Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology  book cover
1st Edition

Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology

Edited By

Jim Taylor

ISBN 9781138587885
Published September 16, 2019 by Routledge
400 Pages

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Book Description

The aim of Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology (CASP) is to challenge our field to look beyond its current status and propel applied sport psychology and mental training forward and outward with a broad and multi-layered examination of everything psychological, emotionally, and socially that the athletic community contends with in pursuit of athletic success and that sport psychologists and mental trainers do in their professional capacities.

Comprehensive Applied Sport Psychology is the first professional book aimed at offering a truly expansive and deep exploration of just about everything that applied sport psychologists, consultants and mental trainers do in their work.

CASP plumbs the depths of the athletic mind including attitudes, psychological and emotional obstacles, mental "muscles" and mental "tools," quality of sport training, the health and well-being of athletes, and other areas that are essential to athletic success. This new volume examines not only the many ways that consultants impact athletes, but also explores their work with coaches, teams, parents, and interdisciplinary groups such as sports medicine team and sports management.

The book is grounded in both the latest theory and research, thus making it a valuable part of graduate training in applied sport psychology, as well as a practical resource for consultants who work directly with athletes, coaches, teams, and parents. The goal of CASP, in collaboration with dozens of the leading minds in the field, is to create the definitive guide to what applied sport psychology and mental training are and do.

Table of Contents


Jim Taylor, Premier Sport Psychology


1. Attitudes


Tim Herzog and Jim Taylor

Growth Mindset

Sheryl Smith and Nicole Gabana (Florida State University)


Jim Taylor and Shawn Powell

Risk Taking

Sherry Schweighardt and Jim Taylor


Erin Ayala (Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota) and Jim Taylor

Long term

Charlie Mahet (Cleveland Indians) and Jim Taylor

2. Obstacles


Ashley Coker-Cranney (West Virginia University) and Jim Taylor


Jim Taylor

Fear of Failure

Chris Weinkauff Duranso (California State University-San Bernardino) and Jim Taylor


Cory Shaffer (Synergy Performance) and Jim Taylor


Shelia Alicea, (St. Edward’s University) Melanie Poudevigne (Clayton State University), and Jim Taylor

3. Mental Muscles


Candace Brown and Jim Taylor


Jennifer Schumacher (United States Military Academy) and Jim Taylor


Dafna Aaronson (Be Sports Minded) and Jim Taylor


Abby Keenan (Intrepid Performance Consulting) and Jim Taylor

4. Mental Tools

Goal Setting

Angel Brutus (Mississippi State University) and Jim Taylor


Philip Post (New Mexico State University, Duncan Simpson IMG Academy), and Jim Taylor


Jim Taylor and Stewart Cotterill (AECC University College)


Megan Pietrucha


Sheryl Smith and Heidi Freeman (University of the Sciences)


Kimberlee Bethany Bonura and Jim Taylor


Leopoldo Ferrer (Latin American and Caribbean Society of Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport) and Jim Taylor

Creating an Effective Mental Training Program

Graig Chow (Florida State University), Eric Bean (Florida State University), and Jim Taylor

5. Mental Strategies to Maximize Training


Megan Buning (Augusta University) and Jim Taylor


Alexandra Thomposon (North Carolina State University) and Jim Taylor


Michele Kerulis (Northwestern University) and Jim Taylor

Train Like You Compete

Lauren Tashman (Align Performance, LLC) and Jim Taylor

Psychological Recovery from Training

Stacy Gnacinski (Drake University)

6. Special Topics

Preparing for a Big Competition

Brandon Orr (University of Missouri) and Jim Taylor

Reflections after a big competition

Abby Keenan (Intrepid Performance Consulting) and Jim Taylor

Performance Slumps

Kimberly Cologgi (Barry University) and Jim Taylor

Psychology Rehabilitation of Physical Injury

Karla Kubitz (Towson University) and Jim Taylor

Part 2: Athlete Physical and Mental Health

7. Athlete Health and Well-being

Physical health

Sharon Chirban, Robin Amylon (Amplify Wellness + Performance LLC / Boston University), and Christina Figueroa (Amplify Wellness + Performance LLC / Brigham and Women’s Hospital)


Faye F. Didimus and Jim Taylor


Gloria Park

At-risk Athletes

Latisha Forster-Scott (Rutgers University)

Athlete Career Transition

Claire-Marie Roberts, James Tabano (George Washington

University), and Jim Taylor

8. Mental Health


Penny Levin


Erin Haugen (Assessment and Therapy Associates of Grand Forks)

Eating Disorders

Megan Pietrucha and Jenni Thome (Illinois State University)

Substance Use

Kathy Pruzan

Sexual Abuse

Joan Steidinger

Part 3: Athlete Environment

9. Coaches

Optimal Sport Coaching

Zach Brandon (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Coach/ Athlete Relationship-

Debi Corbatto (George Mason University)

Skill Acquisition

Derrek Falor and Jim Taylor


Brandon Orr and Jim Taylor

Coaches Stress

Stiliani Chroni, (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences)

Integrating Mental Training into Overall Athlete Development

Jim Taylor and Brandon Orr

10. Team

Team Culture

Justin Foster (The Excelling Edge) and Lauren Tashman (Align Performance, LLC)

Team Cohesion

Jim Taylor and Brandon Orr

Team Communication

Amanda Myhrberg (A Game Sport Psychology Consulting, LLC), and Jim Taylor

11. Parents

Impact of Parents on Athletes

Christopher Stanley (Florida State University) and Jim Taylor

Dos and Don’ts of Sport Parenting

Lindsey Hamilton (University of Colorado Denver) and Jim Taylor

Sport Parent Education

Michael Q. King (Utah State University), Travis E. Dorsch (Utah State University), and Jim Taylor

12. Sports Organization

Conditioning and sport coaches

Zach Brandon (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Sports Medicine staff

Tim White (White House Athletics)

Team Management

Charlie Maher (Cleveland Indians) and Jim Taylor

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Jim Taylor, Ph.D., Psychology, is an internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport and parenting. He has consulted with athletes, coaches, and parents in tennis, skiing, cycling, triathlon, track and field, swimming, football, golf, baseball, fencing, and many other sports for more than 30 years. Dr. Taylor is the author of seventeen books and the editor of four textbooks on sport psychology. He is also a former world-ranked alpine ski racer, 2nd degree black belt in karate, marathon runner, and Ironman triathlete.