Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology  book cover
2nd Edition

Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology

ISBN 9780367204730
Published October 3, 2021 by CRC Press
896 Pages

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Book Description

Published in 2004: This new edition of Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology still offers an exhaustive review of the biology of cancer and aging, of the epidemiologic trends in the country and in the world, and of the clinical trials that concern cancer prevention and cancer treatment in the elderly.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Overview

1. Aging and Cancer

B.J. Kennedy

2. Essentials of Clinical Decision Analysis: A New Way to Think about Cancer and Aging

G.H. Lyman

Part 2: Epidemiology

3. Cancer Mortality in the Elderly, 1960-98: A Worldwide Approach

C. La Vecchia et al.

4. Cancer in Older Persons: Magnitude of the Problem and Efforts to Advance the Aging/Cancer Research Interface

R. Yancik and L.A.G. Ries

5. Epidemiological Research in Aging: Perspectives and Limitations

M.R.S. Bain and J.C. Harvey

6. Factors Affecting the Diagnosis and Treatment of Older Persons with Cancer

J.S. Goodwin and C. Osborne

Part 3: Biology Of Aging And Cancer

7. Biology of Aging and Cancer

W.B. Ershler

8. Age as a Risk Factor in Multistage Carcinogenesis

V.N. Anisimov

9. Growth Factors, Oncogenes, and Aging

J.A. Fernandez-Pol

10. Proliferative Senescence and Cancer

J. Campisi

11. Apoptosis, Chemotherapy, and Aging

D.E. Fisher

12. Tumor-Host Interactions, Aging, and Tumor Growth

W.B. Ershler

13. Immunological Changes of Aging

E.A. Burns and J.S. Goodwin

14. Biologic Characteristics of Primary Breast Cancer

M. Grazia Daidone, et al.

15. Clinical Evidence for Change in Tumor Aggressiveness with Age: A Historical Perspective

F.F. Holmes

16.Morbid Anatomy of Aging

G. Stanta

17. Natural History and Epidemiology of Monoclonal Gammopathies

H.J. Cohen and D. Nikcevich

Part 4: The Influence Of Aging On Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment Of Cancer

18. Physiology of Aging: Relevance to Symptoms, Perceptions, and Treatment Tolerance

E.H. Duthie, Jr

19. Assessment of the Older patient with Cancer

L. Balducci and M. Extermann

20. Frailty, Cancer Cachexia, and Near Death

D. Hamerman

21. Practical Proposals for Clinical Protocols in Elderly Patients with Cancer

M. Extermann and L. Balducci

22. Under-Representation of Elderly Patients in Cancer Clinical Trials: Causes and Remedial Strategies

J.M. Unger, L.F. Hutchins, and K.S. Albain

23. Radiotherapy in the Elderly: The Achievements of the Geriatric Radiation Oncology Group (GROG)

P. Olmi, G.A. Cefaro, and A. Cerrotta

24. Quality of Life Considerations in the Older Cancer Patient

P.A. Ganz

25. Social Support and the Elderly Cancer Patient

C.S. Roberts

26. Prognostic Evaluation of the Older Cancer Patient

L. Repetto, A. Venturino, and W. Gianni

Part 5: Cancer Prevention In The Aged

27. Nutrition, Cancer, and the Aging Process: A Rationale for Nutritional Practice Guidelines

N. Kumar et al.

28. Chemoprevention of Cancer in the Older Person

L. Balducci and C. Beghe'

29. Secondary Prevention of Cancer in the Older Person

C. Beghe' and L. Balducci

30. Barriers to Cancer Prevention in the Older Person

S.A. Fox, R.G. Roetzheim, and R.S. Kington

Part 6: Management Of Cancer In The Older Person

31. Perspectives on Training in Geriatrics and Oncology

J.M. Bennett

32. Management of Cancer in the Older Aged Patient

L. Balducci et al.

33. Surgical Approaches to the Older Patient with Cancer

P.J. Fabri

34. Advances in geriatric surgery

P.J. Fabri

35. Perioperative Considerations in the Geriatric Oncology Patient

R. Miguel and H. Vila

36. Hematopoiesis and Aging

L.C. Moscinski

37. Anemia and Aging: Relevance to the Management of Cancer

L. Balducci and C.L. Hardy

38. Radiotherapy in the Elderly

P. Scalliet and T. Pignon

39. Cancer Chemotherapy in the Older Patient

D. Cova and L. Balducci

40. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in the Older Patient

K.K. Fields and B. Djulbegovic

41. Polypharmacy in the Senior Adult Patient

M.E. Corcoran

42. Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer in the Elderly: Cost-effectiveness Considerations

G.H. Lyman and N.M. Kuderer

43. Guidelines for the Management of the Older Cancer Patient

L. Balducci

44. Oncological Emergencies in the Elderly

L. Balducci and C. Beghe'

Part 7: Management Of Specific Tumors In Older Persons

45. Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Older Patients

T. Büchner

46. Chronic Leukemias in the Elderly

A.S.D. Spiers

47. Hodgkin Lymphoma in the Elderly

P. Kaesberg

48. Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas

B. Peterson and S. Bloom

49. Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma in the Elderly Patient

G. Ballester et al.

50. Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer in the Elderly

F.A. Shepherd and A. Bezjak

51. Breast Cancer in the Older Woman: An Oncologic Perspective

L. Balducci, R.A. Silliman, and N. Diaz

52. Breast Cancer: A Geriatric Perspective

S.B. Blackman, R.A. Silliman, and L. Balducci

53. Colorectal Cancer

B.A. Neilan

54. Head and Neck Oncology in the Aging Patient

J.N. Endicott and L. Balducci

55. Prostate Cancer in the Elderly

T.D. Moon

56. Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder in the Elderly

J. Pow-Sang, J. Friedland, and A. Einstein

57. Brain Tumors in the Older Person

A. Flowers

58. Gynecologic Cancers in the Elderly

T. Thigpen

59. Skin Cancer in the Aging Patient

M.J. Reschly et al.

Part 8: Rehabilitation And Supportive Care

60. Management of Infectious Complications in the Aged Cancer Patient

J.N. Greene

61. Symptom Management in the Older Patient

R. Anderson and W.B. Forman

62. Oncological Rehabilitation of the Elderly

D. Dini and A. Gozza

63. Family Caregiving Issues for Older Cancer Patients

W.E. Haley et al.

64. Interdisciplinary Teams in Geriatric Oncology

J. Overcash

65. Spirituality and Medicine

M.J. Marsh, R. Meyer, and L. Balducci

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Lodovico Balducci M.D. is Professor of Medicine and Programe Leader, Senior Adult Oncology Program at the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Researcg Institute, Tampa Florida.

Gary H. Lyman M.D. MPH is Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Medical Oncology and Hematology at the H Lee Moffitt Center and Research Institite, Tampa Florida.

William B. Ershler M.D. is Direct of the Instritute for Advances Studies in Aging and Geriatric Medicine, Washington D.C.

Martine Extermann M.D. works for the Senior Adult Oncology Program at the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa Florida.


'Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology attempts to review all aspects of the topic. It offers a broad array of material on carcinogenesis and treatment of cancer in elderly persons and includes many excellent reference citations. The chapters on the physiology of aging, new antineoplastic agents of interest to elderly persons, chronic lymphoid leukemias, and lung cancer are concise, clear and comprehensive.' - Annals of Internal Medicine (of the first edition)

'...I view this book as a very useful contribution to the field and, much like the discipline of geriatric oncology itself, as a work in progress.... It is a book well worth having in the case of oncologists and generalists alike.' - New England Journal of Medicine (of the first edition)