research and practical considerations of professional practice. Featuring 22 original cases situated at a range of different types of institutions, this important text covers many functional areas, represents the experiences of a diverse set of student populations, and addresses a variety of complex and intersecting issues that student affairs professionals regularly face. A clear process for applying theory to practice along with case-specific questions prompts readers to engage with the issues presented in the cases, identify and analyze problems, and construct robust solutions. Whether you are a student affairs or higher education graduate student, faculty member, early student affairs professional, or staff supervisor, reading, analyzing, and crafting resolutions to the cases in this book will better prepare you to effectively consider and address the challenges of the field.




    Part I: Introduction

    1 Why a Case Study Approach?

    Michael G. Ignelzi and Melissa A. Rychener

    2 Analyzing a Case Study

    Stacy A. Jacob, Stefanie M. Centola, and Kara Werkmeister

    3 Resolution of a Case Study

    Molly A. Mistretta and Kara Werkmeister

    Part II: The Cases

    4 Student Veteran Support and Discrimination

    Kara Werkmeister and Stacy A. Jacob

    5 Black Student Experiences at a Rural Branch Campus

    Jordan W. Brooks and Molly A. Mistretta

    6 Student Athlete Struggles to Find Footing on Campus

    Kerri Butler and Molly A. Mistretta

    7 An Alcohol Incident During Orientation

    Annie C. Cassin and Melissa A. Rychener

    8 Supporting LGBT Students at a Religiously-Affiliated College

    Renee K. (Austin) Coyne and Michael G. Ignelzi

    9 Provisional Admissions Decisions at a Branch Campus

    Correy Dandoy and Stacy A. Jacob

    10 Rigid Academic Policy Within a Changing Institution

    Caitlin Barbour Ginter and Molly A. Mistretta

    11 From Foster Care to the Ivory Tower: A Homeless Student’s Struggle

    Sara Gould and Molly A. Mistretta

    12 Hazing in the Band

    Kristin M. Gregory and Stacy A. Jacob

    13 Controversial Speech in the Student Newspaper

    Deron T. Jackson and Melissa A. Rychener

    14 Student Conduct: Inclusion for Student Organizations and Students with Disabilities

    Todd E. Kamenash and Michael G. Ignelzi

    15 Keep Them on Campus: The Unintended Consequence of a Residence Hall Policy

    Lenee McCandless and Melissa A. Rychener

    16 Social Media Scandal

    Felicia P. McKinney, Emma K. Coomes, and Stacy A. Jacob

    17 Roommates from Different Worlds

    Ryan Morgado and Stacy A. Jacob

    18 Disability Service Animals and Emotional Support Pets

    Janine N. Muri and Michael G. Ignelzi

    19 Swept Away by an International Student Crisis

    Lauren Perri and Melissa A. Rychener

    20 Orientation Leaders and Staff Diversity

    Emily Price and Stacy A. Jacob

    21 The College Admissions Process: Search and Satisfaction

    Denise N. Sanata and Molly A. Mistretta

    22 Identity Expression: Safer to Wait Until Graduation?

    Meridia D. Sanders and Melissa A. Rychener

    23 A Young Black Woman's Experience in a Historically White Sorority

    Lesli Somerset and Molly A. Mistretta

    24 Helping Students, Setting Professional Boundaries in an Unsupportive Environment

    Morgan E. Weber and Michael G. Ignelzi

    25 Student or Athlete? An Advising Dilemma in the Basketball Program

    Brandy A. Wilson and Michael G. Ignelzi


    Index for Case Chapters

    Contributor Biographies



    Michael G. Ignelzi is Professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education in the Department of Counseling and Development at Slippery Rock University, USA.

    Melissa A. Rychener is Coordinator of the Intercultural Preparation and Competency Curriculum at Duquesne University, USA.

    Molly A. Mistretta is Assistant Professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education and Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the Department of Counseling and Development at Slippery Rock University, USA.

    Stacy A. Jacob is Assistant Professor of Student Affairs in Higher Education and Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Counseling and Development at Slippery Rock University, USA.

    "The compelling case studies in this book offer graduate students and other readers dynamic, immersive opportunities for exploration and learning. Guided by the editors' introductory sections emphasizing multiple lenses and perspectives, systematic analyses of these cases will advance professionalism, sound judgment, and prudent foresight." 
    Florence A. Hamrick, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey