Computational Intelligence in Industrial Application : Proceedings of the 2014 Pacific-Asia Workshop on Computer Science in Industrial Application (CIIA 2014), Singapore, December 8-9, 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Computational Intelligence in Industrial Application
Proceedings of the 2014 Pacific-Asia Workshop on Computer Science in Industrial Application (CIIA 2014), Singapore, December 8-9, 2014

ISBN 9781138028180
Published July 20, 2015 by CRC Press
460 Pages

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Book Description

These proceedings of the 2014 Pacific-Asia Workshop on Computational Intelligence in Industrial Application (CIIA 2014) include 81 peer-reviewed papers. The topics covered in the book include: (1) Computer Intelligence, (2) Application of Computer Science and Communication, (3) Industrial Engineering, Product Design and Manufacturing, (4) Automation and Control, Information Technology and MEMS.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Section 1: Computer intelligence

Research and implementation of component extraction based on design document 3
Y.Q. Shi, J.W. Zhou & X.Y. Guo
Learning to rank experts in heterogeneous academic networks through mutual reinforcement 9
Z.R. Liu, H.Y. Huang, X.C. Wei & X.L. Mao
Research on security defense model of oil & gas gathering and transferring scada based on factor neural network 17
P. Liang, X.D. Cao, Y. Qin, W.W. Zhang & Q.H. Hu
Research and implementation of K-means algorithm based on Hama 23
H.Y. Wei, H.L. Chen & L. You
Education in the age of big data 27
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Research on fpn-based security defense model of oil and gas scada network 31
W.W. Zhang, X.D. Cao, Q.C. Hu, P. Liang & Y. Qin
Investment Project Management Software System (ipmss): ideas and practice 37
H. Xie & Q. Li
The pedestrian dectection algorithm with history tracking based on the vehicle vision 41
B. Zhao, D. Pang & M. Wang
Exploration on teaching reform of competency-based “jsp web development” 47
X.Z. Zhang
Classification tag sorting algorithm based on web group behavior 51
D. Gao & S.H. Guo
Integration of autonomous, cooperative and exploratory learning in modern college education 59
Y.H. Zhang, X.H. Su & H.L. Zhang
Identifying optimum time interval in a sequence database 63
A.K. Reshamwala & S.M. Mahajan
Introduction of uncertainty in complex event processing 69
N. Mao & J. Tan
Qga-svm study on temperature compensation of liquid ammonia volumetric flowmeter 75
T. Lin, P. Wu, F.M. Gao, Y. Yu & L.H. Wang
A NetFlow-based traffic and direction analysis software 81
Y. Chen & Y.J. Niu
Teaching method investigation in international education 89
M.Y. Xiao, Y.F. Nie & G. Crouk
Research and application of database course teaching methods 93
H.T. Wu
Application of multimedia and network in college English translation teaching 97
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang
Application of multiple intelligences theory to the individualized teaching of college English in the multimedia and network environment 101
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang
Indirect speech acts applied to the multimedia assisted college English listening teaching 105
X.Y. Wang & T.H. Wang
A gis simulation system development with offline gps data generation 109
Z.L. Wang, Y.F. Hua, B.G. Cai, Z.H. Huang, G.G. Wang & T.B. Zhang
Temperature error compensation for fiber optic gyroscope based on cpso-bp neural network 115
M. Jiang & Z.J. Liu
A hybrid method using aerial photograph to extract forest land area 121
C. Ran
Topology relations based on the integrative data model of vector and raster 127
Y.T. Jin, X.F. Yang, Y.C. Wang & Z.W. Zhang
Virtual machine migration strategy based on multi-objective optimization 133
Z.G. Chen & X.J. Wang
Band selection for hyperspectral image based on differential evolution algorithm 137
J. Wu & X. Li
Demeter satellite electric field signal mutation point detecting based on wavelet transform 141
Z.A. Pan & L.L. Zhao
Essential protein identification by a bootstrap k-nearest neighbor method based on improved edge clustering coefficient 145
Y.Q. Jiang, Y. Wang, G.S. Wang, G. Ou, C. Su & L. Huang
Research of customer churn warning model for a mobile internet company 151
C. Gui
An energy consumption model for the cooperative communication in wireless ad hoc networks 155
J. Tang, X. Zou, L. Dong & W. Wang

Section 2: Application of computer science and communication

Research on a hierarchical solution to security of cloud computing 163
L. Zhang
Exploration of improving graduates’ English scientific and technological writing 167
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Mooc and advanced education reform in China 171
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Survey of information literacy of foreign language teachers in universities 175
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Fast single image dehazing method based on physical model 179
H.B. Liu, J. Yang, Z.P. Wu & Q.N. Zhang
The study of visual elements design based on user experience in web design 185
C. Gao & K.Q. Wang
Weight calculation of the railway signal infrastructure fault attributes based on rough set 189
Y.Q. Ai & H.B. Zhao
Data fusion of cyber physical systems 193
L. Chen, L.X. Shi & L.L. Kong
Convergence analyses for the fom and gmres algorithm 197
L. Li & G.L. Wu
Centralized log server construction and application in network management 203
J.N. Yang, J.K. Yang & K. Lin
Intrusion detection and response based on data mining and intelligent agents 207
Y.H. Wu & F.L. Zhou
A strong-security protocol based on aes algorithm for passive rfid tags 211
L.Q. Han, F. Yuan & Z.C. Xu
An optimized nonlinear grey Bernoulli model and its application for epidemic prediction 219
L.P. Zhang, Y.L. Zheng, Y.J. Zheng, K. Wang & X.L. Zhang
Study on communication interface solutions between fpga and dsp 227
B. Song, Y.S. Liu, L. Feng & Z.Y. Zhang
Three novel chaotic polynomials for image encryption using three different mod operators 235
H.B. Kekre, P. Halarnkar & T. Sarode
Energy consumption performance of tmn based on data packet set 243
J.S. Yuan & H.Y. Xiang
Study on synthetic aperture sonar imaging algorithm of uuv 249
N.Q. Fan, Y.M. Wang & Y.N. Gou
Evolutionary games on a spatial network model 257
Y.X. Li, Y.H. Chen & C.G. Huang
Adaptive road-restricted vehicle detection on aerial image sequence 263
S.Y. Zhang, Y.S. Li, J.W Guo & Z. Li
The exploration and practice of erp and E-business application technical talents training 271
C.Y. Chen, J.Y. Zhang & J.L. Liu
Dynamic linkages between exchange rates and stock prices 275
H. Guo, F. Qi & B.P. Tian
Application of mrtd on novel ultra-wideband bandpass filter 281
M.J. Fan
Wavelet process neural network for power load forecasting 285
Y. Li, D. Wang, N. Yu & F. Wang

Section 3: Industrial engineering, product design and manufacturing

Study on the influence of the spindle system joints on the dynamic characteristics of a
spindle system 293
Y.S. Zhao & Y.H. Li
The study of static and dynamic characteristics of hydrostatic rotary tables 299
C.P. Zhan, W.D. Pan, Z.F. Liu & Y.S. Zhao
Research on the effect of interference fit in the dynamic characteristics of high-speed angular contact ball bearing 305
T.N. Guo, X.C. Ma, Z.F. Liu, G. Li & W.D. Pan
Simulation and optimization of manufacturing enterprise warehousing system based on Witness 313
D.J. Pi & Q.S. Li
The study on isolation measures of heavy nc machine tools 319
Z.F. Liu, E.Z. Yang, G. Wang & F.P. Li
Methodology for the integrated planning of schedule and cost based on wbs and critical chain 323
Z.J. Jiang, Y.X. Tang, Z.R. Ma & H.Y. Liu
Research on multivariant data integration based on virtual prototyping 327
E.Z. Wang, M.Q. Luo, P.X. Zhao & H. Liu
Characteristics of flow for three-outlet centrifugal fan based on mrf method and smm method 333
J.W. Li, X.P. Zhong, J.L. Xie & J.J. Ye
Dynamic performance of cycloid bevel gear with bionic stripe surface micro-morphology 339
Z.F. Liu, X.F. Wang & Z.J. Cheng
Application of ansys transient thermal model on reservoir development in deformable media 345
M.X. Liu, J.H. Li, D.H. Liu, T. Jiang & L. Zhang
An approach for the balancing and sequencing problem in the mixed-model u-line 351
L. Nie, X.G. Wang, K. Liu & C.T. Pang
Study on evaluation system of industrial clusters innovation ability 357
M.J. Yin
New construction building epidermis digitized 363
Y. Li
Discovering scheduling rules with a machine learning approach based on gep and pso for dynamic scheduling problems in shop floor 365
X.G. Wang, L. Nie & Y.W. Bai
A new processing technology of solidified soybean yogurt 371
X.R. Liu, H.L. Ma & C.J. Li

Section 4: Automation and control, information technology and MEMS

Reliability analysis of two dissimilar components parallel systems under Poisson shocks 379
Y.T. Chen & X.Y. Meng
Research and optimization of micro-oil ignition system relates to the protection logic for 350mw opposed fire boiler 385
B. Lin & W.Y. Sui
The intelligent control system of agricultural greenhouses based on Internet of Things 389
F.P. Wang, X.Z. Li & Z.X. Liu
Data warehouse quality control scheme for electricity market analysis 393
Y.M. Guo, S.Y. Long, G.Q. Wang, Z.Y. Chen, H.C. Wang, W.Z. Zhang & Y.T. Zhao
Study on the structure and control modes of the microgrid 399
Q.H. Zhang, J.W. Liang, X.H. Shi, X.T. Wang, H.X. Wang & A.H. Liu
Research on flow control characteristics of ls and ludv based on AMESim 407
J.X. Li & Z.M. Kou
“S” shape walking path design of a new car without carbon 411
Y. Li
Research on the method of automatic recognition of dmi information of ctcs-3 onboard equipment 415
Y. Zhang & J.X. Wu
Research on the method and tool for automated generation of test data for ctcs-3 on-board equipment 421
Y. Zhang, Q. Huang & Y.T. Liang
Design and implementation of ctcs-3 on-board equipment testing software based on multithreading 427
Y. Zhang & B. Zhang
Fuzzy optimal selection of similar slope for evaluation of slope stability 433
X.H. Wang, D.S. Zhao & W.J. Liang
Research on the automatic analysis and validation methodology of the ctcs-3 onboard equipment testing results 437
Y. Zhang & W.T. Zhou
Design and optimization of a new remotely controllable structure health monitoring system using fbg sensors 441
W.J. Sheng & N. Yang

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